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  1. Yea, he's doing a great job for Brum isn't he?
  2. Depends on what makes a player a "legend". He is, I believe, the only player to play for The Wednesday in every position on the field. Maybe that makes him a Legend to some.
  3. That's OK You'll not be missed !
  4. Well. Have you?
  5. No chance. If he knows how to log onto Owls talk, he knows how to use Google
  6. Another one too bloody lazy to look it up himself!
  7. Yes it was a foul! But let's face it, if Forestieri had gone down the referee would probably booked him for diving.
  8. Especially as he was about 15 yards behind the play.
  9. Wouldn't go quite as far as to say that but I will say that if you didn't go you are in no position to vote for MOTM. At least you should wait until you have watched the full match replay.
  10. Don't need to win 3 playoff games. 2 is enough as long as one of them is at Wembley.
  11. Sorry !! Very skilfully game. NOT a sport.
  12. No, when Hooper comes back competition will get better!
  13. Absolutely brilliant. Hope we are going to show it pre match every home game.
  14. Shouldn't she iron it before you put it on?
  15. If the bloke behind me has one he'll be riding it home.