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  1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as they say. An excellent and timely statement from our Chairman and owner.
  2. Well done for reaching the final. This hurts pretty bad and I feel drained this morning but you were the best side over the 2 legs. I can't say that the final bothers me too much now. Living in a Bradford I'm more bothered by what happens in the League 1 final at the weekend but good luck anyway against Reading.
  3. Please win Wednesday. We'll be behind you all the way.
  4. 2 client workshops to run between 9 and 4. Leaving Leeds at 4, pick my Dad up from Ossett then onwards to Sheffield. Praying that tomorrow isn't the day that the M1 doesn't snarl up.
  5. Yet we get call deluded and arrogant for even daring to believe that we might just have the upper hand. I sat with them yesterday and they seemed like a decent enough bunch. Honest, down to earth Yorkshiremen. But their forum tells a very different story.
  6. If only I could buy this outcome right now!
  7. Not enough TPP
  8. I've been scanning the Huddersfield forum over the past few days. I really don't get where our "arrogant" tag comes from which we have thrown at us from them and our porcine neighbours. For the most part I find Wednesday fans to be well grounded. A palpable desire to get back to the top for sure but in no way is there a sense of entitlement. Maybe I'm biased but I just don't see how we are seen by other clubs as arrogant.
  9. Is it OK to have a trophy clapper from the home end though?
  10. 0-0 meant that we were untroubled in the home end too. Great day
  11. Going undercover in the home end today. Come on the mighty Owls!
  12. You will get as far as the checkout before it tells you that you need a purchase history. Tried it yesterday. Best way of getting one is at the ground tomorrow I reckon.
  13. Whenever SAG have had their two penneth...
  14. Great to see complete strength in depth. I really hope we manage to keep Young Hirsty. What a story it would be to have him playing for us in the top flight.