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  1. I think BT Sport have the rights to Scottish football pal.
  2. Just the £22m last season - assuming this is correct.
  3. I'm sure I got an email recently from the club saying last season's shirts were on sale - £25 for 2.
  4. If Westwood had a £3m release clause, he'd have left/a club would have bid a long time ago!
  5. Worth bearing in mind that Terry was a winner and leader for his boyhood club. There is no guarantee, especially at 36, he'll have that same desire at another club and Terry with a lack of desire would be half the player he's been over the years.
  6. Carlos laughed off the price tags quoted in the media.
  7. And if we had taken the Fulham game seriously, we'd have finished with 84 points!
  8. I like the banter - when it's friendly. I like beating United - and being one of only c.3,300 Wednesday fans to witness, live at both stadiums, Wednesday doing the double over United for the only time in a century, is only second to winning the cup in 1991 for me. I hate losing to United. I hate United - really would not miss them if they went bust. But, Wednesday doing well if first and foremost - if we lose to United twice and win promotion, I wouldn't care less about those Sheffield derby games. And that is the difference between us and United, who have a large number of fans who would take relegation so long as they beat Wednesday twice. Crazy mentality, but they're an interesting bunch over at S2!
  9. The ending to last season was tough, but our points haul was impressive.
  10. Credit to the team, we signed Steven Fletcher on 1st July last year!
  11. Earliest we'll announce a signing is July 1st. So come back then Penguin!
  12. Hard to disagree (with the exception of Waddle - he'd be my third and final player from 1990 onwards).
  13. Yet Fletcher (from Shrewsbury), Palmer (from Worksop), and Rhodes (from Oldham) aren't even from Scotland!
  14. It doesn't explain why the play-offs suddenly stop being a lottery, no. There is no guarantee that had we attacked Huddersfield we would have won - same goes for Reading had we made the final. We played attacking the previous season and that ended in failure too. Carlos learned from this, but I agree with you - ended up going too defensive. Let's hope he strikes a balance between the last two seasons for the forthcoming season. Might well make us a top 2 team and we won't need to concern ourselves with the play-offs.
  15. I was happy with how we set up away from home, not so much the home leg. Huddersfield were the third best team in the league this season (and would have finished 3rd at it not been for rotating the squad the last few games) and deserved to go up. Your last sentence doesn't really make any sense - if I think the play-offs are a lottery then I'm deluded? Deluded about the play-offs being a lottery? Think you may have used a wrong word or term?