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  1. No problem him sitting deep and being a breaker if we put Abdi and Bannan in front of him But that would be to risk upsetting one of our big money forwards
  2. Which position would you put him in? Wallaces right wing and centre midfield position Or Reaches left wing, central midfield and left back in one role
  3. 3-4-1-2 4-3-3 3-5-2 4-2-3-1 4-1-4-1 3-3-1-3 Anything. Absolutley anything to stop our players running themselves silly chasing shadows. Throw eleven stones in the air and pick whatever formation they land in. But God's sake ditch this limiting 4-4-2 The 4-4-2 which is making our forwards frustrated Which is knackering our outnumbered centre midfielders Which is bludgeoning our wide players creativity with too much defensive work
  4. Centre mid off - centre mid on Striker off - striker on What's changed. Very little. Same system , same tactics, same formation. It's all the same, only the names that change.
  5. I know we should care too much about what the opposition do. But there has to be a basic nod given to the simple maths of it. And what people are physically capable of. I don't think our system allows our wingers to be wingers. They're too busy worrying and running. It was ok in the old days when everybody played 4-4-2. But a lot of teams don't now. You can't ignore it. Yes Leicester won thw title. With it. But in Drinkwater and Kante they had two of the busiest b'stards I've ever seen. Remarkable superhuman fitness desire and energy. We DO NOT HAVE A KANTE! Can you imagine in the 1990's if we asked players to do what we ask Reach and Wallace to do... Jesus H Christ. Can imagine this with Chris Waddle. "Chris, Man United are playing three in the middle today Keane, Ince and Robson. Shez and Calton are outnumbered. So when the ball goes in there I want you to sprint in 20 yards off the wing and help mark Keane.. try and tackle him if you can. If you cant and they then pop it out to Giggs I want you to then sprint back 35 yards diagonally chasing Irwin to help Roland out with overlap. Then , when we do get the ball I want you to sprint 60 yards back up the pitch and put in an inch perfect ball. I want you to do that every week. Ta" "Wouldn't it make more sense to stick Graham Hyde in with Carlton and Shez and let me concentrate on destroying the full back?" "Erm.No."
  6. He's usually having to make up 15 yards after having to go inside and then go back outside.
  7. One 4-4-2 manager for another 4-4-2 manager. .
  8. Not a great game. That said he's asked to do a dirty job playing both left midfield and centre midfield at the same time. Perhaps Mr Chansiri should invest in a flux capacitor and fo and get another Reach help put the original. The poor b'stard. Or maybe 3 of them as he also ends up covering left full back to a lot of the time. Its all odd though isn't it ...because he looked a useful player for Preston in a 4-3-3 at both outside left and full back. Wonder what has happened here.
  9. But then who will help out Hutch and Co in the middle when they are outnumbered. ....week after week.....after week...after week. ..
  10. Exactly. Ex-bloody-actly. We have gone striker crazy since last season. Non of them seemingly capable of playing a system which suits out midfield. We have 'transferred' ourselves into a formation black hole.
  11. We could do that. Bring in McManaman......and then ask him to charge about like a goon dipping into midfield to help Hutch and Co cope with the overload. Then when he doesn't achieve anything we ca stick another player in and do the same. And someone else and do the same. And again And again As long as we keep our 4-4 fuckinng outnumbered in the middle b*stard -2 and wear our players into the floor chasing shadows. *Sorry. L**ds. It does this to me.
  12. Two in the middle every week and every week outnumbered 3-2 by the opposites. Reach or Wallace tuck in to help out and the opposites ping the ball out wide and our full backs are outnumbered 2-1 and Reach and Wallace are having to bust their balls to get back out wide. Two wingers (both who get slagged off for not doing anything) are running about like blue arsed flies chasing shadows because our tactics refuse to include basic primary school level mathematics. Same when we attack. We have he possession. ..but we alway go backward because the opposites outnumber us and close the gaps. They let us have it. Soon as we're near their last third they are in and 'bang' they hit us. Then we get frustrated and start humping the long ball.
  13. That my point aero. It's the same plan as it's been all season. 4-4-2 and hope one of our big name signings produces a moment of magic from nothing. We're outnumbered in midfield every week. We make like for like subs every week. I love Carlos. I'm a clapper. But by god please mix things up a bit. 3-5-2 ... 4-2-3-1........4-3-3.....4-5-1.....4-1-4-1.....3-3-1-3.......anything. Anything to stop us being bummed in the middle. Forest. Two moments of genius. We're relying on genius. You can't do that. Abdi, Hutch, Bannan. ..start all three in the middle..
  14. Game Plan 4-4-2 Rely on moments of individual brilliance
  15. Ironically Monks sub in putting roofe on might even midfield up a bit for us...