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  1. £39.99 in Swansea? Can't imagine that they would sell many of these in Swansea if they were £9.99.
  2. Not too sure that this is correct if you take into account inflation. Anyway if you can remember what we were investing in the squad and how much money we wasted all those years ago you must be about 45 years old by now.
  3. Can't believe it. Thread now 5 hours old. Where are all the BEN10 worshippers.
  4. Never thought I'd have a good word for Pardew, but I think I'd rather have him than Moyes. If this is the quality of available manager - KEEP CARLOS !!!
  5. I have no reason not to believe that all donations will go to the charity, have you? Judging from your posts on this subject I don't suppose that You will be using the car park, so why would you be concerned how much goes to the charity?
  6. How many of the people indignantly crying rip off actually use the Wednesdayite car park? Very few or none I'll bet. I have used this car park since it first started and as a season permit holder have no objection at all to donating to this deserving charity. Well done Wednesdayite!!!.
  7. I think I know what you're doing here. You put up the original "Carvahal's Boys" to auction, hoping to raise a large sum for Sheffield Children's Hospital. Then when the Blades watercolour is finished you put up that original for auction,either for the same charity or some other deserving cause, knowing full well that the Blades fans will feel honour bound to beat the winning bid for "Carvahal's Boys". Hmmm, Very Clever !! I like it......
  8. Still waiting for the 30 minutes later picture
  9. OH NO !!!!!!!!! Hugely disappointed to find mrwalks12 is already in the process of producing a similar work of art featuring DEM BLAVDES. BOOOOOOOOOOO!! Come on mrwalks12. You have a rare talent much too good to waste on the likes of our piggy neighbours.
  10. Couldn't really here much from our 2000. Mind you I was having trouble with interference on the sound on my tv. There was an almost constant background noise, it sounded like. CLACK,CLACK,CLACKETY CLACK, CLACK,CLACK. So bloody annoying. PLEASE ban 'em at Hillsboro.
  11. I thought the commentary on sky was biased in favour of Huddersfield from the first minute. Maybe that not quite correct. It was biased towards Huddersfield from the start of the programme. Also didn't know we finished 5th till sky told me
  12. A little off topic, but is anyone, other than me, having problems with Mobdro. For the last few weeks I have regularly found just about all sports channels unavailable when live football is supposed to be on. Miraculously they all become available again after the games are over.
  13. Surely the answer for you, Minton, is to join the Owls Foundation. OK I understand that the initial charge of £104 which does,at first, seem a lot but as well as it giving you a level of preference for ticket allocation it is a pre-payment subscription for the next 52 weeks Foundation draw with weekly top prize of £1000 and a quarterly prize of £5000. I would have thought that this was ideal for supporters whose job, like yours, prevent them from taking out a ST.
  14. No don't do it !!!!!!! The beauty of it all last year was the unplanned spontaneity of it. Any pre-arranged attempt will be a poor, tinpot, effort.
  15. It's not only Brighton though is it. (Well we all know about Derby and Leeds) but watching Tottenham a few days ago and heard them singing the "Semedo" song, obviously replacing Semi's name with one of their own. Then someone in the crowd had the bloody cheek to hold sign saying "MIND THE GAP"