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  1. McGugan.
  2. This is great news if true. Hopefully the stability we'll now have will give us the edge on some of our rivals who are currently scrambling around for new managers who will then have to begin the process of assessing their new clubs' squads and recruiting players to suit the systems they want to implement. Brighton used their stability to their advantage last season, so hopefully we can do the same by tweaking and evolving rather than making wholesale changes for next season.
  3. I'd imagine the investment in Fulham over the past decade dwarfs ours. The infrastructure, academy, technical team, scouting network etc... was funded by Premier League money and parachute payments. They may not have spent as heavily in the past two seasons, but we've been playing catch-up in a major way after the best part of two decades being left to wither on the vine. To expect our recent spending to suddenly see us automatically leapfrog teams with a decade or more of established investment which has given them a solid base from which to build is a bit unrealistic.
  4. What does he know? He's just a bloody head in a jar.
  5. I know, it's a bit bizarre, isn't it? I bet Carlos and Chansiri were expecting a lot more than he's shown so far! To be fair to Abdi, though, it all points to him never being properly fit during his time here. When he finally is, hopefully after a full pre-season this summer, Abdi is easily capable of being our stand-out player, whether played out wide or in a central position.
  6. Why? He's used to playing as a wide midfielder. Abdi's Premier League appearances for Watford last season were as follows: 18 on the right of midfield; 9 on the left of midfield; 5 in central midfield.
  7. Well surely that's now confirmed what many have suspected for some time: Jordan never called RocketOwl back after their night of steamy passion. It's the only logical explanation for this bizarre obsession. He didn't refuse to take a penalty; he told his manager that he felt unsure about taking a penalty, thus letting the manager see if there were five players more mentally prepared to step up in that highly-pressurised situation. If anything, it was the professional thing to do.
  8. Nothing when your tackle is as strong as Hutchinson's. It's quite a sight when he goes in hard; my only worry is that someone's going to get hurt one of these days.
  9. Programmes are on their way out, I'm afraid - there were literally nanoliters of blood spilled as a result of the excruciating paper cuts caused by the vicious, razor-sharp paper used to make them.
  10. Whatever brand we settle on will have to be SAG-approved. Do you know how many lives have been tragically and needlessly cut short by the use of unsafe napkins? Shockingly, it's estimated to be at least zero.
  11. Abdi played most of his Premier League football as a wide midfielder; he should be more than capable of playing wide midfield for us in the Championship. His positional flexibility is probably one of the things that attracted us to him in the first place. I'd say the fact that Abdi's been unfit for almost the entire season has had more to with his lack of impact than anything Carlos has done. The fact that he was given his own 'mini pre-season' in the autumn to try and get up to speed is testament to the fact that he wasn't where he needed to be in that regard. Hopefully we'll see the best of Abdi next season, whether that's centrally or cutting in from out wide, as he certainly has the pedigree to be one of the best players in this division. I imagine Carlos, more than anyone, will be willing him to stay fit and show us what he's really capable of.
  12. Unfortunately not - whilst it's true that us real power brokers have asked Chansiri to call another fans' forum, it's only so they can debate which brand of napkins to use in the food kiosks.
  13. Only joking! Chansiri has called a committee meeting of myself, @Lord Snooty, @Ronio, @themaskedowl and @EighteenSixty7 for later this morning. We'll be meeting over coffee, croissants and owl-egg omelette, and have been asked to prepare notes in advance so that we can help the chairman reach his decision in a timely fashion. Well, I say 'his decision', but I think it's patently obvious who the real power brokers in the corridors of Hillsborough are. We won't be reporting our decision on here, however, as Ali G's impatience is quite unbecoming and it will do him good to learn some forbearance.
  14. I'm trying to, yes.