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  1. Tend to agree with the OP. Promoted teams often have a bit of momentum early on. We certainly did when we came up, Barnsley & Burton's strong starts were key to their season last season. I can see United in particular, starting the season with a few wins. But as the games continue to come, and those results become harder to get, that momentum slows. The opposite often happens with relegated sides. Both Villa & Newcastle had slow starts. Villa's start defined their season, whereas Newcastle managed to overcome it quickly.
  2. He went there as cover for the best left back in the division, who has just got himself a move to the Championship. Hardly shows he's not "ready", there's that word again!, for League One.
  3. Source: @ITFC_academy
  4. On loan. Then what? Come back, and sit in the reserves again. We've had this cycle for years...they go on loan...and are still not seen. The only player's who have had any sort of development opportunity are Palmer & Wildsmith. And Palmer has had to change position to get a chance.
  5. How many youngster's are "ready" for the level they make they debuts at? It's called development for a reason. Players develop to the standard they are playing. To me, they are places in the squad, that could go to development players, that are going for expensive squad players. Have we not got anyone who could've played the role Semedo played late on it in the season? Have we not got a left back that could've contributed like Morgan Fox has? Have we not got a right back that could've replaced Palmer? Was signing Winall really wise, considering the minutes he's played, when we have one of the in-form young strikers in the country, banging them in at every level he plays at? I'm not for one minute saying, we should start next season with 3-4 development players as first team regulars. But we have a big squad...we have space to utilise our development players (our future?) better.
  6. To be fair, this is an area we need to improve. I read something somewhere the other day, that showed we had the least amount of minutes played by Under 22's throughout the whole Championship. As a club, we've been banging the drum about developing an academy that'll produce players for the first team, and currently, it's yielding absolutely nothing. Wildsmith & Hirst I think are the only two who have made any appearances...and Hirst's was a token gesture. Yeah, there's an argument about the need for the now, and the importance of gaining promotion. But, three teams will gain promotion having played more kids than we have. And, we've tried for two years to gain promotion disregarding the kids completely, and we've yet to achieve anything. I'm not for one minute advocating just chucking kids in, because they're kids. But we've just won the double at U23 level, and the U18's won their league as well I think...we clearly have some youngsters with talent. How and when do they get an opportunity? Because they won't if we do achieve promotion, and we're a Premier League side.
  7. Without doubt, he'd be a good solid signing, and one who would tick the "dominant central midfielder" box that a lot of fans have indicated a need for. However, he, like Hutchinson, Bannan, Abdi...isn't a 4-4-2 central midfielder. He's a player who fits into a 4-2-3-1, and can play either the double divot role, or has he has done for Huddersfield when Izzy Brown's been injured, played the more advanced, number 10 role. He'd give us some flexibility in the centre, and is perhaps an upgrade on Bannan. I've seen plenty of games this season, where he has totally dominated games with his physicality, and he is very good on the ball as well. I suspect he'll get a gig in the Premier League, but if he is available again, it wouldn't surprise me if we were in for him. However, he'd be yet another wasted signing, if he arrived, and we continued to play 4-4-2 in my opinion.
  8. Joao, without doubt, has the potential to become a top, top player. At times, he has looked a really good player...almost unplayable when confident and on song. Unfortunately, he's become a victim of our scattergun transfer policy...and as a result, simply hasn't had a look in. I'm a big fan of Nuhiu...but Joao is a better option than him. As for Winnall...not fit, technically, to lace Joao's boots. The OP has got a point. Potentially, Joao could be a very similar player to Kodija, and should be have the type of impact, Abraham has had for Bristol. I know a lot of fans have wrote him off, but for me, we'd be crazy to let him go (on loan or permanently). Lose Winnall and Nuhiu, and let's go into the season with Hooper, Fletcher, Joao & Rhodes as our four strikers.
  9. The new one doesn't look great, but compared to the current abomination, it's brilliant. Very rarely go on our official site these days, because it's a pain in the backside to navigate around. Change much needed.
  10. Speculating here, but I don't think he'd cost a bomb. Burton aren't a club that would command a ludicrous fee like some clubs. They'll be very aware that Irvine's stock could well be at it's highest. If he has a poor season next season, and Burton are relegated, he'll be worth little more than they paid for him. £2-3m and I reckon you'd get him.
  11. I can accept people criticising Carlos' decisions in last years Playoff final, and this season's Semi Final, but why is it as simple as bottling it? I find the fact he made the same mistake twice, unbelievable, but it's an issue he has always had with Hutchinson and his own intent on playing a 4-4-2. But I can't call it bottling it. And I'm not sure how Hughton could be accused of bottling it last season against ourselves?!
  12. Let's be honest... without any signings (in fact the same side that started against Huddersfield!), and lining up like this, we'd be a lot more balanced looking side: -----------------------------Westwood----------------------------------- Hunt---------------Lees--------------------Loovens--------------Pudil ------------------------------Hutchinson---------------------------------- -------------------Bannan-------------------Lee-------------------------- Wallace---------------------------------------------------------Forestieri --------------------------------Fletcher------------------------------------- It won't take a lot to this get this from really firing. The issues, are already stated, our staggeringly overstocked forward options, and Carlos' apparent stubbornness to keep playing 4-4-2 and shoehorning his "best" players into it.
  13. We signed Jones in August!
  14. Think you're scraping the bottom of barrel if you think Bullen is to blame. Carlos has a strong team around him, of which Bullen is part of.
  15. Out of the current squad: Emanualson Melo Dielna Lachmann Semedo McGugan All those are fairly straight forward decisions. They're either out of contract or available to leave, and if they can find a club, will be granted a free transfer. Then it gets a little more bold, and brave, I think Matias might go...but, I still think there's a really good player in him, if he can get on top of his injury problems. But it's a big if. I honestly believe he has the ability and flair to be a Knockaert/Mahrez type of player, if given the opportunity. But, it could just be a case of, wrong club, wrong time for Matias and Sheffield Wednesday. Liam Palmer would be made available for me. Isn't good enough to nail down a first team spot, and if a squad filler. Been a good servant, but he needs to go and find regular football elsewhere. I'd also do the same with Pudil, but I can't see him leaving. It'd be harsh on him, as he's done alright (nothing more) this season, but I feel like it's a position we can and should strengthen in the summer. Fox is young enough to provide cover and have potential to step up long term. Pudil has got one, maximum 2 years left at this level. Then the rest of the squad I'd leave alone, barring the shambolic striking situation. Out of Forestieri, Hooper, Fletcher, Nuhiu, Winnall, Rhodes and Joao, we have to get rid of at least two you'd say. Hooper is the best striker in the club, Forestieri is something different (although perhaps dispensable if a decent bid comes in for him), Fletcher has done alright this year, can improve and is proven at the next level up, and Rhodes...well...has been underwhelming to be kind...but has just cost us £10m! So that leaves Nuhiu, Joao and Winnall. For me, Winnall is the obvious one to go. Has been poor, he's technically lacking, has struggled in the tight spaces Wednesday play in, and would be a very sell-able asset to get our money back and more. Winnall will score goals in the the right side, but Wednesday under Carlos isn't that side (unless something drastic changes!). The next option is tough...Nuhiu or Joao. I'd err towards Nuhiu, just because of his limitations, and the fact he isn't going to get any better now. Joao, very much like Matias, I'm convinced there's a really good player in there. And I'm convinced if we get rid of him, he'll go elsewhere, scores goals for fun and be sold for a lot of money. Joao is only young, has pace, trickery, and the potential to strengthen and become a very good all round striker. My issue with getting rid of Nuhiu, is we then have no Plan B striker. No one who can come on and give centre halves something else to think about...unless Joao moulds himself into that sort of striker. If we got rid of Nuhiu, would we need to bring in, another target man?! That would leave a squad of: GK Westwood Wildsmith Dawson DR Hunt DL Fox DC Lees Loovens Sasso (Hutchinson) MC (Hutchinson) Bannan Lee Jones Abdi MR Wallace Matias ML Reach S Hooper Forestieri Rhodes Fletcher Joao With a few keys additions...a full back either side, a left winger and either a centre half or a central midfielder (depending on Hutchinson's role), the squad will be set up and looking very strong for next season. Suggested Targets off top of my head, who I think may be available/have impressed me: Right Back: Tendayi Darikwa from Burnley Carl Jenkinson from Arsenal Jon Flanagan from Liverpool Left Back: Rico Henry from Brentford Craig Forsyth from Derby Andy Yiadom from Barnsley Centre Half: Harlee Dean from Brentford Reece Burke from West Ham Marc Wilson from Bournemouth Central Midfielder: Oliver Norwood from Brighton Beram Kayal from Brighton Mile Jedinak from Aston Villa Adam Forshaw from Boro Winger: Jota from Brentford Johnny Russell from Derby Johann Gudmunsson from Burnley Ryan Fraser from Bournemouth Bakary Sako from Palace