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  1. One thought on the lack of transfer activity. Are we still contracted to sondico until the end of June? Maybe a host of new players announced on 1st July then pictured holding up the new Chansiri branded shirt, could be good for sales, our brand and the 150th publicity Why would we want to promote the old stuff
  2. Using my local knowledge I can correct you it's actually Holmfirth Town or Hepworth United who are their rivals
  3. So do I and you're correct
  4. Don't forget he absolutely bullied their 2 centre backs at their place playing up front on his own, they will know that and fear him. So no surprise that there's no official word about the injury Think Fletcher could do the same job on Sunday
  5. Spot on, they can't see past some of the dross in the prem
  6. Probably lost in translation, pretty sure the highly intelligent ex united player will have conducted the conversation in Portuguese, one of the many languages he will speak fluently
  7. Am I the only person who thinks Carlos is trying to pull a fast one with players fitness. Fully expect Sam to play and FF to fail a last minute fitness test, buttons will be back for next game?
  8. Season ticket holder who missed the game as I'm watching my second team this weekend .............Barcelona v Espanol tomorrow night, expecting it to be similar to three toy town game Trust me I know how bad we were 3 years ago, the 13 years before that and most of the 70s