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  1. Only to be shown on SYP cctv
  2. I don;t think you really understand. They haven't slowed it down, They are just incapable of playing it any faster. Also I don't believe that they've changed the tune, well not intentionally, They are just shitt musicians.
  3. Why am I not at all surprised to hear this?
  4. Didn't it strike you as a little strange that there are 24 players named in this link?
  5. Well that was a bonus as he had nothing sensible to say.
  6. Why not try going to the match instead.
  7. Too late to try and backtrack now. We all know exactly what you meant. No good starting another Carlos knocking thread and then pretending you meant something else. If you are prepared to post negative threads against our manager you should, at least, have the courage to stick with your original opinion.
  8. Perhaps the idea of a waiting list and a cap on the number of ST's sold is to ensure that there will always be seats available for existing ST holders should there be a temporary reduction in ground capacity during any renovations/redevelopments. Bloody hell, I think that is the longest sentence I have ever written without any punctuation. Grammar police please feel free to correct if necessary.
  9. I sometimes wonder what some people see when they watch a game. Halftime today the chap behind me says "well that's the best 45 minutes Wednesday have played this season. Mind you, Forestieri hasn't been involved much has he?" WTF!!!!!!
  10. Good idea! That'd make us top of the league wouldn't it.
  11. What would you suggest instead of corners then?
  12. Yea, he's doing a great job for Brum isn't he?
  13. Depends on what makes a player a "legend". He is, I believe, the only player to play for The Wednesday in every position on the field. Maybe that makes him a Legend to some.
  14. That's OK You'll not be missed !
  15. Well. Have you?