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  1. The adoption of Professionalism for the Wednesday Club, agreed at an adjourned special meeting at the Garrick Hotel. We deserve a civic reception and an open top bus tour! God Bless Tom cawley who argued the case for paying the players.
  2. I remember that - coming out of the tunnel - coppers just stepped aside and let the Man Utd fans attack the Wednesday fans as they emerged !
  3. #StillinRolysPocket
  4. Best day of my life! I am sure I am not the only one?
  5. Well saved Sir - wonderful things to have thanks for sharing !
  6. I've seen the plate before but not the silverware - what/where is that?
  7. It must have been changed when they realaised - I think I have a news clipping or something from a programme explaining.
  8. If you look carefully at this photo the date 1866 appears under the golden orb also until the 1960s they used to print the date in the programme
  9. Massive wee wee tail - up for many years Wednesday thought they had been founded in 1866!
  10. In front of 84,584 at the Crystal Palace the brave Wednesday boys won the FACup for the 2nd Time defeating Everton 2-1 with Goals from Simpson & Stewart. What a day that must have been! A few photos & headlines ! Enjoy.
  11. Killed this day 99 years ago by a sniper's bullet in France whilst while serving with the 13th York & Lancs. Captain Vivian Sumner Simpson RIP " was the best and most whole hearted player who wore the Wednesday colours .. the delightful amateur forward and charming personality Vivian.S Simpson, killed in France in 1918." Richard Sparling "Romance of the Wednesday" Lest we Forget
  12. After meeting Chelsea in the Semi Final in 1966. Wednesday were drawn away to Chelsea in the 6th Round in 1966-7. Anyone go to this? Any memories? Is that Don Megson with his head in his hands - if an image sums up supporting Wednesday that does