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  1. I disagree you've only got to look at Chris Hughton to see that your completely wrong. 2 playoff defeats then up at third attempt in autos. What we need is continuity and stability. Something that's very rare in modern footy
  2. Just for being so smug they deserve it.
  3. Now this is much better
  4. Yes 38
  5. Has anyone laid comparison to other clubs this and last year and how does cc fair against their managerial records?
  6. Surely if we finished third we'd be in the prem?
  7. I'm with op. King Carlos stays whatever position we finish in. Gets at least one more crack at it if we don't go up Our best manager for a long time.
  8. True. But like the DA era, Villa have been mismanaged for a long time now and they've just spent and spent this year so instead of using the chute payments how they are supposed to be, they've splurged the cash and I do hope they get nailed for it. All the tools at their disposal to restructure and return but they have abused the resources available so I have no guilt wishing I'll on them
  9. Interesting read about Villa. Personally I loved reading it and hope they get screwed but I was wondering about us. Have we had any figures yet or still in the dark? Villa show losses of over £81m
  10. The most epic tackle of all time
  11. Welease wodewick
  12. But the 3 year aggregate only started this season didn't it? So surely bus dielna mcgugan melo matias vermil etc don't count
  13. Trawl through the last 200 pages of crap