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  1. I like the print it out and stick it on the fridge door option.
  2. Like Steveger, I defected from Scotland to England some time ago. Despite living next to Arsenal stadium for 28 years I have never been able to bring myself to support my local team, nor do I think I should be told I have to!
  3. Or Arsenal away. I'm not fussy.
  4. Man U at home
  5. Went last year. Can't watch it this year. Dont care who wins today.
  6. You can hire them on a match to match basis because there were Newcastle fans in one normally empty box this season. It caused a bit of aggro. (by South Stand standards)
  7. He's a "special" manager because..... ....nothing to do with the new Chairman and the money spent..... ...its because...... Do tell us Ron?
  8. We won't lose too many games. Hopefully
  9. I managed to return my ticket (an email to the ticket office with the original purchase details) and be refunded yesterday, so the seat will be available to another supporter today. I'd encourage other Owls likewise if they can't make it. The ticket office were very efficient. Let's hope the stadium is full even though I can't get time off work to be there.
  10. Perhaps because Lees and Loovens are not the most confident at coming forward with the ball from the back.
  11. The did up until Brexit but not now.
  12. Not much chance of getting on the pitch anyway. Apparatus SYP will be drafting in extra police from Cornwall and Aberdeenshire as there weren't enough police at the Fulham game for them to cope.
  13. If we wear our white top and pale blue shorts its doesn't really clash with their dark blue and white hoops and white shorts. If we wear white we deffo win.Black and orange almost deffo win
  14. Thank you EssexOwl. I'll do likewise.
  15. There was something about being able to return unwanted tickets to the club and be refunded, but I can't see anything on the club websites about how to do this yet.