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  1. Any new stand needs to be designed with flexible segregation in mind. If it was to be an 8k seater stand and an away team can only bring 1k fans then we need to make sure that we can sell the bulk of the remaining 7k seats to home fans, should the demand be there.
  2. No point spending money tarting up what is already there. We're better off waiting until we get some Prem money, then demolishing the entire West Stand/corner and replacing it with one that is fit for the 21st century.
  3. Completely out of order that we have to take turns moving dates when our home games clash. Priority should naturally be given to the older, bigger, higher placed and better supported club.
  4. He looked so good in the Benfica match back in the summer. I was really looking forward to watching him for us this season. What a bitter disappointment.
  5. Ducking a header is inexcusable for a centre half at any level of the game. He's not been too bad otherwise though so let's not crucify him over it. Fancy him to get a goal now.
  6. It was a fairly difficult chance to be fair. He was stretching and there was a lot of pace on the ball. If he hadn't actually gone for it then it would probably have been a tap in for Wallace who was better placed.
  7. Have we ever failed to win one of these polls when our players are involved?
  8. Guaranteed to move to 4th with a win on Tuesday though. Huddersfield and Reading play each other, with Leeds not playing.
  9. Jonathan Buchan sounded disappointed with that save.
  10. Ref almost did a full Alcock.
  11. There was a lot of talk on here about what Winnall must have been thinking when Rhodes signed, and where that left him in the pecking order. I think it could actually be a good thing for him. Any burden of expectation regarding consistent goals has now shifted to Rhodes (who will take that pressure in his stride), so Winnall can go a little bit more under the radar, as it were. If he keeps up the hard work and chips in with the odd goal like he did last night then I think he'll always have the fans on side.
  12. I was on the Kop last night and must admit that I was a little scared and nervous by how close they were to me. There was literally only the length of the pitch separating us. Frightening to say the least. SAG really need to sort this out and get some more segregation in place.
  13. When you see him in interviews, Jordan comes across as being almost too nice to be a footballer. He's a breath of fresh air.
  14. That's a bloody horrible 5 games coming up for Barnsley.