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  1. We don't even sell players that we don't want...
  2. Glad you spotted that
  3. I have it on VERY good authority that we offered him double the wages that he and his agent were actually expecting
  4. I'll agree with the last 2, but not only was Taylor a good player, who went on to have a great career, he was a much better footballer than Carlton, and by that time, had a much better attitude. I was gutted when we swapped him for Whittingham.
  5. You should start a thread...
  6. This >>>>>>>>>>> I remember him being booed in a couple of matches before Christmas! God didn't have the workrate for some of our students of the game, yearning for Howard's banzai style of a few seasons earlier...
  7. Not sure that we're the way to anywhere sensible...
  8. Is there such a word as "stereotyper"?
  9. Absolutely! How soon, (or conveniently) they forget.
  10. Why can you only plus things once...
  11. To be honest, I think you'd need to be more than black for that to run...
  12. Can you expand on what you mean by that?
  13. Mick Lyons; Tony Cunningham.