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  1. Get Carlos out of this club

    So, we barely got out of our own half then... thanks!! Read the first part of that tweet you've quoted - visitors deservedly lead. From what I saw, I'd have to agree with that - and stand by my comment that we were crap first half and could barely get out of our half. But if you're happy with what you saw (read on Twitter) first half against Sunderland then good for you pal.
  2. FF to Brighton

    If Forestieri is happy playing out on the left and do all the duties asked of him, then for me he stays. If he doesn't want to do that, then he goes. But which ever it it, a decision needs to be made ASAP.
  3. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    This. I would have thought, given Boyd is more experienced playing more central than Wallace over their careers, that Boyd would actually be a better choice than Wallace in the diamond system...
  4. Get Carlos out of this club

    Fletcher did well to head over in the first half given he didn't come on until the second half! You might want to re-read my paragraph as I was talking about 39-50mins (which included the 5 additional minutes added on in the first half), which is clearly stated within my first sentence.
  5. Feel more positive?

    Fulham will be out of sight before we start playing in the second half if we given them the first half like we did Sunderland.
  6. Ross Wallace

    I'd have thought Boyd would be more suited to a diamond than Wallace, given Boyd has spent chunks of his career centrally, as where Wallace has pretty much been an out and out wide man...?
  7. Get Carlos out of this club

    Same as last season, with the exception of the defence looking more shaky. My old man, who has his season ticket on the Kop, held the same opinion as well, so maybe aliens didn't take over the iFollow stream!
  8. Get Carlos out of this club

    I didn't go, as I don't live in England any more, but I did watch it on iFollow. Maybe aliens took over the streaming and I wasn't actually watching Wednesday vs Sunderland? Sounds plausible.
  9. Ross Wallace

    To give Wallace a bit of credit, I don't think that diamond shape suits his game - ends up far too central too often, when his real quality is providing width and balls into the mixer. Personally, I'd play Wallace when playing with a standard 4 in midfield and Boyd when playing the diamond.
  10. Get Carlos out of this club

    There was a spell from 39 mins to 50 mins (5 mins stoppage time) where we managed to get out of our own half once - a corner that was over-hit and went out for a throw-in. Aye, pinned in our own half for almost the full 11 minutes against a pretty mediocre Sunderland side. That was pretty much the story of the first half. It was dross. Second half was excellent, but you can't afford to only play for 45 minutes. If that's the level of performance you are happy with and also expect us to be challenging for promotion, then your footballing knowledge is pretty limited.
  11. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    Agreed, but you have to ask why every striker that has come to us - with good strike records - have ALL failed to deliver with us. Regarding Fletcher's salary - that's the joy of being a Bosman and no fee involved, you get a chunky wage!
  12. Ten reasons we won't get promoted

    Major contradiction highlighted above - Rhodes plays regardless of performance, but Rhodes needs momentum yet gets chopped and changed... Agreed with the post in general, and regarding the point I've highlighted above, I think Rhodes falls into point 3 rather than point 2. Mr Chansiri also has to take some responsibility. We've ended up in a self-imposed transfer embargo due to FFP (apparently), yet he's authorised the signing of so many players the past 12/18 months who have barely even made it into the squad (and from day one always looked like they wouldn't get a look in) which has wasted millions and millions of £. Fans are now being asked to buy rather expensive plaques to give the club some FFP breathing space (in reality those plaques probably won't cover Rhodes' salary for the month!).
  13. Get Carlos out of this club

    It's Carlos and our performances that are spoiling it for me. I can ignore the idiots on here, but I can't ignore the dross I'm seeing Wednesday play.
  14. "Because we can't spend money"

    Turning down £6m for Morrison though!!
  15. And continuing to look on the bright side...

    We've come from behind in both home games - shows decent character in the squad.