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  1. Better the devil you know and all that.
  2. If that's you in your avatar I would change you picture because people will hunt you down and make you talk sense
  3. But the rumour is that he was offered loan moves (2?) and turned them down. Fans of clubs he had played for came on here and warned us that he would go missing not just for games but for large chunks of the season. It was dismissed as sour grapes. Seems they might have been right.
  4. He could Trev but seemed he didn't want to, complete waste of a talent and opportunity many would give their right nadger for
  5. Sorry Trev but I disagree. When he played against Cardiff in Milans last game apart from the first 10 minutes I reckon we did more work than him sat in the stands. we were warned he was a lazy sod and its been proved to be true. If the rumours are true he was offered loan deals and turned them down That is not a player who wants to prove himself, he had the perfect opportunity to stick two fingers up at Carlos and his detractors and didn't take it.
  6. Said in another thread Should we have concentrated on getting him then go after Winnall.
  7. when we were looking to sign him and Winnall should we have looked to get him instead of Winnall. Would he have been the midfield lynch pin we needed. I know Barnsley blocked every attempt for him but would they if we had not already signed Winnall?
  8. He needs to be given a settled position in the side. Listening to a game recently he seemed to start on the wing then get moved to midfield and ended up in defence.
  9. I can't get RS where I live other than on line so didn't hear it. Wouldn't be disappointed if he stayed btw.
  10. Neither do I my guess is he will go to either Spain or Portugal rumoured that. Porto are after him. I think he has become disillusioned with the English game what with all the matches played the poor referees and then being dragged in front of the FA and fined. There's also been rumours that he has been traveling back to Portugal more often to see family must be difficult him living so far away
  11. Who ever is manager needs to find us a midfield player who can pick a pass ditto at least one winger
  12. I agree mate if you think back to Brighton last year there was no comparison. When they (Huddersfield) were taking the penalties the crowd should have been going mental traying to put them off
  13. That's what I thought except his son was at school. He doesn't seem to be one to stay anywhere long either.
  14. Was it? Joined towards the end of the conversation and thought I heard the name Tommy. Either way it was good to hear
  15. Listening to talksport this morning. Saying we are favourites to get promoted. Didn't hear it from the beginning but there was some bloke called Tommy on. Think he was a Brighton player because he was talking about the game against them last year and the crowd. He said it was the best atmosphere he had ever played in said the stadium was actually rocking. Mentioned the phone lights as well. Like being at a rock concert.