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  1. I'd certainly like to think so. Bit where do we stand with the spending and rules etc etc. I mean, it has to be presumed that better quality replacement are going to cost fees ...or higher wages than the men we replace. Unless it's just squad fillers for squad fillers. Lachman out.... Lachman MK2 in.....?
  2. The released list has been and gone. Four or five in says Mr Carvalhal. Will these be squad players...but ones....who might fit the system better than the ones going. .....or do we think they'll be first team regulars? Maybe not a revolution Carlos, but 5 new players in a a starting 11 is not far off in footballing terms. Centre half, winger and central midfield beast seems to be the accepted areas that require strengthening amongst us Owl stalkers. But what of the other slot/s? Another striker? Surely not going I to a season with 8 on the books? Unless ones for the chop?
  3. True. As have they all. I still think a there is a practical need for some form of reserve team football, and not just having the odd over age cameo to help the kids out.
  4. I have no issue at all with booting the ball into the back of the stand. Brought up that way myself. And I never said that he shouldn't have booted it out as far as I know....? I think I said that decision making and mental sharpness can become rusty through match practise...
  5. I'd argue that judgement and decision making , mental sharpness and thinking in the game , is as equally likely to get rusty as first touch and match legs. The footballing brain needs to be kept as peak as the feet.
  6. This.^^ Summed up perfectly. He's very much the new breed of wide player used to being given attacking freedom.
  7. I like the lad. As others have alluded to, he players the ball out quicker from the back the other two and his willingness to drive into midfield with the ball creates a "go to him or stay with your man?" Quandary for the opposition. Couple of wee wee tail ups, but who doesn't drop a rick now and again. Coming into a promotion changing team at the drop of a hat when not getting any regular football to retain sharpness because of the dissolution of reserve team football isn't easy for any player. Well worth signing back on. Still need another centre half though in that department and have done for some time IMO
  8. True. He's..Crazy
  9. Terrific player for the club. A superb anchor to the midfield, especially in the 'Mind the gap' season. In these days of players who live in world's so far removed from the fan base he was like glimpse to the past. Always made time for the supporters and this, combined with his no nonsense, never say die attitude no doubt helped create a strong bond between player and fan that I haven't seen for many, many years.
  10. Two strikers, two out and out wingers with searing pace who burst the by line and put in 15 crosses per hallf, 4-2-4, 15p for a pint of mild.
  11. Make or break for the lad. Bags of potential but at 23 it's coming to the stage where football suddenly 'clicks' with him or it doesn't I feel. Maybe a full loan this year and see how he does at a club playing week in an week out.
  12. Tell you what. I'll let you tackle those lot , I'll tackle Gail McKenna ...
  13. I think that man has long gone. His soul is crushed. He's nothing but a dusty husk where a man used to be. And as for agreeing pre-match to boot the ball out in the 26th minute to let John Terry have that farcical walk about, tunnell of love, farewell etc etc etc Good God above!
  14. I think he's had a rough time of late. That said , it shows in his pallid death mask of a face, and I don't think we can risk that haunted face and its soul crushed milky eyes upsetting the lads.