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  1. Good work. I've resigned from my post as Trusted Owlstalk Scout under a cloud after the way my recommendation of Lewis McGugan turned out, so you're the last TOS-er in town.
  2. So what you're saying is Chansiri has misplaced beliefs, whilst you have misplaced briefs?
  3. Indeed. Not a good place for monkeys to be hanging around.
  4. In which case, he really should give it back. We can't have headless apes roaming around sticking bananas down their gaping neck-holes, can we? Actually, the more I think about it, the more I'm certain that it's really not on. Gi' monkey's head back, Reidy - you simian-disfiguring sicko!
  5. Because he hasn't managed to completely turn around a club suffering from the best part of two decades' worth of neglect, mismanagement and underinvestment in the first eleven months that he's been here? I have no idea the ins and outs of Palmer's job, but I do know that I'll trust Chansiri's judgement on the matter before I'll subscribe to the baseless negativity spouted by the usual suspects on here who can't wait to join the pile-on whenever someone spots an opportunity to criticise the club for something.
  6. Yeah, I'm the one making little sense in this thread. Anyway, don't mind me - it seems I'm just one of those 'f*cking puffs' who come on here to talk about things related to football. Like football shirts.
  7. Yeah, I've always been under the impression that Owlstalk was a forum where grizzly beer-swilling heterosexual men's men gathered to discuss weighty issues such as social stratification, gender inequality and the overpopulated prison system. I can't believe we have posters wasting good bandwidth discussing football shirts. What do they think this is - a football forum!?
  8. I've always wanted Wednesday to have a purple away kit like this beauty...
  9. I can't wait for Football Manager 2018, either.
  10. He's replacing Nuhiu as our resident 'Dave'.
  11. In that case, I have a rumour for you: Glenn Loovens is a shape-shifting reptilian overlord.
  12. Has he? I was under the impression that the money the club have spent in the last two seasons had transformed us from being a mid-table side into one capable of regular top-six finishes. We've spent decent money, but we're far from alone in that, and we were starting from a position in which at least half the Championship had a huge head-start in terms of investment in their squads over the past half-decade or so. To expect us to instantly rise to the top of the pile when up against teams who have been building for several years, or those with recent Premier League experience, money and squads, is a bit unrealistic in my opinion. I'd imagine the investment in a club like Fulham over the past decade dwarfs ours. The infrastructure, academy, technical team, scouting network etc... was funded by Premier League money and parachute payments. They may not have spent as heavily in the past two seasons, but we've been playing catch-up in a major way after the best part of two decades being left to wither on the vine. Too many fans want success yesterday and don't seem to be able to handle the idea that spending decent money on our team for the first time in a decade and a half isn't guaranteed to lead to instant success, especially when you factor in that several Championship clubs have outspent us in recent years, and we were playing catch up on half the division in terms of our starting point. If you'd have offered me consecutive playoff spots when Carlos first took over, I'd have snatched your hand off, as would many other Wednesday fans, too.
  13. You can't see us releasing a new kit this year other than the new kit we're going to release?
  14. Might as well, the amount of needle between some on here.