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  1. Jones - the enigma

    I think the phrase I'm looking for is "eyes painted on". https://www.whoscored.com/Players/12713/Show/David-Jones
  2. Caption competition

    "OK chaps, good goal but Gary wants to know who stuck a bread stick in his ear..."
  3. Ransom request

    I love random requests.
  4. "Because we can't spend money"

    Naughty!! Fulham away Satdi. Let's smash them!!!
  5. "Because we can't spend money"

    Yes, serious. He over eggs it every time. Many chances go begging because he doesn't have the vision for a final pass. He's a bit greedy and tries to do it all himself. As a player he frustrates me to watch. If he was that good Watford would've kept him. Cash in the chips now. Brighton, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Huddersfield after they sell Mooy! Or Barnsley....
  6. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    Sell. He should go.
  7. "Because we can't spend money"

    Personally, I'd like to see us sell FF to the first serious bidder, and not for FFP reasons. He's a rotten egg IMHO, no end product and not a great team player. Already had a strop, now another one, in the form of spurious bust up rumours, strange that these incidents happen during transfer windows. Let him go FFS. There, I've said it.
  8. "Because we can't spend money"

    Don't try and broadside the OP with a fact!!! Venancio has been well scouted by a lot of big clubs across Europe.
  9. Ill conceived OP. Contradictory points and tied any semblance of a rationale up in knots. You may as well of just typed "Carlos Out" and leapt on the flipping bandwagon like the other dolts.
  10. "Because we can't spend money"

    Most football transfers nowadays involve payment by installment over the two, three, or four year contract period. More often badged as a loan to buy deal with nuanced contract clauses within. In essence we defer expenditure for FFP reasons. An unqualified statement of "we cannot spend the cash" doesn't equate to "we have no cash". I should say that the Venancio deal is a purchase in all but name. I'd also imagine we have cash still to purchase another CB before the window shuts. We might be able to prise Dean away from Brentford, we may well go back to one of the original targets. Who knows? Anybody on here? Any genuine information on our transfer activities other than spouting guff?
  11. "Because we can't spend money"

    That's one of the most naive and unfounded posts I've ever read.