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  1. " be nice to tie up a play-off spot, with a win at Burton"
  2. Good post. The mention of cusp always reminds me of Dave Spikey's classic. He was born on the cusp of Leo & Capricorn, which makes him a leprechaun.
  3. Bump. Hoping all went well, 2 days on. Is anybody on here mates with Key, who might have some factual info on how he is?
  4. I plussed the OP simply for calling his other half; Mrs she used to be sc_owl
  5. Nice to see Brentford 4th in form table. Fulham's next opponents.
  6. All the best mate. That's serious shiz. Football way down the priorities in relation. I'd take a loss if it means you're ok. Hopefully win / win. UTO
  7. Quality omdt which defies all logic. The Nugent family have a lot to answer for. Don't believe in bogey teams anymore. The previous ones have been rolled & flicked this season & the sheeps will be too. 2-1 to us. Hanging on for last 20 mins. Again!
  8. The 4th point sums up how ridiculous it all is. Were SAG in existence for the Wycombe game? More to the point, where was all the netting stored for this match?!
  9. I'd play same starting XI but swap Hunt for Palmer. He was poor at QPR. Bring FF on when they're tiring. Keeps him fit & scares their defenders. CC has clear tactics now. Hang on to any lead to win at all costs. Can't fault him. Give me 3 more ugly Cardiff games & let the rest fight over 6th.
  10. Did ZZ Top ever get a run out at S6?
  11. Shouldn't Alan Aardvark be first?
  12. I'd also go after that right back at Forest. Mr Lick Hadge or Lee High or however you say it.
  13. Travel Agent Jordan Rhodes Both sunny & cheap.
  14. Mixer driver? How big are the pies?!