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  1. I'd go for loovens. experienced and will play every game when fit. The whole back 4 plays better when he's in it. Can't be a coincidence.
  2. Hooper. Classy finisher and we play better when he is in the side.
  3. Westwood hunt lees loovens fox boyd lee bannan reach fletcher hooper
  4. FF

    That's owlstalk finished then.
  5. Looks pretty genuine
  6. Bugger, they are all leaving
  7. Because if we didn't Westwood would likely not have signed a contract extension.
  8. They could have gone with Shellfield United. Dem blades will be marching down to cbeebies head office with that gormless bell end Sean Bean any minute now.
  9. Our best player
  10. Thanks for the memories
  11. No we would offer him a new deal
  12. That's enough about owlstalk
  13. Why is he? Just his opinion
  14. Remember Duncan Ferguson just bouncing off Emerson Thome