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  1. Maybe because that keeper is also a profesional footballer on thousands of pounds a week. His job is to save them.
  2. From the first minute they will be at us so we shluld soak up the pressure and weather the storm for 15-20mins then they will get tired and step off the gas a little and then we will non stop attack till end of first half and go in 0-2 up. How do i know? Dreamt it.
  3. If we go up then we should get ben gibson
  4. Id go... Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace (loves big games) Lee Bannannanan Reach Rhodes (if hooper is injured) Fletcher With winnal,wildsmith, foresteri, hutch, sasso and urby and nuhiu on bench?
  5. Thought adam reach and pudil was quality down that left hand side. Hard to pick between the two but gone for reach
  6. David jones is good at what he does. Hes there to intercept passes and close down then he passes to bannan who can pick the passes out
  7. 100% i get lost in london
  8. I have never been either what is the nearest away fan friendly pub to the ground?
  9. First time going leeds away on the train, traveling from donny train station, is the ground a long walk from leeds train station?
  10. Reach was one of our better players yesterday in the first half... second half, not so much. He has the ability he just needs to be more confident and take his man on more often
  11. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Fox Wallace Bannan Jones Mcmanamamanamaman Forestieri Winnall Rhodes on for winnall arounf 65th min
  12. He scores when he wants. He score when he wanmttsss
  13. Anyone selling there forest tickets? Could of got mine tomorrow but sold out today Gutted
  14. He did yeah. Not sure he played much for them though