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  1. "Willy Bum Bum, Willy Bum Bum"
  2. Hear, hear. UTO
  3. I think I'll just send him a small handwritten thank you note. Maybe a bunch of flowers for his wife. Nothing fancy.
  4. No. IMHO. Interesting shout from the OP though, can understand it but Roberts doesn't do it for me...
  5. R.I.P Nigel Goodison.
  6. I love long bangs.
  7. Voodoo is a shamanic archetype that that is frequently practised amongst many of the world's spiritual faiths and organised religions. It's not directly related to any ethnicity Steve. We know voodoo mainly from Haiti but it's roots are to be found from many locations and cultures. Etc. It's fine... We can all at least put a McCarthy face up on a door and throw darts at it. Same principles. UTO!!!
  8. In short summary he said "we'll smash McCarthy's tractor driving outfit five nil, believe! Up the Owls" then he walked off whistling an aria. He's a deep thinker is our Bully.
  9. The Wednesday Wizards are in session as we speak. Summoning the powers of old. The Owls are about to take flight.
  10. They call her Natasha when she looks like Elsie!!
  11. Even more possible then. OOF!!!
  12. Don't know. It's hard working your way into a game as a sub at any level. Fletch is on form so Carlos is keeping it real. I'm sure Jordan is a great professional and is happy here amongst a solid set of players.
  13. Now, here's the thing. I wouldn't write it off. Would be an immense choke by the Terriers.