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  1. Be very sad to see him go, can't thank him enough for his commitment to the club. All the best Jose
  2. Be sad to see Semedo go, love the bloke to bits.
  3. Get him in, then let him rot in the reserves Not bitter or anything
  4. £15m when he's got one year left? Not a prayer.
  5. Is this confirmed?
  6. There's always next year.
  7. Genuinely think Sasso would thrive being played week in week out, shame it won't happen here though.
  8. For me, that's where Forestieri differs from Ince and why I'd rather keep FF. On days where things aren't going his way, he never seems to stop and is always tracking back and getting stuck in. On his day he is unplayable, but in comparison to last season he seems to have had a lot less of them and that's where the problem lies. It's a shame because he started to hit a bit of form towards the back end of the season and got injured.
  9. I've only seen ince play away at your place and when he came on at ours. He was arguably the best player on the pitch for me at your place, he absolutely battered us down that wing. But would I swap them? Probably not.
  10. Even though he only played a combined 30 or so minutes during a 6 game winning run?
  11. The crack is he's not been the same this season as last, whether that is a coincidence following him not playing at Norwich we have no idea. Give us £8m and you can have him, he wouldn't be too badly missed.
  12. Only just got round to watching this, I must admit it has given me a lot more confidence with CC than I had just under a week ago.
  13. Would rather watch paint dry than watch the play off final this year.
  14. I truly hope that sounded funnier in your head mate
  15. Wonder if Bakary Sako would be available?