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  1. Just out of interest, how have we arrived at 60% ?
  2. Understand the general need for FFP.... However, the Top flight is nothing more than a cartel.
  3. Chance for the lad to sharpen up. If he looks like he might do a job then I'm sure Carlos will have him back. If not he might impress his hosts and get a permanent deal. We can't lose either way. Few times I did see him play I liked what I saw. Sods law he got injured
  4. Every person I know abbreviates us to a simple and classic "Wednesday" anyway.
  5. True. Think the point is though. .. how many of those clubs in there seem to have gained 10 thousand+ fans since then. No reason we couldn't do the same with regular Premier League football and top household International players on the books.
  6. Surely some sort of error here!! Newcastle only averaging 21 thousand. Everyone knows that 'The most loyal fans in the world' TM have always turned up in numbers of over 50,000 every single week with another 20,000 locked out- since the club's inception!
  7. Not sure, but notice ourselves, Oldham and West Ham are in blue and we were the 3 sides promoted the year before
  8. Me too. Though with applause there is no chance of any morons ruining the moment as I once witnessed when the pigs started chanting half way through a silence. Sad but true.
  9. Which reminds me of another point. With a lot of foreign players being touted you often hear how much they fancy a London club. Not sure that was as big a factor at one time.
  10. Crikey, Portsmouth and Southampton folks won't be happy about being lumped in together!!
  11. After that horror anything else can't hurt more.
  12. Reach's price tag won't be weighing the lad down. Grumbling from ourselves might though eventually. I can only hope the lad is some sort of luddite technophobe, because 10 minutes on line and he'd probably really start feeling the pressure. I'll readily admit that I was hoping to see more from the boy in an attacking sense. A natural left peg on the left combined with my love of dinosaur football - getting crosses in, meant I was keen to see him. He hasn't done that as much I'd have liked. But ....let's be right here, you don't have to be a footballing genius to see that the lad is running his blood to water every outing he gets. His shirt is drenched every game with all the charging about. With our 442 were often outnumbered in midfield and those lads in there are getting through an absolutley incredible amount of defensive work. I'd like to see him more advanced and concentrating on just attacking, and I've no doubt the lad feels the same himself. But at the moment he's been given a a different sort of job to do for the team and he's doing it. He might not like it. We might not like it. But hes part of s jigsaw at the minute that is getting results. Good on him.
  13. Since then the new Pope has died, and been replaced with another new Pope. Who also died. Still. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of Carlos after tea. Though he was giving me the creeps a bit after the Huddersfield game when he kept talking about sterilising them!
  14. It was Wilkinson who signed him for L**ds. I do take the point about us never having really splashed the cash though at times when we could have pushed on. That said, there is some irony that when we did, Trevor, Pleat and Wilson spunked some real big money (for the time ) which almost finished us.