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  1. Scraping a 0-0 draw at Huddersfield was better than beating Man United and the blunts at Wembley?
  2. Do you think clubs will be queueing to pay their over-inflated wages?
  3. Linked with Charlton winger:
  4. The 1-0 loss to Hull flattered us and we were outplayed over 2 legs this year by a team with one of the lowest budgets in the league.
  5. They also said we were pedestrian and predictable.
  6. In the first leg Huddersfield had a 21 year old reserve keeper who didn't have a shot to save. Our negative tactics there cost us badly.
  7. Not testing the 21 year old reserve keeper in the first leg Turgid negative tactics at Huddersfield
  8. So if we were playing Leeds, Norwich, Derby or Villa, we should get less tickets than them? What if Newcastle were in the play-offs - would we be happy with a quarter of the stadium?
  9. You're not very bright are you? You compared him with Rooney who was playing for England at 17. You then compared him to David Hirst who was banging goals in playing adult football at George's age.
  10. We could sign Gary Lineker's 4 lads with the fee.
  11. Hirst was banging the goals in for Barnsley at 17/18.
  12. Rooney was starring in the Premier League at 16 and for England at 17.
  13. So empty seats is better than paying customers? Great business model.
  14. Brook was stopped with an injury but was ahead on the judge's cards.
  15. Exactly. Some sad people wanting a boxer from Texas to wear a Wednesday shirt.