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  1. As musicians they're tight as roger live. A rarity. I can take or leave most of these songs but admire their ability.
  2. Absolute fu.ck.ing belter that!!!
  3. I dont want to steal any of your thunder Karl, but have they factored in the "Lachman stretch zone" into the shorts?? It was the best third kit design by a country mile on this thread. Well done. Genuine good call by the club on picking your design. UTO Karl!!!
  4. I wear replica tops when playing five-a-side. This is where it stops for me. There's a time and place for kit wearing, but each to their own!!!
  5. Have to have our stripes back next season. Simply have to. I will be gutted if we persist with the nonsense we have this year. IMHO.
  6. Yes, it's called history. It's celebrating our history!!! Nothing cheesy about it at all IMHO. We should have them, why ever would you not want them???
  7. Love it as a third kit. Well done Karl. Do we know if Chansiri will be sponsor again then???
  8. Love it as a third kit. Well done Karl. Do we know if Chansiri will be sponsor again then???
  9. Are they now? Behave.
  10. Definitely want Fulham to drop off it. Right now it's about getting top 6. Doesn't matter to me which position - 6th, 5th, 4th.... just need to secure it. Wins against Barnsley and Rovrum are musts. This would me much to my Lion King!!!
  11. Choir Master wants sacking!!!
  12. They've had a lot stuck on them. Bookies have no option but to shorten just in case. I'd take us at 5s or longer. There's a few Biscuits who have us at 6s. I'd stick fifty on that. Worth it but I don't like to bet on us in general.
  13. That we understand what really dire football to truly moan about is from the 1970s and patches in the 80's?????