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  1. the boxer ?
  2. paedophillia isnt just a modern day scourge. im sure there were sickos about in the 50's,60's and 70's but for some reason it didn't create the headlines it does today i blame the internet
  3. He's changed colour ? wow !
  4. Cloudy... with a chance of meatballs
  5. Got mine yesterday.
  6. Ding dong .......
  7. I will have a word with you know who then..
  8. Will it make to to wednesday pm sales ?
  9. You know what i love.......
  10. where were the brass section when we played Reading ? At f'kin headingley supporting Leeds Rhinos thats where Hemmo and his cronies were
  11. any guesses on how many ? ive purchased my train ticket for this so hoping to get a ticket.
  12. ^^^^^^ cant argue much with that post
  13. You bought it on yourselves by giving dirty Leeds such a huge allocation. There was always going to be trouble with that bunch of Neanderthals. And the result of this is a reduced allocation for us so more segregation can be put in place.