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  1. The winning design by Karl has one thing that so many modern designers seem to find hard to fathom. Simplicity= class. We've had so many kits over the years with various additional gubbings that it's nice to see something bold. Karl has designed a kit which has cut out any unnecessary fussiness. More of the same I say. While the club has his details they could do far worse than ask to use his home kit design ready for our 150th. Good work that man. Keep it up!
  2. I remember the impact young Humpreys had when he broke into the team. I really thought we had a wee little star on out hands. Seem to remember he got glandular fever or some such and was never quite the same chap...for us at least. Great composed finish here.
  3. Fine margins. Still. Shocking he misses the penalty. I never trust a referee whose name I remember!! Probert is on that list!
  4. Oh, I get that. But that's the old 1980's "Offside is offside" though isn't it. Have they gone back to that old school rule? Done away with interfering or not? Or that one where they said it was only if you went for it? Can't keep up
  5. I think both Hunt and Fox are just about level where you pause it. As for the offside. .. Someone may have to explain it to me again. Active, not active , interfering with play, not interfering, first phase , second phase. I can barely keep off. All I do know is he wasn't off when the ball was actually played to him
  6. It is possible to be miserable without moaning though isn't it.
  7. From his position he clearly has a good veiw of the pull on Hunt. Anywhere else on the pitch he'd give the foul
  8. aston-villa-2-0-sheffield-wednesday
  9. Carlos alluded to the fact a few weeks ago that he had been after a centre back but the ones he was looking at weren't available or were crazy money.
  10. Two bad lates ones. The one In the first half I suspect was the one that has done some damage.
  11. Superb Pauli! injuries piling up. But when a door closes on one player it opens to another. Chances for chaps to stake a claim. Up to them to do so. Can see Bazza finding the net today and have a sneaky feeling that Winnall will bag and have a good game back on home soil back in brum. Probably have a few family coming to watch. 3-1 Wednesday Bannan Winnall Rhodes
  12. Last time I attempted this player rating malarky it ended up being a sermon. But I'm trying again and trying not to blather on too much this time! Westwood 7.5 - Usual standard top class goalkeeping. Hunt 6.5 - Worked hard. Looked switched onto defensive play which has often been my criticism of him at times saw him tonight follow a couple of ones twos which in the past would have caught him ball watching. Pleased to see the lad coming into some form. Couple of excellent block tackles. not as effective going forward tonight. But won a lot of headers against a powerful unit on his side of the pitch. Loovens 6.5 - Very steady. Very assured. Sometimes so relaxed that he gives me a heart attack. But that's just how he is. Couple of the old school Loovens slow motion backpasses and I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what the chap was thinking when he covered out in the right back position in the first half, read the game brilliantly to get there.....and then bizarrely played a blind back heel into no mans land. Sometimes I do wonder if he gets a bit bored and likes to inject a bit of drama into precedings. Who knows. They can be quirky characters these chaps from the flatlands. Sasso 6.6 - I'd wager that Sasso has had more possession of a football tonight than the rest of his entire career tallied together. It seemed that he was almost permanently in possession for large parts of the first half. Everytime I turned away and turned back there was number 39 with the ball. Another with that laid back look. Slightly too laid back at times for my liking. I like the lad. Think he's come in and done well this year. But he worries me at times. Always feel there's a Warhurst style rick in there not far from the surface. But yes, he did ok tonight. . Won his headers, well most of them, that knack of stepping back at the last minute to try and taking it down does have my heart my mouth. But yes. All right the boy. Do think that him and Glenn sometimes get a bit mixed up in their communication. Just get the impression that there isn't always the clearest of directions between them. But the lads a fill in so bound to happen from time to time. Fox 6.5 - Plenty of endeavour. Waited for the ball a couple of times instead of coming to meet it , which led to a couple of hairy moments and a couple of free kicks later on. Tried to get some delivery in, though not with that much quality. Overall a steady performer and that's no bad thing in a defender of his age. Wallace 7 - I thought he was the player most likely to make something happen tonight even before the goal. He has a confidence and swagger to him. Combined with a little bit of the devil. Was quite disappointing that he had to go off. Y;know there is part of me that would like to see Ross given some time in the middle in some games. Sometimes he's just got that little spark that the others don't have. Of course you'd have to pick and choose when to do it. But there are times when I think he could go in there and float about and be a real pain in the backside. Jones 7 - Best I have seen from the Jones boy. Moved the ball on , got a foot in and got a lot of interceptions in. Seemed a bit sloppy on the half turn. Couple of a loose touches and a couple under the boot. But he's not had a regular run and midfield is the hardest place to play. Does seem to be slightly one geared. But he worked as a good ticker today keeping things moving along. Won a couple of vital headers too. Couple of times chasing back he was having a nibble from the wrong side of the man which worries me as it gives cheats the opportunity to throw themselves down. Overall though,yes, Best I've seen of him. Don't think he'll retain his shirt. But hopefully will prove a useful tool whilst Hutchinson is being rested. (It's his arms! I've just twigged. It's his arms that put me about. They move in an odd manner. Which makes for a slightly odd running gait. Doesn't seem to affect the boys play. Just makes me uneasy now and again.) Bannan 7- Looking a bit more like his old self. 3 attempts on goal in the first half. Clearly feeling a bit more free and confident in being allowed to play a bit further forward. Dallied at times, though I do think that is because he was waiting for a bit more movement from some of his team mates. Looked like he was prompting and wanting someone to move. Forestieri 6.5 - The fouls which he is often victim too clearly are getting on the boys wick. As they are mine. The fouls might not win us free kicks (most refs seem blind to the dark arts of the average second division defender when it comes to Fernando) but the fouls do clearly have an effect in that sometimes I think it can effect his decision making. Sometimes there will be a little pass on and he might ignore it try and beat an extra man to get a shot off because he is so desperate to score to stick the rods up to his marker. Couple of times he had a cute little cut ball on to Rhodes and Reach and he's come in and run at someone. Which I'm not slagging, it's fine margins, but I think that is the haunches being raised that does that to him. Winnall 6 - Lots of effort. Put himself about. Think he's having to find his way with us. Doesn't seem to have 100% clicked in. But the work ethic is good. I don't think his movement was as good as I have seen from him previously but there's wasn't that much room. He clearly has a big part to play. Funnily enough I thought the way we played just after he had come off would have suited him down to the ground! But that's sods law. Rhodes 6.5 - I hadn't realised until the boy came here just what a good header of the ball Rhodes is. Any chump can head a ball given a half decent height and a half decent jump. (One need only remember Andy Pearce, who won loads of headers, but which were a lottery as to where they would end up) To make a header is one thing. To direct headers is a different matter entirely. And this lad can. He can actually pass a ball better with his head than some lads we've had in recent history could with their feet! I digress... So many times I glanced at him and saw him ready to pounce, on the shoulder, dropping off into his markers blind spot - pointing to where he wanted the ball....and it just didn't come/ (as an aside, you don't see near enough pointing in the modern game!) It's always going to be the case with the old inside out wingers though....by the time they have chopped back inside on their better foot the poor sod is having to come back deeper and get onside again, the initial run is wasted. The difference in the threat he looked when FF briefly went Right wing after the substitution and Reach went left was marked. SUBSTITUTES-: Reach 7.5 - MOM Really? Man of the match on a 20 odd minute cameo? Well, for me, yes. He showed the reason why we signed him tonight. Of course, in someways it's easier to come on as a sub when the game is getting a bit stretched at the end. When the gaffer calls you over and says "Go on and get at em son." Rather than being bogged down with instruction like starting XI players often are. But nevertheless, the lad came on and did very well. Looked to find space , beat a man. Put a cross in or get a shot away. Looked positive in his running. And was progressive in his movement with and without the ball. Did look slightly crestfallen when the signal came across to move to left back. And given the torrid time he was giving the dreadful Dwarf Brayford I'm not surprised to be honest. He looked like toasting him everytime. Fletcher 5 - I like Fletchs' hold up play. I think he's very useful at it. I think he still has a part to play. But do think it will -or should be in my eyes - mainly when we're on the road and it is us that is looking for the ball to stick up front when we are playing on the counter. He's a striker to me who, if you are going to have him in the match day squad you start him, as I don't see him being the type to come on and do something from the bench. Buckley n/a No time to really make much of an impression. Will be interesting to see what he can do in the coming weeks now he's nearing fitness.
  13. Given that they have spent 59 of their 67 years in the non league I imagine it's a wonderful time to be a Burton fan.
  14. Ironically I think the way we finished the game banging plenty of crosses into the box would have suited Winnall coming off the bench more than Fletcher who likes to hold it up and link it. Hindsight though.
  15. To be honest, given some of the performances over the season I thought tonight was all right. Dominated the second half. One chance goes in I could have seen us getting a couple more. Credit where it is due. Burton defended for their lives tonight.