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  1. Diamond at Burton

    I take your point about the striking options. Fletcher does drift out wide, which helps build up play, but actually hinders us, because you want Fletcher in the box, as a target for balls into the box. I'm not sure Rhodes would offer the same in wide areas, and then it boils down to the same repeated question: Can we afford to carry a luxury like Rhodes, who offers little to the build up play? I totally agree re. Forestieri, I think a combination of him, Fletcher and Hooper, with FF and Hooper fluidly switching roles, on paper, looks a mouth watering prospect. But, I don't think he deserves a start at present. His form has been underwhelming (for a long period of time now), and it would be wrong for Carlos to stick him back into the side, after the recent off field issue, without showing some form first. That decision would be one based on principles and morale, rather than tactical. For me, out of all the other striker available, Joao is someone who would thrive in this system. Equally adept at leading the line as he is attacking from wide areas, he'd compliment Fletcher nicely, but allow Fletcher to focus on been in the box, rather than drifting out wide linking up play too much. But of course, we know Carlos isn't going to play Joao, so it's a bit of a mute point. As is Matias...another player who could play at the tip of the diamond and offer us a real direct threat. But again...it isn't going to happen. Re: Burton, I'm pretty sure they've played a 3-5-2 in most league games this season. They certainly did in their last home game against Birmingham. More of a 3-5-1-1, with the wide players been wingers, Dyer & Atkins. Lund played off Sordell, Irvine gave them the legs in the middle, and Palmer & Luke Murphy sat a bit deeper behind him. They might bring Mason in Saturday for Lund, and opt for a more traditional 3-5-2, but Clough does like to vary things tactically. He might opt to go for a 4-1-4-1, that worked very well against us at Hillsborough last year, and sit McFadzean on Hooper to nullify his threat when dropping deep.
  2. Diamond at Burton

    I just look at our options at the minute, and we're actually really short in central areas, yet the players available lend themselves to play that diamond formation. Ideally, based on reputation and not on form or what we've seen from him so far at the club, Abdi would play at the tip. But his form doesn't warrant it, nor is he going to play him on Saturday after completing 90 minutes last night. Other options would be dropping 1.) Hooper in there, and playing Rhodes alongside Fletcher, but I don't like the idea of breaking the Hooper/Fletcher partnership up. 2.) Playing Forestieri there, but again, I don't think he deserves a start on current form or his recent issues. 3.) Which could be the most effective actually, is to play Reach there, and play Fox at left back. He's played it a couple of times before (Cardiff away off the top of my head), and he'd offer more defensively than Hooper or FF. We're really desperate for another central midfielder though...or for Abdi to get fit and find form.
  3. Diamond at Burton

    Burton tend to play 3-5-2, so going with a diamond (or a box as it is at times) could be the way forward. Our two wing backs will cancel out their equivalent and we'll have a 4 vs 3 in midfield. The problems we'd have experienced at Fulham playing the diamond (i.e. wide forwards and attacking, overlapping full backs) won't exist at Burton. But, it's imperative you win the midfield battle against sides like Burton, and by flooding the midfield is the best way to do that. Also, it suits our midfielders natural game more than the stuffy 4-4-2. I'd go with... --------------------Westwood------------------------ --------------Lees-------------Loovens*------------- Hunt-----------------Jones-------------------Reach --------------Wallace--------Bannan---------------- -----------------------Boyd-------------------------- ---------------Fletcher------Hooper----------------
  4. Nixon

    Hes not an attacking midfielder. And hes started WBA's first two games.
  5. Nixon

    Can see Snodgrass going to Villa, and Hourihane been free to leave. Also, wouldn't be surprised if David Edwards might be another one. Has yet to start for Wolves this season, and he would very much fit the void left by Kieran Lee. He's also of the age we look to target. Experienced, with no resale value! Maybe it's Irvine from Burton. Jota would just be dreaming...
  6. Joao

    He is FAR better than League One or League Two. Somewhere like Barnsley would be a good place for him to go. Local, they play an attacking brand of football, and are short of a striker or two.
  7. Joao

    We've mismanaged Joao badly. He's a really talented boy, who will move elsewhere and become a very valuable asset. He has everything a modern day striker needs...what he hasn't had, is the right environment to become that finished article. For me, he's a far better option, at the minute, than a Rhodes, Nuhiu or Winnall from off the bench. Unpredictable, strong, direct and has the ability to stretch defences by making runs or dribbling at players. He's suffered because he hasn't experience. But at the minute, this football club is crying out for saleable assets, of which we have very few. And in Lucas Joao, we have someone who, given the right opportunity, and with the right management, could become a hugely profitable player. Without doubt, he has the potential, and at the minute that's all it is, to play at the very highest level.
  8. Players missing tomorrow

    Connor Kirkby tweeted "Good Luck to the U23's" earlier, which he'd usually play in. So either he's injured, going out on loan somewhere or is involved tomorrow night in some capacity. Not sure where he plays.
  9. Caption competition

    "Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! Get off my bleedin' toe, Barry!!!"
  10. Team for Bolton

    Wildsmith Palmer Lees Pudil (Loovens if fit, or Fred if available) Fox Matias Jones Abdi Wallace Rhodes Joao Can't do much defensively, as were so short of options. Lees should be able to play Tuesday/Saturday, as should Pudil (unless Frederico or Loovens are available). I'd like us to go to Burton and take the game to them, by playing Reach as wing back, so give Fox another 90 minutes, and rest Reach.
  11. How will Dom Howson cope ?

    He's a absolutely dreadful journalist, and works for a shocking newspaper. However, I don't think there's any mud smearing or hidden agenda with him. He's reporting on the football club, and it's duty to do so, whether it be positive or negative news.
  12. Bannan and Jones

    It's our best two man midfield partnership, while Lee is out injured. But I'd be using the rest of the window is to try and bring in a better option to Jones. He's a good player with valuable experience, but a little immobile. Bring in someone who can keep things neat and tidy, but also be more combative and defensively disciplined. I've mentioned it another thread, but Bridcutt would be perfect. Modern midfielder who can play in a two, a three or a four.
  13. Fox and Pudil

    I'd forget about looking for another centre half. Pudil is a better centre half than full back. Now his legs have gone, he's a lot more comfortable playing centre half. And, he's a player who can actually bring the ball out from the back, and distribute well. He had a good game on Wednesday, and played his part keeping a clean sheet away at Fulham today. No issues for me there. Fox, for me, is another one who's been unfairly vilified on here. He's a solid another full back, and if we opt to play the diamond, Reach is perfect for that wing back role. Let's focus all our efforts bringing in a proper midfielder. Jones does a good job, and will prove a valuable squad member, but let's bring in someone to replace him. Bridcutt would be my preference.
  14. FF to Brighton

    I agree, his best position is as a wide attacker. But since that first season where Carlos played FF out wide A LOT, we have changed the way we play. He hardly played wide left last season, because Reach played that role. Carlos has evolved the side into a far more cautious outfit, hence his expectations for that role. Last season, FF generally moved to a wide left role when we were chasing the game, and so wasn't expected to perform the role Carlos would expect from the start. Hence why Reach more often than not, got the nod.
  15. FF to Brighton

    Defending as a team, doesn't mean standing on the defenders toes though. Now, more than ever, the notion defend as a team attack as a team is so true. But there's way's of doing it. Forestieri should be used, in a defensive aspect, pressing from the front, chasing full backs and central midfielders...and as result picking the ball up in the opponents half. There's no point utilsiing Forestieri as a wide midfielder and asking him to double up on the right winger with Daniel Pudil. Total waste of a special player. Nobody is saying he shouldn't work hard. But that's not an accusation that can ever be thrown at FF. He works tirelessly. Chelsea don't play Hazard in that role, Barca didn't play Neymar, Madrid don't play Bale. And FF is our Hazard, Neymar, Bale... and should be utilized as such.