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  1. Give it to Fernando...he would flourish
  2. Job done for me, lets have these and move on FFS
  3. Doesn't fkn matter about K Lee he just needs a 10 minute warm up at Preston and will then run solidly for 46 games and be our best player for at least half of those....old school Sunday it
  4. Classic tarn! Well done Sir
  5. Depends if he has genuinely refused to play which would surely be a breach of contract
  6. Totally agree.. Big decisions need making in midfield...Lee is a must whilst Abdi has the true pedigree...
  7. assuming the comments "refused to play number 10" and "the lad doesn't want to play football" are about him...why should the club continue to pay his wages...?
  8. Nope overweight and over rated
  9. Let's face it he has no intention of leaving until his ridiculous contract is the real world he would have been sacked at least a year ago. About time the lawyers got involved for me. If I failed to perform I'd be out next month
  10. You sir are talking shiiite
  11. FF

    call me deluded and blissfully optimistic but I think he'll stay and be fkn awesome whilst driving us on to promotion......UTO
  12. he will be but probably for someone else!
  13. Doherty is the one we want from Wolves... I'm not bothered for Batth
  14. If Doherty is available from wolves to cover the right back position I think he is a real strong championship fullback...certainly better than Hutton
  15. Get his head right and he would be worth a fortune...decent gamble imo