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  1. Had a good view of it from the north. It did look like Fernando leaned in to their player, but they are given every day of the week, that referee was one of, if not the worst I've seen all season. For him not give that, but then give the foul building up to their goal is absolutely sickening, he shouldn't ref another game again.
  2. If he does then he's blown it hasn't he. But I beg we give him a chance man.
  3. McManaman Abdi Hutch FF With Winnall and Rhodes up top.
  4. Wish we could have 10 of him on the pitch at times, his work rate is second to none.
  5. You are the most boring troll on this entire forum, get a life.
  6. Westwood Hunt Sasso (Lees) Loovens Reach McManaman Hutch Abdi Forestieri Winnall Rhodes
  7. Solid away performance and 3 points, called it. Blip tonight, but I'm sure it'll be rectified this weekend.
  8. Pen given and we're 1-0 up,never a free kick for their first.
  9. Got to be a penalty if half of these free kicks are fücking fouls.
  10. Be happy with that. I'd maybe swap FF with Winnall and put him on the left instead of Bannan, but I fear we lack a lot of creativity in the midfield then.
  11. Going for a 2-0 win with a couple of players rested. Rhodes and Forestieri with the goals. Westwood Hunt Loovens Sasso Fox McManaman Abdi Hutch Reach Forestieri Rhodes
  12. The sheer difference to the club compared to how it was just a few years ago. From signing Steve Howard and GTF to having the likes of Forestieri, Rhodes, Abdi etc. Couldn't have been much luckier as fans having Milan saving the club, then Chansiri completely evolving us. Really looking forward to the next few years.