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  1. Carlos Incident Video

    Maybe but the ref was happy so no need for the steward to get involved unless asked to by the ref
  2. Carlos Incident Video

    Can't see why the steward had to get involved. Carlos had been sent off and Sat in the stand. From what I could see from the video he wasn't sat too near anyone. When Mouriniho was asked to sit in the stands he sat behind the dugout and the ref asked him to move. In the case of Carlos he wasn't which suggests the ref was happy with were he was Sat therefore as others have said the steward was a jobs worth.
  3. well if there was 25k+ on Saturday there must be at least 12k in tonight
  4. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Posted it at the start of the competition they want the final to be played in Thailand.
  5. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Was PFA player of the year at the same time iirc
  6. iFollow

    sorted thanks
  7. iFollow

    Just tried it and it worked. Haven't got a clue how to use pirate bay though
  8. Haven't listened for ages is it always this bad? Blunt fans talking like they are the Galacticos. All the reports i've read says it was an awful game played by two poor teams
  9. iFollow

    I use direct contact off my samsung and it works well Dispaly on fire stick enable display mirroring
  10. FF to Brighton

    Not read all 20 pages but if he doesn't make the squad tomorrow I reckon he'll be gone. Though he would be sold this window before the end of last season, been on the cards for a while imo.
  11. It must have been more serious than we think because unless I'm wrong Forestieri has been given the biggest punishment allowed by the PFA fined 2 weeks wages and 2 game suspension. Makes it difficult to sweep under the carpet
  12. iFollow

    commentary is on main talksport site
  13. George Hirst send him out on loan

    I'd be inclined to agree but contracts mean nothing these days. If he has signed hopefully it's got a good sell on clause and add ons included
  14. George Hirst send him out on loan

    FL transfers reckon he's signed a 5 year deal and is going to toytown on loan for the season
  15. 2mil for hirst

    It's 2 million plus add ons. It's getting to the stage where we could be tempted. As was said on the radio the other day the game is full of players who did it at youth level then disappeared. He's still seen as a gamble