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  1. It looks to me like the Leicester players were actively trying to get Ranieri sacked. I can't see a parallel between that and our current situation.
  2. Actually, medical confidentiality is far from a moot point; if Matias doesn't want us to know the nature of his problem, we have no right to know.
  3. If we make the playoffs for the second season running, it would be incredibly harsh and shortsighted to sack Carlos, wouldn't it!? Either way, you're probably right about Matias' chances, though - he just can't get fit, can he?
  4. I'd love to see a frontline of Forestieri, Rhodes and Matias just once before he leaves the club.
  5. We've had some rank away kits over the years, haven't we!? This monstrosity was surely the low point, though?
  6. One for 18 quid here:
  7. What are you laughing about? Despite a few below-par performances, Reach is still a mainstay of the team that's got us into the playoff positions.
  8. Oh yes...
  9. Well that's me convinced!
  10. Diamonds are forever... Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Reach Hutchinson Abdi Bannan Forestieri Rhodes Winnall
  11. Exactly. Last season could easily have turned out to be a false dawn, as we joined the likes of Cardiff, Birmingham, Ipswich, Brentford, Wigan and Derby as playoff contenders who subsequently slipped back into the pack. I don't want to tempt fate, but hopefully we've avoided that route, and if the playoffs are now the minimum we can expect, then I'm delighted. This season hasn't been perfect - no season ever is (even our much-romanticised last season) - but we're trying to enact the kind of sea change that hasn't been seen at our club for many a year: becoming a truly top-end Championship side, able to challenge towards the top of this league as a matter of course, is no mean feat, and money alone won't do it. We've stumbled along the way, but we still have a decent chance of playing Premier League football by August.
  12. I don't know about breaking the bank, but it would certainly break some Owlstalkers' keyboards trying to spell his name accurately!
  13. Wouldn't the fact that Norwich and Villa have found the league so difficult compared to last season's relegated teams suggest that it may be a tougher league? If we look at last season's unsuccessful playoff teams, Brighton have gone from strength to strength and look like securing the automatic promotion they so narrowly missed out on last year, but Derby have found the league much tougher than they did last season, despite their usual heavy investment; and we've maintained a top six spot with decent expenditure on players over the summer. If money were all it took, we wouldn't be challenging the top two. There are several Championship teams who have invested more than us in recent seasons: Newcastle, Villa, Norwich, Derby...