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  1. You need to factor in that Leeds won't want to go behind early doors as that will leave them a mountain to climb - expecting a cagey and nervy first half from them. Assuming Leeds are drawing, I think at that point they'll make a decision based on the half time scores at the other games impacting on their chances. I should imagine it is difficult to get what is going on at other games across to the players and with the number of permutations still in play, deciding anything during the game based on other scorelines will be very tough. I think Fulham's situation is a pretty straight-forward one - they just need to match Leeds' result because of their goal difference. Agreed about us - we want to make sure that even if it goes to the final game a point will be sufficient. Glad we are playing Ipswich away in truth as at Hillsborough they'd just park the bus, but their final home game of the season they'll be a bit more open and that would suit us.
  2. Glad we aren't in Leeds' position! Imagine the scoreline of 1-1 and throwing the kitchen sink at Norwich and end up losing 2-1, only for scores to pan out to mean Leeds miss out on goal difference to Fulham! Can see Leeds, Fulham and Wednesday all drawing this weekend, which will work out ok for us.
  3. I suspect that a full house at Hillsborough on the final game of the season will still result in a strong Wednesday performance, even if we don't need anything from the game. With the scenario you mention above, that could well work out for Leeds!
  4. But even if Leeds win and Fulham lose on Saturday, Leeds will still be outside the play-offs and need a favour on the final day from someone!
  5. Surely, that is Wednesday to make the play-offs, not miss out on them?
  6. Leeds could be in a bit of a dilemma on Saturday. If Fulham are losing to Brentford and Leeds are drawing with Norwich (the gap would be 2 points at that point), do Leeds throw the kitchen sink to beat Norwich and risk losing a point, which could put them in a position of losing out on the play-offs on goal difference (if Leeds then beat Wigan and Wednesday beat Fulham)?
  7. This. Are people talking about the same Fulham that lost 1-0 to Birmingham under Zola? The same Fulham that lost 1-3 at home to Wolves? The same Fulham that were held to a 2-2 against Blackburn, with a player we've loaned out scoring? The same Fulham that got hammered 4-2 at Pride Park? All this has happened in the last 8 weeks!! The way Fulham play football plays right into our hands, and if truth be told I'd rather be playing Fulham than Reading!!
  8. I wouldn't do it out of principle - 1/33 for us to finish in the play-offs, yet 9/1 to miss out is criminal!
  9. Be better betting on a Leeds win and laying a Wednesday win, an Ipswich/Wednesday draw would then also pay out. Lump winnings from that on a Leeds and Fulham double.
  10. Really? That's pretty crap! We are 1/33 to be in the play-offs, so I'd expect at the very least 20/1 not to make them!
  11. What are the odds on us not making the play-offs?
  12. 5 wins in a row for Wednesday is a pretty good reason for it too!
  13. Celebrated Hooper's goal like a bit of a madman - never seen him move so quick when chasing Hooper to celebrate!!
  14. Would be happy to face Fulham over two legs as they are the sort of team we do well against - a team who attacks and doesn't park the bus!
  15. Newcastle, Huddersfield, and Reading could all say the same though!