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  1. It's all getting a bit cringe Barnsley trying to make it sound like a big derby as well as this constant boring poo with Winnall.
  2. Reyt bloke
  3. RIP Sean. But as said above, it is a nice sentiment to have these applause's for fans that have unfortunately passed. But, it does seem like a too regular thing now and feels like it's almost compulsory to have these breaks in a game where an applause is needed after a fan has died and I don't think really its relevant for the game. Maybe as suggested before a showing on the screen at the end of the season or at half time is the best course for it.
  4. Owlstalk poster in "I know someone who works close to the club" shocker.
  5. Worth a read, quite amusing:
  6. Can I train your arse when he's finished?
  7. I'd keep Semedo, Wildsmith, Dawson and Sasso.
  8. If someone is telling porkies and Carlos said Lees not Lee I'm gonna be proper angrymad.
  9. Be fantastic if Lee was back.
  10. Aye, shame really.
  11. Be nice to have similar to Fulham in recent years. They've had Dembele and Ryan Sessegnon prove their worth when given a chance.
  12. Ffs I blame work, that's enough to send me over the edge.
  13. Rhythm is a dancer, McGugan is the answer, he can score from anywhere
  14. Don't think they're any better. Plus, Lees and Loovens will be a lot fitter than last game, neither of them would've played if we had CB's available.