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  1. Rangers North Stand. Wednesday West, South & Kop.
  2. You don't play 442 with 3 central midfielders. Whoever plays wide always comes inside as that is there tendancy and leaves the team unbalanced. You play 442 with wingers on either flank, if you play 3 central midfielders play them as a central 3 in a 433 setup. It aint rocket science.
  3. Either Reading will offer him a contract or a Prem move could be on the cards.
  4. Just says Midfielder, straight into the development squad.
  5. I thought they had a coin throw for the kits?
  6. On loan at Real Valladolid who are in the Spanish 2nd division. Played 16 games for them so far. Was a tidy little player.
  7. Cc will be with us until the end of the season, if we don't make the playoffs Chansiri will have a decision to make.
  8. So that makes 48 attempts on goal v Brentford this season, 24 on target and just 2 goals.
  9. They had sold 677 by the end of yesterday so maybe 700-750?
  10. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Reach Macca Bannan Abdi Forestieri Winnall Rhodes
  11. Checked the FA website for suspensions, Hutch got 2 games, so he is still suspended for tonight's game.
  12. Now on the clubs twitter page, so finally official.
  13. Move ratified by EFL according to Howson.
  14. 4,13,17,18,20,22,27-31,34,35,37,40,42 and anything 46 and above. Squad numbers not taken yet, FF has the highest with 45
  15. Nobody knows what happened, if it gets ratified great, if it gets annulled I'm sure the EFL will let us know why and who the guilty party is.