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  1. Wasn't difficult, there's shed loads of threads
  2. Anyone else still laugh when you read the word Bobbar, and I'm 46 ?
  3. Helped you out but only to the start of 2017 ;)
  4. Thanks Rodger, tried looking on OS but couldn't find map of ground showing turnstile locations.
  5. Do you get access to these turnstiles off of Penistone Road (under the South Stand) or from Leppings Lane ?
  6. Anyone mentioned you look like Terry Curran ?
  8. Absolutely quality player, played in girls team with my daughter (SUCL) before joining Donny Belles. Was a pleasure to watch, had a great engine and first class attitude (unless the weather was cold ) - Soz Ash ;) Big loss to women's football.
  9. I thought he lived off Nether Lane, Ecclesfield opposite Red rose football pitches ?
  10. Pretty sure they were up during the intro to the Leeds game so Hooper was still here anyway ?