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  1. Shouldn't cost too much to get him out of retirement...
  2. We had an ideal replacement in Ian Taylor, until we foolishly traded him away.
  3. Watford fans of a certain age still argue about the relative merits of Barnes and Blisset. A friend of mine told me that in his opinion, Barnes is the best player that he ever saw, but Blisset is "the finest", a distinction that I fully understand, and can see applying for some Owls to Dalian and King David. Just wish we could have such debates about some of our current players!
  4. I think you'll find that's exactly how how the league table is formulated.
  5. Saving myself 'til we get to the Premier League...
  6. Loovens was targeted and bullied by Brentford all night. He got no protection from that moron masquerading as a referee, or, more worryingly, from Sasso. It was Sasso, for their 2nd goal, that was laid on the ground, pleading for a free kick, WHILE THE BALL WAS STILL IN PLAY; but yeah, everything was Loovens' fault...If Lees had been playing, someone good enough, and hard enough, to support Loovens, we would have been fine. Or if we'd taken half those chances that we missed in the 2nd half.
  7. Charlie who?
  8. Really!? So who do you support then? Which team do you want to get a point from a bad game, rather than lose?
  9. Went to that Cambridge game. Stayed in a country house hotel with an ex for the weekend. Gave it large on the Friday, drinking in the bar with the local fans. Went to the match, watched us get one of the worst beatings I've ever seen us suffer. I was inventing new swearwords by the end, not just because of the result, but also because of the prospect of spending the night in that same hotel bar...
  10. So?