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  1. And Mick Jones, And Alan Birchenall. Oh, Happy, Happy Days.
  2. Did anyone else volunteer, or was it a one horse race?
  3. Yea, agree entirely. Tin Pot. LET'S DO IT !!!!
  4. Yea, but that's just because we're lucky! Just ask AMB1867. I'm seriously beginning to wonder what the "B" in his username stands for.
  5. He'd probably just read AMB1867's thread "Lackluster performances"
  6. Only correct answer to the question.
  7. Where did 'Irish' come from?
  8. Perm any one from two, 'coz Hutch really is undroppable.
  9. Well he's a lot less likely to catch aids now he's left the tarn of Barnsleh !
  10. Thanks, apology accepted, but I'm afraid I only laugh at the funny ones! If you want to come over as a bit of a comic I'm afraid a success rate of 2/10 is no where near good enough. Stick to your day job!
  11. I always thought that a 'joke' was supposed to be funny. A joke makes you laugh, or at least raises a smile. Your post does neither for me. What a strange sense of humour you must have.
  12. Glad to be of service.
  13. Well we managed that alright.
  14. As our average gate is in the region of 26/27 thousand, and we have approx 20,000 ST holders, plus the fact that a proportion of our supporters are seniors, children or in other concessionary groups, how can you possibly claim that 10, 20 or 30 thousand supporters are paying £39+ per game. Absolutely stupid statement.