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  1. In response to the OP, for sure, absolutely sure
  2. I'm really not sure what to make of this ... However, far from being deliberately non PC and controversial, I cannot understand how a person without sight (sadly) can comment with any substance on matters on the pitch
  3. I'll see your Franz Carr and raise you a Des Hazel
  4. Great OP, share the sentiment 48 hours on ... Still feel like an 11 year old walking away from Highbury in 1983 having lost a game we never should have
  5. Would be a bard appointment for us
  6. Apologising for the introduction of cashless tills ... oops statement crossover, that's sincere and classy from DC
  7. Reluctantly plussing Holmowl for his correct interpretation of events ...
  8. OP Carlos to stay ... With 442 with three CMs in midfield?
  9. My understanding is that a planning application is to be submitted at the end of the month to convert the Middlewood dome into residential use. The theme of the residential use is Little Portugal and the dome is to be fitted with an artificial sun, tapas bars, an imported beach and a River Tagus wishing well. Then Carlos's wife will come over (she's not done this before as she's scared of flying, but thankfully the local GP (Kate) is to administer a sedative). Shades of Capricorn One for those old enough to recollect.
  10. If Nuhui scores, were on the pitch
  11. It will, of course, be a 50/50 split. The FAs justification will be if a Chelsea fan on a jolly wants to sit next to half way line then so be it
  12. To be fair they've got to see if they can move a Chelsea U23s training session on the same day before they can gauge Readings allocation
  13. What about if we converted the Middlewood dome into a mini Portuguese village for his family and friends? Tapas bars, a little beach area and a River Tagus wishing well?
  14. I still make Fulham clear favourites ... From team and all that
  15. Ahead of the Ipswich game the same story broke in the national press ....Carlos was pumped and peeved in equal measure ... Expect the same tomorrow