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  1. Well done can only be good for the club
  2. Fulham , not even the biggest club in Fulham
  3. I agree they may be scoring for fun but we've only conceded three times once in the league this season , and that was a nightmare night back in August when we lost half the defence in the first half. We will create chances against them and our forwards are better than theirs , I expect a point minimum against them
  4. Correct , lay £100 your bet is £8, I know this because I did it myself.
  5. Go on Betfair exchange and lay them at 1.08 , i.e. Win £100 for an £8 stake
  6. We were paying a lot of money out for the time period , English football was on a low No European football and our top players going abroad for far more than English clubs could afford. Wilkinson only a couple of years before had only a fraction of that money hence him leaving.
  7. Squad player , he gets his pay rise and we get a saleable asset. He was plan B if we didn't get Rhodes over the line.
  8. Intelligent and articulate , prepares and researches every game beforehand meticulously quite simply a class manager. We may fall short of getting promoted again but he's delivering improvements so he still has my vote.
  9. Hooper plus one other depends on Derbys back four ,possibly would start with Fletcher to give Keogh a tough time
  10. Scargill and Len McCluskey Two great strikers not sure if they could do a job for us though
  11. Certainly won more than 2 since 1990 , two in the league 06/07 and one in the cup at the baseball ground , one John Harkes scoring a worldly that's just off the top of my head.
  12. Always loved the 97/98 kit especially with the badge
  13. Jordan Rhodes when he scores the winner in the playoff final , until then Wickham. Worst only one candidate Mr Slothroyd himself.
  14. Great respect for anybody who works in the NHS , my wife is a doctor and I'm surprised your all not suffering from mental health issues with your work conditions.
  15. Trainee mental health nurse Garry Monk slightly deranged for wanting to work in a mad house where the lunatic has taken over