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  1. As per Chris Brunt. Shows how skint we were, would implement owt for a few quid Really isn't that interesting, but 4:55 on this video:
  2. Quite like Biggs, he seems a nice bloke.
  3. This guy would pick a fight in an empty room
  4. To be fair to HITC, they've got a few bits right as well. I personally wouldn't want him to go, would prefer to see him have a run in the side when he's fully fit.
  5. No where near the worst player in our team, I think he's been playing well.
  6. That was a bobbar poem, it didn't even rhyme.
  7. Agree with that team, have Winall up top and FF playing just off him in that pocket of space, give him the ball and let him run at them as well as McManaman and Wallace on the flanks.
  8. I'm sure we'll get him if we want him.
  9. Would be absolute carnage meeting Leeds at any time in the play offs.