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  1. Northern Monkeys

    what's unnatural ? I'm intrigued
  2. let him have 90 min v Bolton he will score tomorrow night if he's selected
  3. Get ready for someone saying. "He didn't ask him tho"
  4. All Rhodes lead to L***s

    Not sure but maybe someone will have mentioned it in the 6 page other Rhodes to Leeds thread
  5. No Winnall today

    No Winnall today he's picked Fletcher to play Fernandos on the bench This made my buttocks clench No Winnall today he's stuck on the parkway But people passing by don't know the reason why
  6. Hemmingham to Leeds

    I bet he's already there...... Leeds Rhinos
  7. Hemmingham to Leeds

    He's up and down every week in't he trumpet hussey
  8. well, not a competition as there's no prizes
  9. Fulham Tho!

  10. Happiness and Joy

    Another great pic
  11. Winnall to Leeds

    We won yesterday. In typical fashion on owlstalk, a win HAS to be followed by a post suggesting either player unrest/selling a player/manager out* *delete as appropriate
  12. Boyd

    Played well yesterday. Hope that helps.