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  1. Won't be 9th though
  2. Anyone else say in their head It's Hirst who scored it
  3. You OK for Danny Wilson Toby jugs?
  4. If he is, I haven't seen him Andy. Bet his muffins are not award winning either.
  5. And those nobbers on owlstalk said we had blown our chance of the playoffs
  6. Just do what Mel Shetland did and were your Wednesday kit underneath.
  7. They better net off another 3 thousand seats in the north then. Takes ages at full time, SAG excuse, more likely to try and stop as many people standing in the lep side whilst having tickets for other seatscausing overcrowding in small areas. Don't know if stewards actual try and move anyone?
  8. RIP Steve I don't think there will be many young wednesdayites who won't have been coached by Steve in the last 20 years plus. Whether it was via Football in the community, soccer camps or tricky wingers. Was a very inspiring bloke who was always enthusiastic and clearly loved what he did.
  9. Need to stop calling him little ATT it's cringy He needs an Owlstalk translation kit, on second thoughts maybe it a good thing he doesn't understand some of the humour!
  10. Everyone check out my knockaert Impression
  11. So, next transfer window we'll leak rumours that we are swapping you for Ben10. Can't have a transfer window without a Rhodes thread on OT
  12. Recently Fessi A few years ago boooooothroyd (admit it, so did others) that went well! Overall, Des Walker. Couldn't believe we had signed him (ignorant youngster that I was thought waddle was going to be passed it)
  13. No Sasso, it had his name under the picture.