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  1. You must be thinking about the East End of London. 50 years ago.
  2. Played well today. Spot the difference to Liam Palmer at QPR.
  3. Jack Hunt Put in a shift at both ends of the pitch
  4. I'm going for a 4-5-1 formation with MOAB up front. I'll be in the brace position in the South Stand.
  5. That's terrific. Sadly, I still draw a house the same way as I did when I was about three...
  6. We might add "being aware of the views of stakeholders" e.g. supporters! to the SAG remit
  7. Fair comment Holmes. I think a lot of frustration is due to a lack of transparency.
  8. I agree. So I'd like to see a section in the club website that explains the rationale for why different sections of the seating have been covered. Minutes of the meetings would be good for transparency. (Any good reason for secrecy?) A basic strategy for the way forward would be sensible. This is basic competency but I don't see it yet so until that happens I'm not going to entertain the SAG Apologists.
  9. Train to Doncaster on Saturday Doncaster evening races starts 5:15pm Premier Inn Doncaster £60 with breakfast Train Doncaster to Sheffield on Sunday morning
  10. My under the radar motm yesterday. Lots of tidy and accurate passing in an otherwise scrappy game
  11. Only two hours by train to Sheffield....
  12. Mine = Dylan from Magic Roundabout Player = Liam Palmer Attributes = Yesterday's performance
  13. We keep winning and it doesn't matter what happens elsewhere. Derby next...
  14. Scrappy second half and sat back too much. Not good for the nerves!
  15. QPR

    Still remember the dodgy ref we had last time.