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  1. Hey we're all a teeny bit nervous today aren't we?
  2. Where we were ! Staring over the Precipice! Relegated to League 1 Lee Strafford Resigned as Chairman Howard Wilkinson took over as interim Chairman £ Millions in Debt Alan Irvine Manager A living nightmare - god bless Howard !
  3. Happy Birthday Nev!
  4. Wednesday painted the stand at Olive Grove Blue & White & the name "Sheffield Wednesday" on the roof :-)
  5. Must confess I'd never heard of him and unfortunatly looks like he is also no longer with us but a very interesting profile here :
  6. And after saying that I think Gerorge Davis who is on the back row in that photo is alive and was 90 in March!
  7. Though saying that I think Don Gibson is still alive and he is 88 on the 12th May.
  8. I was thinking that earlier - Tony must be the last one to go from that 1953/4 team. I wonder if it might just be Albert Quixall who is 84 in August? Happy to be corrected!!
  9. He's here on this photo - #RIP Sir
  10. Always loved his work - best wishes Pete - Sheffield Legend!
  11. 1935 He gave us our Wednesday Back - born this day the Legend that is Big Jack. 1946 Born this day in Fulham - Peter Springett #RIP - 207 games for Wednesday 1967-1974 1991 On a glorious night at Hillsborough 31,706 watch as Big Ron led his Cup Winner back to the Promised Land beating Britol City 3-1 with goals from Hirst 2 & Francis. Will we ever see their like again?
  12. Ooops - I thought that was one of his claims to fame - if I say it 3 times maybe it will become true :-)
  13. 1969 Wednesday sign Tommy Craig from Aberdeen for £100,000 making him the most expensive tennager in Britain. He would go on to score 40 goals in 235 games over the next 5 years. 1984 Final home game of the 1983-84 season and Wednesday celebrate returning to the 1st division after 14 long seasons away. 36,763 were at Hillsborough to see the Owls draw 0-0 with Manchester City. 1994 After 3 goals in 183 games bewteen 1989 and 1994 the fantastic Ronland Nisson played his final game for Wednesday. A fantastic talent who could eve foreget his perforamance in the Rumbelows Cup final in 1991. Signing in 1989 the Farewell Also on that day the fantastically dependable Nigel Worthington played his final Wednesday game after scoring 15 goals in 410 games bewteen 1984-94. SIgned for a bargain £125,000 what a loyal servant.
  14. Found something for the Barnsley one :-)
  15. These were both from a series of "Football Nicknames" cards produced by Ogdens Cigarettes so not mascots?