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  1. Caption competition

    Bannon: YES! The superglue's worked so we're playing 4-4-2!
  2. Official whingers and moaners thread

    Seems more like sarcasm than moaning so far. This might be a mild complaint....
  3. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    Why would FF want to go to Leeds when he'd rather earn £50k a week in the Premiership?
  4. Gary Neville

    Thankfully, that rules out Jamie Carragher as well.
  5. Forestieri not in the squad

    If FF leaving means a more settled team and players playing in their right positions then I'd take the money now.
  6. After the meltdown ...

    Thoughful OP. Sounds like we find it difficult to adapt to deal with our opponents tactics.
  7. The away shirt looks like it's being worn inside out
  8. Only team left not to have a kit!

    Why do we need a new shirt every year? We got three last year and I'm happy to wear the white one for some time to come.
  9. Rangers Fans V Ours

    Crikey! A sensible post!
  10. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    I'd love to see it all implode. Those who live by Sky, die by Sky. BT or not BT, that is the question?
  11. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    There are times when I wish the top European clubs (including Man U/City, Chelski, Arse/Tot), would just FO and form a billionaires league and live in their own bubble. It would then be all be in one place for me to completely ignore.
  12. Alan Hutton

    They have been run well and benefited from an excellent manager. I'd rather see them stay up instead of tinpot clubs like Bournemouth and Watford.
  13. Harlee Dean, Brentford captain

    Brentford is out in the sticks beyond West London. Rubbish train service and roads. Probably quicker from Sheffield to Essex
  14. Alan Hutton

    Fine, as long as its tartan STRIPES (And blue)
  15. Next season kit

    Don't care if we don't get it till Christmas. As long as it's got stripes.