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  1. Bannan

    You'd think they would understand, if any of their fans turned up at Wembley, the amount of times we sung about him to them at Wembley
  2. Why is Steve Bruce off to Leeds for? And why is he taking Ross McCormack with him for?
  3. Presumably it's a safe bet?
  4. Personally I would much rather us go for Jota than Snodgrass. Highly unlikely though, unless we sell Forestieri or Rhodes?
  5. Bannan

    Even though he isn't one of my favourite players, he's a key player. With his form and importance to the team, I hope we keep him. And personally I would rather us sell Forestieri or Rhodes, if we have to sell someone to reinvest into the team?
  6. Jones - the enigma

    The biggest reason for the upturn in form of Jones and Bannan, is having a ball playing centre back. Pudil helps in this respect. But it's one of the main reasons why, some of us have been hoping we bring in a commanding ball playing centre back in. In the Bartley/Dean type of mould or someone similar to them. Hopefully Pudil can keep improving in that role or maybe the new fella Fred can do that role even better? If not, I still hope we can bring in a commanding ball playing centre back. Because it enables us to not play so deep. We could also do with someone with a bit of drive in midfield or some pace. But the key to us not playing so deep and defensive, is a ball playing centre back with the ability to pick out a pass. And it would be further helped by having Lee back but at the moment Bannan is benefiting from having a ball playing centre back in the team and playing out of his skin. But we could also do with some pace to carry the ball further up the pitch and create space and service for our strikers to feed off.
  7. Sam Field

    Sounds a promising player. The Baggies have got a decent academy. It would be smart to loan in a couple of quality young fringe players from the top flight. To add extra quality in areas we need it, without breaking the bank.
  8. its on its way

    Gotta catch em all
  9. its on its way

    It does sound lame
  10. its on its way

    New song? On the go to replace on our way?
  11. Happiness and Joy

    Even the kit can't spoil that immense picture of passion, joy and relief. It sums up football in one picture. We can all have a moan or get frustrated or fall out of love with football, from time to time but once our team scores, we forget about all that and for that brief moment we feel on top of the world. Displaying our passion and love for the Wednesday whenever we score. Great picture, my favourite so far from this season. Hopefully there will be many more great pictures and memories just like that to come during this season.
  12. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    It worked
  13. Daniel Pudil

    Fair play to him. I admit I was one of the ones who feared the worst going into the difficult Sunderland and Fulham games. But he's proved us wrong just like Carlos has. Maybe in the future his performances in the centre back, might give us the potential option of reverting to a back 3 if needs be?
  14. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    If Leeds had any sense, they would use that money to bring in someone like Zahore? They would miss Wood leading the line but someone with pace like Zahore, would give me them a frightening amount of pace and energy to be fair. But I wouldn't be surprised if they looked for another target man. I wonder if they might go for Sharp or try and bring McCormack back?
  15. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    A fantastic much needed win and clean sheet. Wow! Never saw that coming after our start to the season and with centre back shortage. Really glad Fletcher started and got a goal. I've been saying for quite a while that Fletcher should be our main striker. Delighted for him but even more delighted for our travelling fans and for Carlos. Yes, Carlos has been saying under pressure but the best way to react is too price us wrong, my self included. Well done, Wednesday, no idea what the performance was like but most important was the points and clean sheet. Now our season can really begin. Happy to be proved wrong, happy Owls tonight. Now let's bring in what we need before the window closes and climb that table. Btw, mi'lord who was that hot girl in what the match day OP? She might just be our new lucky charm?