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  1. Leroy Lita... big in Thailand....
  2. It shouted "experienced in contact magazines"... ... is your first name Randy?
  3. Can safely say this is a load of guff.
  4. Let's sign the Techno Viking for CM?
  5. Massimo Luongo.
  6. No, disagree! SH will be used when fit and played in the position that suits the set up CC uses for that particular game. Either at CB or defensive MF. That's that. SH is unrivalled IMHO, prone to injury but we have/he has managed his fitness v.well since signing for us. He's a little less card happy too (this is my biggest concern), which I think is great work from him. We just won't get 46 games out of him, and importantly we should appreciate that fact.
  7. We should be looking at getting in players like Lam, at Forest. Young, international and good prospects. IMHO. We won't get him though, obviously...
  8. In an ideal world but we're looking at 46 league games.
  9. Need a ball carrying CB who can push forward on occasion. Compliment Lees, replace Loovens.
  10. John Terry is a slippery c**t. IMHO.
  11. How much does the OP want to bet? I'll start the ante at thruppence a'penny... ...FFS
  12. Looks more like a granny with an April.
  13. We'll smash them into another dimension (twice). The Wednesday - Better, bigger, older. TCIO. UTO.