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  1. Made a difference for sure.
  2. Won a few loose balls early on and moved the ball okay, unlucky to be subbed especially to put Bazza there who ran away from a few loose balls and moved the ball much slower. Why Jones wasn't left doing his natural role and Bazza subbed baffles me.
  3. Got in the Championship team of the season playing left midfield and further up the pitch too. Last season if he'd had his scoring boots on he could have had an even better goal return. Wasted holding back playing one pass forward and out of the game or slow sideways balls. I'd have left Jones doing what he was doing and took Bazza off for Buckley. It's poor that with Hooper and Fletcher up top that were not getting balls into the box earlier.
  4. We've got Steven Fletcher He's named after bread He plays up front and scores our goals With a big gash on has heed. Coyt removed from peg.
  5. Yes I agree all this should there for all to see on the official site and if/when we get a new stadium we should have our history on show. Dunsby is one of if not the best poster on here and his stuff is always good.
  6. Good positioning today, quick ball and allows Bazza and Lee to do what they do best. If he can win the ball against better teams in there he's just what we needed.
  7. Yeah got to agree about his distribution but never been his strong point tbf, and I was saying same about that free kick, should never had gone to him. He's winning the battles in the air again though and that's his strong point. As you say a clean sheet is only gonna help his confidence.
  8. Fantastic show of solidarity for our chairman, his family and country.Whether or not all understand it or agreed with it it shows what we're all about. I think there is a real connection between Mr Chansiri and all things Sheffield Wednesday. Good times.
  9. If he plays he will get his share of the goals. As above some Ace runs first half but didn't get the ball to him quick enough. Well done Hoops.
  10. To be fair Lees is looking like his old self and won his battles today. Happy days.
  11. Ace game from Sammy, won everything that came near him and those 2 tackles were mega. Love his comedy quick free kicks when he pretends he's gonna take a quick un then laughs at the opposites, saw him and Bazza have a good laugh at that today. The lad loves his football and it shows every time he plays.
  12. Won everything in there today and Jones gives Bazza and Lee the freedom they need to play their best. QPR tried to play through our midfield for most of the game and got nowt and when they did go long Hutch and Lees won everything. Super dooper with a winner from Hooper
  13. Looked poor and didn't win a thing today but that's a credit to us. Took them 80mins to realise they couldn't play through our midfield and I thought Jones was a big part in that.
  14. Good end to the week and sure we will kick on now. Well played the lads.