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  1. I got one at the end including Carlos playing the crowd. Will try to upload it when I get home.
  2. Cba to orientate iif they're wrong.
  3. One of them dropped ten bob.
  4. Finally made it to the station hotel. Wawaw
  5. You cant beat a good grammar correction
  6. Aaaaasrrgghhhhh trains taking an age to get to Ipswich.
  7. Delays on train. Loads of wednesday milling around at Peterborough. Now on train to Cambridge. Change for Ipswich. ETA 13:15.
  8. Stupid rail network. Delays caused me to miss my connection at Peterborough. On a train to Cambridge now. Change there for Ipswich. ETA at Ipswich now 13:15.
  9. If you prefer a cheap pork pie. Aldi do four for a Quid enjoy.
  10. James Martin does the menu.
  11. That's why I bought my own. Tight virgin.
  12. I perhaps don't mention it enough.
  13. Yes. I'd not thought of that.
  14. I like to travel in style. Im not partaking of the food tho. I have multi award winning pork pie. And a 4 pack of punk IPA.