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  1. Pretty sure it would be easy to sign two CBs the problem is the players of the quality we are after are harder to find at the right price.
  2. Abdi and Hutch if both fit
  3. He likes to be different to everybody else
  4. We set up to win games 1-0 , the strikers we have usually convert one of the chances we get , I'm pretty sure if we played a system to suit themthen either one of Rhodes or Hooper could be the leagues top scorer if fit all season. We probably have the best set of forwards. In the league but our defensive tactics don't show them in the best light.
  5. Andy Blair for penalty taking though.
  6. We could be , with the veil of secrecy surrounding our transfer targets nothing would surprise me , although I'm not sure how Neymar would do on a wet December night in Lancashire
  7. We may be in for him , the club keeps its cards close. Just because it's not been leaked to the papers doesn't mean we are not tracking many of the players which are suggested on here.
  8. Stand corrected if they were second tier at the time , it was over 20 years ago and I thought they were in the third tier at that time.
  9. Yes Andy Booth , an eye watering amount for the time 1/5 th of British record fee. In context to today's transfers fees would be approx 20 million.
  10. 1996 we paid £2.75 million for a Lg 1 forward , moving on 21 years £1.8 million for a lg 2 player doesn't seem all that crazy in perspective.
  11. Sod 3-4 million , last Portugal international they bought has the same number of caps xnd is about the same age , we demand the same transfer fee £10-15 million. Seems only fair
  12. Personally swap Marwood for Curran , but he was my favourite player growing up.
  13. Happened to Steve McCall too , virtually ever present for Ipswich , 4 years injured with us and then off to Plymouth and played a couple of hundred games for them. whilst people wish to complain over Matias and claim he's stealing a wage , he must be seriously pissed off , had a great season then comes to second tier of English football and gets injured, had he joined Benfica or Porto and followed with another great year he may have made Portugals 2016 squad and been signing for Wolves for £20 million.
  14. Yup Pretty much every one since he retired , only exception I can think of was Gray
  15. FF most skillfull , Rhodes most likely to score however imo most important is Westwood and arguably the best in his position in the league. Need better critieria to define Best