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  1. 1st July 1992 Imagine waking up and reading this! Apart from Hirsty - the most exciting player I have seen at Hillsborough.
  2. Off the top of my head - 147 goals in 435 games ?
  3. I think that lad should be in the #150SWFC Dream Scene!
  4. I posted this on Twitter earlier - apologies if you have already seen it. I came across this story in an old newspaper - published in July 1907 just after The Wednesday has won the FA Cup at Crystal Palace. It was related by a Rev. j.R. Jennings at a religious meeting. Makes you proud to be Wednesday.
  5. We could do with Mark Hooper today! 136 goals in 423 games!
  6. 29th August in 1935-36
  7. Bet they didn't cost £55 each Nev!
  8. An allotment holder forgot to take their goose with them looking at that first photo!
  9. On this day in 1935 - we'll not go into the weed contol regime. They should never have got rid of the allotments - we haven't won the FA Cup since
  10. No the FA meeting was in Margate - they just referred to the Paris meeting on the 8th.
  11. Or it would be :-) On this day in 1929 The FA kindly granted permission for our famous and esteemed club to change it's name from the Wednesday FC to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Limited
  12. As it says - Champions!
  13. Hey we're all a teeny bit nervous today aren't we?
  14. Where we were ! Staring over the Precipice! Relegated to League 1 Lee Strafford Resigned as Chairman Howard Wilkinson took over as interim Chairman £ Millions in Debt Alan Irvine Manager A living nightmare - god bless Howard !
  15. Happy Birthday Nev!