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  1. Stuart Gray looking more like 'Bones' out of original Star Trek by every showing..
  2. Goddam Pigeons are on it, in Somerset.. Tried the drink it out of system all day Sunday, didn't work just felt like having a strop. Its over Faceprowl as well. Also tried re watching the match, ended up foaming at the mouth. Time will be the only healer, as rightly said earlier - let's get to the first friendly and exorcise the ghost.
  3. Wednesday legend, stayed on in the City. Has been known to have a half with Mester Hirst in Bradway. Top bloke, fantastic player.
  4. Being seeing 'signs' and omens all season. Me and youngest have to spot an OWL reg. Plate before parking up. Never missed one or sometimes 2 or 3 for every game this season. Also, went to local Garden Centre and nearly tripped over stone owl ornament, now that's a kin sign.