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  1. And breath.
  2. Used to mate I used to enjoy singing in various venues in my younger days only for a laugh though i was not very good.
  3. Unlucky mate I'm a bloke. However about these photos .
  4. Yes 5'8 inches tall. 52 years old. 14 stone. Hope this helps.
  5. Can we ask the same question but see how tall the voter is. As the taller the fan the more of the game they would see and so there opinion would be more valid.
  6. What with no fruit salads?
  7. Surely it's a curl of wurlys. I did have a pubic version as well but I thought it too much for you sensitive souls.
  8. FuuuuuCk spangles I remember when curly whirlies were a yard long. Bloody hell how do you spell werlies?
  9. Didn't get an answer I liked so I tried Google apparently in stands for Screen Actors Guild. So that's cleared that up then.
  10. What's sag?
  11. All this moronic behaviour makes me ashamed to be a Wednesday fan.
  12. I think you may be on to something I've noticed we either won,lost or drew all of these games. I would put my house on the fact that this will happen after the break as well. Or do you think I'm just clutching at straws?
  13. C=mc2
  14. That's because I'm on my phone but you have twolaptops.