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  1. How do I apply to be one of these advisors?
  2. We've got the players. We've got some momentum. We've a charismatic manager. Spiksley has been doing his voodoo. We've signed the best Championship Finisher in History. And yet the stars won't align.... We're missing that extra ingredient needed for the magic to happen. Mr Chansiri , is apparently a superstitious man .... Then he better than anyone should have twigged by now the missing ingredient... ..Someone should tell him....
  3. Remain convinced. (Or at least am trying to con myself ) that it's all a master plan by Chansiri Causing a stir. Judging the mood. Then before the season starts he's going to drop the bomb with another Wednesday video revealing he had secretly being planning to bring back the magic all along.
  4. And to be honest....subliminally I think the players would feel 'more Wednesday'. I think the unconcious parts of the supporters brain would automatically kick in and make them more vociferous in their support. The electric connection of 25,000 souls and the 11 on the pitch pulling together as one.
  5. I think a clubs kit (the home one at least) should be identifiable as that clubs strip. Look at this Milan shirt that Russy posted in the kit thread in the non wednesday pages. It's simple. It's got no weeing about features. If you took the badge off and sponsors off you'd still know it was Milan. I just think we should have a Wednesday that could be applied to the same test. Simple and bold and instantly identifiable as 'Sheffield Wednesday'
  6. Quite so. That said. We've a far more Competitive squad this season just gone, and yet looked less cohesive. We all look at talent as the markers, and rightly so, but a collection of the right sort of charachters is just as important. I just get the impression from the other players that he's a big presence behind the scenes. You know what I mean?
  7. I think Nuhiu offers far more defending set pieces than Joao. The number of times he's come on and almost his first involvement is to defend a corner has been too many too mention. Infact I've half a mind that's been on of the main reasons he get thrown on.
  8. ..Unless you switch system , And play them as a three
  9. Sod it. Lets get both
  10. So close last year..... it only needed the subtlest of changes .. It's not rocket science to see what is needed to make the stars align....
  11. Plus three incorrectly scrubbed out by referees. The one at Bolton still annoys me even now!
  12. And old Stevie May got 7 goals in 27 league games for us, in the most defensive side of many a year and with a much less talented midfield behind him , and he was lambasted on these pages by some as one of the worst strikers to ever pull on the shirt...
  13. I'd certainly like to think so. Bit where do we stand with the spending and rules etc etc. I mean, it has to be presumed that better quality replacement are going to cost fees ...or higher wages than the men we replace. Unless it's just squad fillers for squad fillers. Lachman out.... Lachman MK2 in.....?
  14. The released list has been and gone. Four or five in says Mr Carvalhal. Will these be squad players...but ones....who might fit the system better than the ones going. .....or do we think they'll be first team regulars? Maybe not a revolution Carlos, but 5 new players in a a starting 11 is not far off in footballing terms. Centre half, winger and central midfield beast seems to be the accepted areas that require strengthening amongst us Owl stalkers. But what of the other slot/s? Another striker? Surely not going I to a season with 8 on the books? Unless ones for the chop?
  15. True. As have they all. I still think a there is a practical need for some form of reserve team football, and not just having the odd over age cameo to help the kids out.