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  1. It was reported on here we'd sold 17,800 which is down on last season.
  2. Or the back 9 that played in the first leg at Hudders.
  3. No worries. CC is trying to contact Semedo.
  4. Perhaps the club could start filing fake accounts to get HMRC off our backs. Or we could just follow the rules and not cheat.
  5. That appears to be the case regarding Rhodes although a substantial number of posters on here like to downgrade his reported fee by 40% without any evidence.
  6. The accounts aren't out. When CC said we wouldn't have bought Boyd if a fee was involved what makes you think we are nowhere near?
  7. The fuss about signing Hutton might subside if Jose Semedo stops ignoring Carlos' phone calls.
  8. So it was their good fortune that we were tactically inept?
  9. He was obviously offered a more lucrative deal with us.
  10. So the blunts are after the one that Blackburn rate a lot higher?
  11. It's the number of senior citizens that worries me.
  12. A sign that we have sold no kits, few corporate boxes and few season tickets this summer?
  13. McGugan and Semedo.
  14. Don't worry lads. We're trying to get Semedo back. We just need him to return Carlos' call.