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  1. Boring and old news. Play-offs was last week - and so was the chat about pens.
  2. I'd rather see us make sure we get quality over quantity this summer. The squad is 3 quality players and a mini clear out short of going one step further. Emnes doesn't fit into this criteria.
  3. Don't get the fuss about Izzy Brown to be honest.
  4. I can't see us selling any players that we don't want to - look at Forestieri this season and how we stood firm. Mr Chansiri has too much invested, too much to gain, and too much sense to start picking a very good squad apart to balance the books and reduce our chance of promotion. Whilst I hope we doesn't do it, I do think the club will be getting their legal team to go over the Rhodes deal with a fine tooth comb to see if there is a cost effective exit on the deal. I don't think we've played to his strengths, not convinced he's match fit, reckon his confidence is rock bottom, and I believe he'll have a very good season next year after a good pre-season. However, when reviewing this season, the massive millions involved in the Rhodes deal doesn't look great value - and I think Mr Chansiri will be concerned at that.
  5. I think Sam knew what he was signing up to - even before Rhodes, we had Fletcher, Hooper, Forestieri and Nuhiu in the senior team which suggested he would have to fight for a place in the team. Obviously signing Rhodes after he's signed added more competition, but Winnall is a confident player and if he fancied his chances competing with our then strike force, adding Rhodes into the mix surely won't have bothered him. Not forgetting his contract with us is life-changing money too!
  6. The one being talked about was.
  7. Pretty much agree with all this - full backs aside, like Hunt and think Pudil is starting to get back to how he was when he came on loan. Please though, for the love of god, can we focus on a top 2 finish next season - I'm beginning to dislike this play-off b*llocks!
  8. And the striker missed!
  9. Surely, in all the emotion of winning, he forgot Wednesday fans were in the bottom tier and assumed they were Huddersfield fans?
  10. I feel Carlos got too focused on game management rather than utilising his squad to its strengths. He's also shown in the past he can change and learn from mistakes. I hope he stays and I hope he uses the tools he has for their intended purpose, and I'm convinced we'll go one step further than the past two seasons.
  11. If Carlos remains with us, I might buy a copy and deliver it to him!
  12. Yes please! Sadly, I can't see that level of development happening unless we get promoted - hence being so desperate to get promoted!
  13. Agreed about the centre half position - this coming season has to be the year Glenn takes a step back and isn't relied on as much; he can offer excellent cover with Sasso (if he stays). Not sure about the full backs though. Hunt has been excellent the second half of the season and with the shackles off a bit I think he'd be more influential going forward. Think Pudil could do a decent job again next season too, depends if his legs can last the season! Are Palmer and Fox capable competition? Not sure, but I think finances might be a bit tighter this season and I think we have higher priorities than improving competition at full-back.
  14. To be fair, we did bring in a left back, a centre half, a defensive midfielder, and two wingers this season. It could be argued Fox's arrive has got Pudil back to his previous levels. I suspect the talk of a centre half is to replace Loovens due to his age (and I agree), but I reckon people will have been happy to have him as first choice this season. The defence had another excellent season, so it can't have been too bad. Who would the ball winner replace? Isn't Hutchinson a ball winner and he's one of the first names on the team sheet. Jones, whilst not done as well as we may expect, who else is going to come in to that holding role and be happy to play second fiddle to Hutchinson? We signed wingers - and barely played them. Would seem pointless signing any this summer is Carlos stays and goes with the same set up as this season.
  15. I don't think many people are moaning. People are just disappointed that 1. we needed to beat Huddersfield at home and Reading at Wembley to get promoted - on paper, there won't be an easier route for some time, and 2. the football, whilst it has had relative success, it led to our downfall in the end and with the attacking options in the squad, a more attacking approach might have seen is playing a level above next season.