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  1. Yes it's called balancing the books , sell one asset to bring in others. Ince out for 8-10 million. Hanley in for 4 million and keep within FFP
  2. Certainly started his career as a left winger , I presume Derby have used him like we have Wallace and cutting in. He would then obviously give options on both flanks . The problem we have is our formation if we stick to 442 we need players suited to it which our forwards arguably are but our midfield is more suited to a 433.
  3. Or it could be FFP catching up with Derby and selling an asset to bring in fresh players. I would swap him with FF in a heartbeat he wants to play on the left where FF doesn't . Had we pushed for this deal last summer when Derby were unsettling FF we could well be a premier league team now and saved money on Reach.
  4. A la Stuart Pearce
  5. Yes , two games in particular stand out Leeds and Brighton at home , we were misfiring and never recovered from a poor start to the season.
  6. Pochittino staying with Spurs , so does that mean we are getting Simione Apologies for spellings
  7. Sadly I agree , it's been said he prefers to play down the middle but when we do he never truly gels with anybody. And as We are committed to buying Rhodes his sale would help balance the books . This summers transfer business is the most important for some time , get it right we get promoted, get it wrong and we may start heading down a different road with our previous spending coming back to bite us.
  8. Nothing wrong the fullbacks it's how they are asked to play , having to play two positions as our "wingers" go inside so they provide the width as well as doing their defensive duties.
  9. Bruce and Pearson to name two
  10. Bigger disappointment for sure but all in all a better season. Despite non stop injuries and disruption we finished well in the playoffs despite never looking truly convincing but our season has been defined by four poorly taken penalties and a header hitting the bar at Birmingham. Such fine margins could have given us seven more points reduced Brightons by three and left us facing Fulham on the last day with a chance for autos rather than a dead rubber with the reserves out.
  11. Middlesbrough may have had a poor season but they too have a have a top notch Chairman, I fully expect them to be near the top next season.
  12. Agree with all but 2 , Jones is useful backup and a fully fit McManaman would be a great asset if used properly.
  13. We certainly need a new centrehalf and to stay clear of the sheer number of injuries we have sustained this season. its been a shame that Buckley and MacMananam seemed to have been injured or out of favour since they have been here. Macmanaman would have been ideal last night
  14. He has stated in the past he doesn't want to play on the left , he wants to play down the middle. without a doubt our most skilful player however when he plays down the middle the team ends up unbalanced.
  15. if only