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  1. Its like the longer we dont have an incident, the worst it becomes. Which makes no sence! Its embarrassing. Its like how far can we push them untill they knock it down. Is that what they want?
  2. Been saying this would happen eventually. Although some might find it harder than they think. I mean who likes going to burton on a cold Tuesday decembr night.
  3. As much as I want him to go out on loan, im also worried he will go there, smash it, then have every team in England wants to sign him! They can bugger off, hes ours!! Haha In all seriousness I hope he goes and kills it :)
  4. I haven't been blessed in been able to watch some proper legends, so people like jose along with bullen, liera and jj are standout players for me personally. Not blessed with magnificent ability, but not at all bad players, but what they gave to club is priceless. I love players like them. Its not always about ability for me. So thsnkyou jose semedo. WAWAW.
  5. when i take part in something, watching or playing i do it because i want to be the best at it, i wouldn't enjoy if not. whats the point in taking part in something if you are going to settle for second best? if we get promoted ill want us to then try and finish mid table, then season after push on. yes i know it wont probably work out like that, but that what makes it entertaining for me personally. yeah playing in championship means more wins, but id rather be in the best division testing our self against the very best.
  6. id be happy for Carlos to give it one more go, he deserves it. 2 seasons, 2 playoff finishes. on the flip side, if he quit i wouldn't be gutted.....
  7. i really dont understand the point of running on the pitch? its like you run on, players leg it, so your stood in the middle of the pitch scratching your head! just stay in the stands, let the players come round and celebrate with us...... THATS IF WE WIN LIKE! dont wana jinx it.
  8. As the noise increases and the cauldron (hahaha) builds - can it be handled?.this is the big question for the players and indeed supporters of Sheffield Wednesday, they just aren't used to it.hillsborough or as it it sometimes known "Sheffield library" is just not used to being anything other than a dull old run down football stadium - lost and left behind by more fashionable football clubs who have devoloped "modern stadia" with passionate fans that get behind their team no matter what.they have one hope - maybe they can be driven on by the South Yorkshire brass band - that is if they are not double booked and are already playing at a church event or local feat , how's it go ... Der de de ta - der de de ta ....etc etc........ Classic tribal football song ....... Puts fear in to many a visiting supporter.Freezing on the night has to be a fear for the little owl - 28k home fans can be daunting......... season 2010/11 saw the "Massive" packing them in with a average of 17k ....... And that was boosted by the 5k away following from The loud and proud Huddersfield Town. Read more:
  9. I literally cant stop thinking about it. Hate it! Why cant we just go up automatically! Playoffs are awfull
  10. RIGGED! just like the Eurovision!
  11. Really boring mate
  12. I like you. I think we should be friends. You would benefit me lot. Pm me......
  13. Exactly this, last season it was more of a "day out" and if we win, it will be a massive bonus! Yeah I was gutted but I got over it pretty quick, this year I feel like with the players we have signed and the money we have spent, we are meant to go up!
  14. Thats deep. Wasnt expecting that kind of answer! You make a valid point tho.