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  1. Are you taking the pish?
  2. As long as suitable wet gear was supplied and the employees/visitors stayed standing in the same spot and nobody moved unless they slipped in the treacherous conditions.
  3. ? Do you mean Beachy Head?
  4. I believe Chansiri said he didn't like stripes as he considered them unlucky. As proven by Newcastle,Brighton and Huddersfield.
  5. I don't think it was that. He seemed to change directly after having his tooth knocked out and crying in front of everyone. I honestly believe he doesn't like playing football with the "bigger boys" now as they're too rough.
  6. Mam mam. The nasty lady on't tinternet swared at me.
  7. Ladies,please. Calm down no more nastiness on owls talk. .
  8. Aaaah, I see now . He's a grunter.
  9. Bloody hell mate that's cynical even for owlstalk.
  10. Mate,we only deal with the real issues of What's important in the footballing world. Have you seen Wallaces choice of boot colour? Absolutely abysmal.
  11. I think you need to chill. You have been biting for hours. Have a beer and turn the computer off.
  12. Liar.
  13. Do I detect a hint of pessimism.
  14. I think of Jeremy Helan everytime some one on here says we need pace to get us in the premier . If only it was that simple.