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  1. An interesting dilemma for supporters. Would they take advantage of the refund offer if it meant that funds were then not made available in the summer to whoever is manager?
  2. The way we hit that average line a few weeks ago and then just had lift off is just fantastic.
  3. Persistent standing of others according to SAG.
  4. Minutes available here. They don't include recent meetings and were obtained via an FOI request last summer. As someone else said .... they don't provide a great deal of information.
  5. ... or happen to live in Bradford too!
  6. Still available. However I live in Bradford so would struggle to get it to you in time now unless you're prepared to collect?
  7. Can't scan the 4th line but the hat could be down to beer too. I like it!
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the Wednesday family Luke!
  9. Colin motionless.
  10. It's an interesting move that will hopefully be financially beneficial to the club. It's not just the shirts. Presumably things like training gear, tracksuit tops and other stuff currently supplied by Sondico will also be insourced. I would assume that they employ a designer to do all the designs then hand them directly to a manufacturer to produce. Can't wait to see some of the stuff that ends up in the club shop.
  11. If anyone would like it please let me know.
  12. Who are the individuals on SAG? What is their remit? why do we have seats permanently excluded from sale in the Kop, North, South, West and NW Corner? What is the justification for these seats not being sold? Who at the club is challenging these decisions and are they being listened to? Is Saturday's model of away in the Upper Lepp / Wednesday in the Lower Lepp (with no netting off of the Upper Lepp) going to be repeated? If we redeveloped the ground would there be the same restrictions? If we move ground would there be the same restrictions? How are the restrictions placed on us rationalised against what seem like less tight restrictions in other parts of the country?
  13. Thought it was an honest 50 50 from the Kop. Looked worse on TV but still didn't think it was a red.
  14. I thought something looked different. I couldn't remember if it had been like that since the SWFC was moved to the Kop. Hope we a s going to make use of the NW corner in the future.
  15. I think that yesterday set an important precedent. As I understand it SYP restricted Toon to 3100 tickets. The Lower Lepp was then made available to us with no silly netting in the Upper Lepp. Gradually getting back to the way things used to be in the 90s for a time.