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  1. Interesting ticket prices...the Prince must have stumped up some cash at last.
  2. So was I, but we still lost. And Smithy missed a penalty I seem to remember, which NEVER happened.
  3. Whatever we're paying him, there are several clubs in the division that could and would pay him plenty more.
  4. You berated Lee for not making a first time pass earlier. The number of touches is irrelevant in a game, it's the result of the touches that matters.
  5. Fuckrightoff.
  6. And we never will be.
  7. Exactly right. We got 3 points, against a far from 'great' side, just as we did against Toytown; enjoy, but let's not show ourselves up.
  8. Has always had terrible inner ear problems.
  9. Be careful what you wish for...
  10. 'embarrising'. How ironic.
  11. If his agent decides where he plays then we don't want him. One is enough!