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  1. Boyd Tells Steward to go to Specsavers

    Boyd's a handsome chap; many would try for a clandestine squeeze given half the chance.
  2. Miguel Llera to chesterfield

    Good luck to him. He always gave 100% in a Wednesday shirt (and helmet), and he scored some vital goals for us. Plus he seems like a really nice bloke.
  3. Sam Field

    I'm not sure a Cockney would go well with our pitch, to be honest.
  4. Official everything is great thread

    I believe the current phrase du jour among Portuguese managers is to 'let the horses run freely'.
  5. Caption competition

    Gimme a piggyback, Steven...och crap, I've got vertigo!
  6. On this day 25 years ago......

    Not if he was Bhutanese he wouldn't.
  7. On this day 25 years ago......

    I absolutely loved John Harkes when I was a kid. Just look at him go...
  8. Jones - the enigma

    I for one am delighted that we're finally starting to see what David Jones has got in his locker.
  9. There's definitely a large element of Hooper's physical stature making him better suited to that role than Forestieri, but he also seems more temperamentally suited to the role. He's more predictable in his movements than Forestieri, meaning that his teammates can more easily anticipate his runs and passes, allowing him to knit the attack together in a way that Forestieri rarely does. Plus, it means that Forestieri can pick the ball up in areas where he can run at defenders and cause more havoc.
  10. Carlos haters

    ...or Carlos does a press conference, or we sign a new player, or we wear a new kit, or we...erm...have an advert for a taxi firm on the back of the new season ticket / membership cards...

    Was it half the Wednesday fan base?
  12. Carlos haters

    Oh no, it definitely is that as well. The vitriol is ridiculous, but so is the petty point-scoring and name-calling. We're going to have variations on this thread all season long...
  13. Carlos haters

    Spot on. It's reached the point where some posters will react negatively to every single decision Carlos makes now. If Reach plays leftback, he should have been on the wing; if he's on the wing, he should have been leftback; actually, he's never been tried in the centre of the park - he might be good there; if he's in the squad, it's because Carlos thinks he's undroppable; if he's left out, why did Carlos sign him in the first place? And what was he doing bringing Nuhiu on to help us run down the clock!? Some are so eager to criticise nowadays that they're not even willing to wait and see how things pan out before launching into a meltdown. I wonder if those same posters have logged back on since to praise Carlos' decision making with the same vehemence with which they condemned him?