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  1. 4-0 Hooper with 3 and wallace with the usual screamer
  2. Im sure he was first to call the boyd signing... so he obviously knows somethings.
  3. I hope he could be the midfield beast we need which will allow hutch to drop back to center half. After hall hes been fit sonce jan and played a few games out on loan so lets at least give him a chance.
  4. Id keep him. Otherwise weve wasted all that money on his wages to not use him. To then let him leave when he isnt injured anymore. He is a good player and i think he will prove it this season
  5. Good thing about the GK being captain is he see the whole game and evergthing players do right and wrong
  6. South African midfielder Zungu has piqued the interest of several clubs and will leave the castle. The Englishmen of Sheffield Wednesday, trained by Calos Carvalhal, are well placed to hire the 24-year-old. Zungu was one of the main revelations of Vitória de Guimarães in the season that now ended and called attention to national emblems - rumors circulated that he would be targeting Benfica and FC Porto - and foreigners. The Victorian SAD only accepts to sell for amounts to be around 3.5 million euros The english version of the article...
  7. Dream signing: messi Good signing: ayala Likley signing: some cb from league 2 who weve never heard of
  8. Will buckley released by sunderland. Good back up for wallace and would be free and wouldnt of thought he would demand massove wages?
  9. I think we need a proper stand out player. Ince could be the one, we need to sing someone to take the pressure off of forestieri to deleiver all the time
  10. Maybe because that keeper is also a profesional footballer on thousands of pounds a week. His job is to save them.
  11. From the first minute they will be at us so we shluld soak up the pressure and weather the storm for 15-20mins then they will get tired and step off the gas a little and then we will non stop attack till end of first half and go in 0-2 up. How do i know? Dreamt it.
  12. If we go up then we should get ben gibson
  13. Id go... Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace (loves big games) Lee Bannannanan Reach Rhodes (if hooper is injured) Fletcher With winnal,wildsmith, foresteri, hutch, sasso and urby and nuhiu on bench?
  14. Thought adam reach and pudil was quality down that left hand side. Hard to pick between the two but gone for reach