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  1. You can see the coaching session McGughan Listen lad I know you were signed as winger but i'd like to play you as a left back Player No don't fancy it rather play on the wing end of argument
  2. Down to pride in yourself I suppose and the chance to shove it down Carlos's throat by doing the business at another club.
  3. Getting to be the average fee in the championship sadly.
  4. Or to play devils advocate he could've thought I'll wee pipe it off an play and train like a knob, have Saturdays off pocket me wages for a couple of years then move on. I don't know but what I do know is that fans from other clubs he'd played for warned us he was a lazy sod who might disappear. What they didn't say was it might be from the face of the club.
  5. Allegedly two clubs offered loan deals to him last year and he turned them both down.
  6. Now being denied on twitter with Forestieri saying he's happy to stay.
  7. It's this day next week time again
  8. It's all falling into place. Semedo doesn't get a contract. Then he does then Ronaldo wants to leave.
  9. Seen a figure of 7 million being touted as the fee add to that no bonuses as he's asked for a move plus he must be on a wedge it could turn out to be good business for us. No prior knowledge but wouldn't surprise me if his Mrs has something to do with the request if true.
  10. According to facebook Forestieri has put in a transfer request citing personal reasons.
  11. Heard the other day that the sponsors insisted on the draw being in Bangkok also rumoured that they want the final to be played there as well
  12. Where are we signing this Patience bloke from where does he play?
  13. We need to move quick before dem blunts hoover up all the good uns
  14. saw that as well. Why would the Hudders fans give him grief? According to them he got them into the Premiership