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  1. Backed Draw HT / Wednesday FT & 2-0 to us.
  2. This thread. On a side note; the OP does live in Chile.
  3. No way on God's green earth will it be called off. Don't want another monumental fk up like the re-arranged Charlton match, thanks very much.
  4. Good stuff. Had to watch it in private in case I couldn't keep it together! Get a grip man, ffs!
  5. How can you not love OT with threads like this?
  6. If

    I was expecting a photo of Kojak
  7. I thought your username was a clue
  8. You have got to be watching daytime tv ffs......
  9. Cottee fancies us, says big crowd equals pressure but we got more firepower. Winterburn as vague as fk, but mentioned Fulham again!
  10. So far. Stam is good. Reading are good. Fulham are still good.
  11. That is all. Mainly because it's not come on yet.
  12. Aaaah. Sounds like the radar has lowered & the spotlights are sweeping wider than SW London. All the 'experts' & gobshytes choosing us now are they? We chose us in August so get the fk off our bandwagon. Sheffield Wednesday are a machine, don't ya know?!
  13. A Wallace screamer. It's overdue.......................
  14. That was a great read LMC. I need you cool. Are you cool?! BANG, CRASH. I'm cool.
  15. Quality omdt as per usual. That it should come to this, 283 days since we beat Villa at home, one match decides our season. I can't pretend to be bricking it when I'm not. Got a steady day ahead. Have a shave, walk into Rotherham to meet our lass for a coffee at dinner. Pick 2 oldest granddaughters up from school & take them out for their tea. Just a normal Wednesday. I honestly thought when we finished 4th it was for the best. We are Hudders bogey team. I sincerely believe we'll win. Can't feel mega nerves cos they just aren't there. CC & the team are on a mission to put last year right imo. Keep the faith. We won't let them down & I don't think they will us either. It's our time. UTO!