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  1. I'm really proud of the fact that wherever I go I see people in Wednesday shirts.For whatever reason, we have appeal far beyond Sheffield. The strangest place I ever saw a Wenesday kit was Sanaa, Yemen....... I very rarely see Dem Blades outside Sheffield unless they have an away game.
  2. Only because they secured their play-off place a couple of weeks before we did which allowed them to rest players. Congratulations to Huddersfield, I'm genuinely pleased for them. They got promoted playing positive football and got what they deserved. I hope the manner of their success is noted at S6.
  3. Good God no. Even more negative and risk-averse than Carlos
  4. Not forgetting injury time goals away at Preston and at home to Rovrum. I'm not convinced a 'tweak' is going to do it. Yes, we need a few new players, but on the whole the squad is good quality. I'm just not convinced we know how to get the best out of them and turn a bunch of talented players into a cohesive team that's more than the sum of it's parts. In particular, the number of goals we score is shocking considering the firepower at our disposal; to unlock that potential is going to require a change in the way we play.
  5. I think the OP knows this, and is making the point that a Burton midfielder scored more than any of our forwards. I would certainly take him, but I suspect we'd fail to understand how to play to his strengths.
  6. It looks good, that sequence, but how many different managers were involved? If that were the progress made under a single manager I would give them a 5 year contract on the spot. But it's not. Several different managers fell by the wayside in getting us where we are today. Now I'm not saying sack Carlos, but sometimes a manager or head coach gets us to a certain level and then progress stalls. They run out of ideas, inspiration, motivation whatever, but they get to a point where they've taken us as far as they can and then we need someone new, with fresh ideas and a different approach. As to whether Carlos has reached that point, that's another discussion.
  7. Correct. I’m baffled how some people think that it wasn’t until the end of last season that other Championship teams suddenly worked out how we were playing and modified their tactics accordingly for this season.
  8. It's far too easy to blame the ref when things aren't going your way.
  9. While I would still, on balance, give him another season, your views pretty much match my own. I suspect Carlos has reached his level. If he stays, I anticipate we will perform at about the same level next season, with top six a realistic proposition but lacking the guile to get through the play-offs.
  10. Stay. But his target for next season is automatic promotion.
  11. I'm not saying sack him. But...... Some of the football has been good. But some of it, particularly this season, has been awful. I'd say our failure yesterday came down to more than two missed penalties. We shouldn't have been in the position where that mattered.
  12. Play offs can be such a lottery. A whole season can be undone in a couple of games. Give me automatic.
  13. a) They weren't THAT much worse b) They did nearly as well as us while playing good football.... c) ....on a lower budget d) Towards the end of the season they were on a par, formwise, with us Pound for pound, Fulham were actually better value than us.
  14. I would snap your hand off for Jokanovic. Did almost as well as us while playing good, positive football. Trouble is, he's come to the attention of Premier League clubs. I suspect his ambitions are somewhat higher than managing us.
  15. It was a game changing substitution by Wagner. Our substitutions didn't seem to make any difference at all.....