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  1. Got mine. Online. No problemo.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday’s clash with Sunderland, originally scheduled for Tuesday 15 August, has been pushed back 24 hours. The Owls will now face the Black Cats at Hillsborough on Wednesday 16 August, 7.45pm kick-off. Meanwhile, there has also been a change to the Owls’ Easter fixture with Preston. The S6 meeting was scheduled for Easter Saturday but will now take place on Good Friday (30 March 2018) with a 3.00pm kick-off.
  3. no otherwise they would be offered to fans with high tpp first i would imagine
  4. I see the Carlos outers have surfaced again.
  5. Thats a pretty wild assumption. To assume makes an ass of u and me but mainly u
  6. Wilder ???? He's not even in the top 10 in Sheffield.
  7. Lets face it. Were not not going to better Villas offer of 60k per week plus a £2m bonus if they get promotion.
  8. loved ? past tense he MUST be off then
  9. Will he be flogging his "Hillsborough" table football if he goes.