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  1. Think it was his granddad. I think it will have something to do with this though
  2. Westwood 7- When called upon he did well Hunt 6- shakes defensively but that cross for Winnalls goal was phenomenal Sasso 6- Scares me but honestly did alright tonight Loovens 7- Played really well Fox 7- better than pudil Wallace 6- started brightly then seemed to go out the game a little Hutchinson 9- Running out of ways to describe my love for this man Bannan 7- Was good till subbed Forestieri 6- ghosted the game a lot for me Winnall 8- shooting was abit off but got into great positions and a great header for his goal Rhodes 7- Same as Winnall minus the shooting bit Reach 6- took his goal well Abdi 6- didn't notice him Mcmanaman 6- didn't do much but wasn't on long
  3. Andeleko Savic? something along those lines
  4. His former boss at Watford
  5. Felt that both were ineffective to be honest didn't really offer much
  6. Westwood 9- MOTM for me made some brilliant saves that kept us in the game Palmer 7- solid game Lees 7- Won most of his headers, should have put that chance away though Loovens 6- Good game but that dodgy clearance could have been costly Pudil 6- Was ok although Hammil was tearing him apart in the second half Bannan 3- maybe one of his worst performances Lee 6- standard, did what he needed to do well Hutch 9- I've never loved a player as much as Sam Hutchinson, unreal player Reach 8- Looks to be worth every penny of the £5 million Joao 5- wasn't great looked weak Fletcher 5- won nothing upfront Wallace 7- looked good when he came on decent balls from corners Jones 6- Didn't notice him really Nuhiu 6- As above
  7. Beautiful in every way
  8. Dawson 6 Palmer 6 Hutchinson 8 Lees 7 Pudil 2 Bannan 6 Lee 5 Jones 7 Reach 7 Hooper 5 Forestieri 3 Wallace 5 Nuhiu 5
  9. Westwood 7- Two great saves in the first half Palmer 6- poor first half but improved in second Lees 9- Won everything brilliant game Hutchinson 9- see above Pudil 7- possibly his best performance this season Bannan 5- poor but may have still been tired from international duty Lee 7- Brilliant throughout Jones 7- thought he backed out of some challenges in first half which he could have made but looked very good anyway Reach 8- Will be a fantastic player for us Hooper 7- worked hard some great touches but was absolutely knackered by 70th minute Forestieri 8- Very well taken pen, world class touch to set up the chance when he hit post Wallace 7- Added a threat Nuhiu 6- Did what he needed to do well Loovens N/A
  10. Punched the ball away apparently
  11. Westwood 7 didn't have much to do but made a decent save 1st half Palmer 7 looks much better than Hunt Lees 6 poor first half but better second Hutchinson 7 Another good showing from him Pudil 7 Was doing the job of two men and did reasonably well Wallace 6 didn't realise he was playing first half. Looked OK second would drop him on Tuesday Bannan 7 great ball for Fletchers goal Lee 7 is there an inch of that pitch he dosent cover Abdi 6 looks better in a central position Forestieri 8 looking like the player we remember from last year Fletcher 9 Surprised at how good he is Hooper 6 looked good unlucky with the acrobatics Reach 6 Only a cameo but played a great ball for Buckley I think Buckley Not on long enough
  12. As much as he dosent deserve some of the abuse he gets that's no way to behave
  13. Team needs to show a big response to last weekend