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  1. To the tune of Wemberleee....wemberleeee..... Chansiri.....Chansiri.... we're the famous Sheffield Wednesday and we all love Chansiri. Or QUE SERA SERA WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE WE ALL LOVE CHANSIRI QUE SERA SERA
  2. Not really, just makes more sense than making up a job. If anyone is embarrassed by their job or would rather not say then maybe those people shouldn't reply
  3. Professional high fiver Liam Palmer
  4. Earring manufacturer Gary Hooper
  5. Please state your real job role and then the current squad player most suited to do that job. Mine = Mortgage Advisor Player = Glenn Loovens Attributes = Methodical and organised Looking forward to some real ones and no doubt also some hilarious joke ones. Apologies if done before.
  6. I thought it was a 12.30 kick off?
  7. Probably been said already on one of the other 10000 posts about Jordan Rhodes but has he scored more goals at Hillsborough than Nuhiu?
  8. That's a bold statement