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  1. It is a thread about Kits correct and every one can post their opinion and can put their opinion across its the abuse of people with a different opinion and an apparent need to be proved right and vindicated that I don't get I wont be joining you in a boycott of the shop because IMO I think this is a good move by the club and could mark a new and hopefully successful era for the club but I also wouldn't belittle you or slag you if you choose not to buy a shirt on your principles
  2. Seems to be a lot more of it on here and on Twitter regarding SWFC, I suppose its becoming more and more in all walks of life that the unhappy few, will always shout louder than the happy majority, and after a while because they are shouting the loudest they think they are the majority
  3. why is there a need to abuse or try to change the mind of those fans who are not opposed to a change why do the few feel the need to shout down people when the vast majority on this thread and people I talk to are open to something new regarding the Kit and are of the opinion that as long as its blue and white its Wednesday A few strange angry people on here that feel that they are the voice of the masses
  4. football club in making money shocker, well now I've been educated I'll stop the purchase going through, along with the 50/50 draw and the couple of pints at half time incase the club makes a profit off them, oh I'll add the kit to that list for the kids because with the new makers I'm sure there is a massive profit to be made there, I'm glad you've pointed out how much Wednesday are making off me as a fan roll on the days of, at cost food and drink throughout the country clothes sold with no mark up because its not right that someone makes a profit, Like I said its £50 and I don't mean this flippantly but I'm pretty sure if some people cant afford £50 membership then they will have far more important things to spend their money on, than Sheffield Wednesday in general
  5. Cant get to every game spend £50 go to a minimum of 10 and ive got my money back add that to the priority tickets for away games cup games play offs etc etc no brainer for anyone who cant make all the games
  6. What are you on about getting nothing back, Below is taken from the website and blatantly says what you get back You pay £50 and get it back in 10 home games, Adult Memberships offer a £5 saving on ticket prices for all home league games* but with the added bonus of a double discount on select matches following a successful launch last season. Members also receive numerous additional benefits, including priority on home and away tickets after Season Ticket holders and 2018/19 Season Tickets. Prices for 2017/18 Membership packages are frozen at £50 for adults, while Junior Owls pay just £25. There are two levels of Junior Membership packages - under 11 (5-10) and under 17 (11-16) - with each category receiving a £5 discount on all home league games* meaning under 11s can see every home game in the Championship for just £5, whilst under 17s pay only £10. You are just talking pure sh!te
  7. why would you assume the unknown would be poor quality, or are you just naturally a glass half empty type of person? if you are as you say not bothered why get yourself concerned and upset before its out
  8. Why would you be underwhelmed by a kit manufacturer, its just a company who makes it, it is irrelevant
  9. Jesus Christ its only £50
  10. With the exception of a few the general rule is The better the player, the harder it is to get it done quick, mainly due to the fact he will have more than one offer, possibly be on higher wages and have a higher more negotiable transfer fee/auction Anybody can sign bobbar second rate players for peanuts and get them in early if no one else wants them, but we are signing essentially premier league players
  11. one of if not the worse home kit we've ever had in my opinion
  12. only aussie I can think of was Adam Poric
  13. echo what most think about him as the greatest Ive ever seen wearing a Wednesday badge, looking back over the years I feel more and more privileged to have seen that era of our history. Its sad that any one under 25 has to listen to us bang on about it but it was really as good as us old buggers make out and I fear that the greatest period I will ever witness was during my teens, which is equally sad
  14. the whole point of having our own brand was to avoid delays in orders, any order with sondico had a 27 week turnaround so was pointless after xmas as for the build up judging by this 28 page thread and twatter the club don't have to do anything to build it up the fans will do it for them. but if its proven to be a big delay and flop and its not ready for the season I will hold my hands up and say they got it wrong and join in the hammering of the marketing department, but for people to be losing there minds about it now is laughable to me
  15. so by your logic we all want Messi and Ronaldo now, SWFC cant supply it therefore they have failed as a business, or do you build up a customer base that has people foaming at the mouth for a new product, that when it is released it sells record numbers of that product each time, wonder which one is classed as success or failure