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  1. Burton on Saturday

    I'd take the scrappiest of scrappy wins against Burton, don't care how we get it in the slightest. 3 points is all that matters.
  2. Your team for Saturday?

    Yep, that's what I would go with. Loovens in for Pudil if he's fit.
  3. iFollow

    Ah, cheers. I always usually go to the 'latest video' bit on iFollow. Didn't even realise they were able to be accessed there.
  4. iFollow

    Speaking of full match replays, they haven't uploaded the Fulham match yet. Last season they were always online by Sunday afternoon.
  5. Good strong team. A goal each for Rhodes and Winnall would be perfect.
  6. U23s 1pm ko

    Must admit that when I saw the photo of him at that match I immediately assumed it was to watch Man City U23s rather than Rotherham. If they do indeed want him then he's as good as gone. Absolutely no way we can compete with Man City's academy.
  7. It's when Lee returns to fitness that the real selection headache in midfield begins. Very happy with Bannan and Jones right now though.
  8. Team for Bolton

    Fair enough. But openly calling our manager a racist is crossing a line, and definitely out of order....even if you are just joking.
  9. Team for Bolton

    @Owling Have you had a few ales tonight by any chance? Probably best to go and sleep it off mate.
  10. Team for Bolton

    Wildsmith Palmer-Venancio-Pudil-Fox Boyd-Jones-Abdi-Forestieri Rhodes-Winnall Would love to see Matt Penney make the bench for this too.
  11. Bannan and Jones

    Jones' record at this level speaks for itself. Very valuable member of our squad.
  12. 4 unbeaten.

    8 points from 5 games would be decent. Can't take anything for granted with Burton though. That will be an extremely tough game at their place.
  13. Bannan

    He's been unreal this season so far, Preston aside, but they were all garbage that day. An absolute joy to watch when he is on top of his game.
  14. The Massive today

    Our fans sounded awesome on commentary. Well done to all those that travelled!