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  1. Me too. Pudil is garbage.
  2. Lets see when the season starts
  3. Can pass, can shoot and can cross..should be in for players like this at that price.
  4. Lets hope we all start giving him support.
  5. Correct..Keogh plays on the right.
  6. Already sent a tweet to Bullen to get him signed
  7. Get the right supply to Rhodes and Winnall and they will score a bag full.
  8. I burst out crying
  9. You dont want to see me in a tantrum BIG RON..
  10. Brill
  11. Mahony at Blackburn..top young player.
  12. Have they ?..and you..how long have you been watching wednesday?..you seem to think you know everything.
  13. It has been since 1965
  14. Same question..do you think he is playing to the same standard as when he signed ?
  15. Sarcastic arsehole