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  1. Nice touch with the 4 stars Perhaps they will make the home kit too? Bring back our blue and white DC!!!
  2. How much would knockheart set us back when we go up?
  3. Is there any player in the squad apart from Fernando that can cause problems running at other teams? Also, who is the best player at this in our division? I think we need more of this style of play.
  4. Best get saving for your season tickets and plan ahead in future. Chansiri is a business man and i fully expect his plans come to fruition. We will probably sell more and more season tickets each season with chansiri in charge. Our transfer fees when we go up will be crazy!!!!!!!! Each game we play will be a massive 3 points to stay up. Fans will be on edge. Exciting times! Plus news of a new stadium or a new look Hillsborough. Let's face it. We all see it coming.
  5. Everyone would love a big atmosphere at Hillsborough. But how do we do it? Someone needs to be organiser. Perhaps write all our songs on a website to read. Taking in new suggestions for songs and vote on them. We might get rid of this crappy song for JR then.
  6. England cannot score! Wednesday cannot score! Band Out!
  7. I seem to recall a time when the band wasn't at Hillsborough? Within the last ten years or so. Possibly banned? Is that true or did i just make that up? How was the atmosphere then?
  8. Do you think all seater stadiums had something to do with this too?
  9. I don't understand the hate for the band. Over recent years Hillsborough has been a morgue at times without them.
  10. Can we sack owlstalk members please? Ali G is the Rotherham of owlstalk. Ali G out!!
  11. OCD!!
  12. Mind you, we had 30k against Villa didn't we? Dunno where they would fit the other 9k if we were allowed them in. The placed looked full. And before you say, there were scattered seats around the ground. This is 1/4 of the stadium we are talking about.
  13. Didn't we take 45k to Wales in 2005? 50k is a nice round figure. Let's aim for that.
  14. It would be terrible if we left Hillsborough. This is part of our identity and our spiritual home. First our stripes go and next a new built ground? My answer is no. Refurbish the stadium, not demolish her.
  15. 89 still lives on in the memories of the council and police. In a generation or two it will have moved on somewhat from and you may find a softer approach from them, Of course, liverpool will never forget.