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  1. Bloody hell He's really livin' on the edge.
  2. No' he's given up football and taken up pinball. I heard is he's a bit of a wizard at it.
  3. Bloody hell mate I weren't gunna say owt but my mate at pukka pies told me the same.
  4. Not you as well.
  5. A bit late for time machines mate we already have them. Mines called a watch but some people have something called a clock or even use their mobile phone. Are you from Barnsley?
  6. To be fair it was probably more reliable than twitter.
  7. But people are always telling me I'm unreal.
  8. i think you will find Marvin doesn't know as much as he used to.
  9. Why can't I quote this post it's only short. Unlike the original post which took me 2 hours to read if anyone quotes that one then I will strangle them with my bare hands as I don't own any gloves.
  10. Maybe it needed milking and had heard Udders field was in Sheffield. Gets coat and slips out quietly hoping nobody notices.
  11. I have a triangle and an old tambourine I could bring.
  12. Ridiculous. Do I get a point?
  13. Is this a clue to where he's going next? Are you ITK?
  14. It's a no from me.