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  1. Rhodes to Leeds

    Please let it stop....
  2. Fulham had fergie time

    Your not worthy my energy
  3. Fulham had fergie time

    Only on owlstalk.....ffs
  4. Fulham had fergie time

    6 minutes of stoppage time - 3 minutes for subs = 3 minutes extra in a half where there was hardly any stoppages. Where did this 3 extra minutes come from? I would have thought my op was easy to read?
  5. Fulham had fergie time

  6. Fulham had fergie time

    We only used 1 sub. 1 sub is 30 seconds of stoppage time added. Fulham used 3 subs. The 4th official came up with 4 minutes. Then we made 2 subs in stoppage time and we finished after 6 minutes. No way was there 6 minutes of stoppage in that 2nd half. Absolute bonkers!
  7. Bannan and Jones

    Hutch in defense for me. He gets less i juries there.
  8. The Massive today

    On my way home. The fans were amazing. Everyone was buzzing leaving the ground.
  9. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    London bound!!!! Lets do iiiiiiiit!!!!!
  10. The pressure only exists on Owlstalk and a few RS callers.
  11. Elev8

    Where can I buy me some elev8...
  12. Goal is coming for JR

    He needs the ball at his feet.
  13. Your free season ticket is in the Kop?

    I tried to paste the tweet but failed. from Victoria‏ @Victoria1867 29m2
  14. Even if you buy your season ticket in the south. Is this true?
  15. So, a red card?!

    Bloody owlstalk needs a few red cards with all the haters having their periods after 20 minutes