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  1. About a 9.5% increase in points on last season.
  2. It has started...
  3. link?
  4. Get Hirsty on!!
  5. This is the season of breaking the hoodoo: Player sent off at S6 for pushing the ref Beating Derby Beating Ipswich Beating Mcarthy Beating Warnock 6 game winning run Carlos winning manager of the month. Have we ever done that in the championship? Did Sturrock do it in league 1 or this league?
  6. Next week: Reading away to Burton. Hudds at home to Cardiff. Who do they want to play? I expect Hudds and Reading will want to play each other. Even if we draw and Reading lose we finish 3rd.
  7. Amazeballs
  8. Let's not be needy. Nobody is gonna remember the lack of media coverage if we go up.
  9. I am always a fan of percentages and in this league small percentages are often the difference. For example as a team if we improved out defensive record by 5%, then improved our goals scored by 5%, theoretically that would be a 10% improvement across the board. This 10% improvement would result in more points in the league table. I am not saying a 10% increase in points, but generally an improvement. I just wonder how much of a better team we would have been with Lee, Hutch, Fessi and Hooper available all season. These absentees surely has made our team performances drop this season, leading to inconsistency. We have played mediocre at times too....I am not saying our season hasn't been without its worries. But you get the just of my idea. Going into the last few games, I think our defensive record can do us good if we continue to play the way we have been. UTO
  10. Looking back at the Tevez situation. I wouldn't expect much from it all.
  11. I wouldn't hold our breath over this Newcastle and West Ham thing. The report is about £5m. I doubt these clubs would risk much for that amount of money. They earn more than 30 fold that in a premier league season.
  12. Awesome stuff!
  13. Any update on the stadium inspection looking to increase our official capacity? This was mentioned at the steering group was it not?