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  1. Saw Adthe and Joao pretending to be students whilst attempting to pull some lasses in Revolution. Being absolutely hammered, I immediately went up to the girls (who were totally oblivious to who they were) and explained they were actually Sheffield Wednesday players, not students. The girls then got up and left. My bad lads.
  2. FF

    Him and Fletcher had minor knocks, so weren't risked.
  3. Couldn't make it up! Ridiculous.
  4. Carlos a co founder of the brand? Interesting.
  5. If we sell Westwood - we are taking about 4 steps back. He is easily the best keeper in this division and could quite easily play in the PL. And he seems to enjoy it here. Plus - he now has a chant!
  6. Absolutely. Sharp's record in the championship is pretty much bang average - and the Championship is a different beast to the one he last played in. Rhodes on the other hand - with a full pre-season, get him confident, play to his strengths - is as close as you can get to a guaranteed 15+ goal striker in this league. Yes, we paid a lot of money for him, but the lad is quality. He has been there, done it and his record speaks for itself. I can't honestly believe some Wednesday fans think he has been a waste of money. Last season he was short of fitness and confidence, in a team that really didn't play to his strengths - so judge him this season where we will hopefully address the lack of creativity with Snodgrass and a fully fit Abd in behind.
  7. I've got £50 on Wednesday finishing 7 places above Utd with Rhodes scoring more than Sharp.
  8. I Personally think Greyson is quite a shrewd appointment, if not spectacular. Just what Sunderland need - a bit of stability. He knows the league inside out and his Preston sides have improved year on year without a huge budget. Be interesting to see how he does now he may have a few quid to spend. The championship is relentless mate. There are no stand out teams this season (like Newcastle/Brighton from last season) and anyone from about 5/6 teams could win it. Very much looking forward to April.
  9. Would definitely miss him in midfield though. Be great to see Lee and Abdi in the middle next season.
  10. I think Hunt was arguably the most improved player post Xmas. Palmer is solid enough as a back up. I just feel we have more pressing issues in the side than RB.
  11. After a new RB according to Nixon Strange one if true.
  12. Well happy with this. Proper shrewd signing.
  13. Best keeper in this division by a country mile. How many points has he saved for us? Particularly in the darker days where he arugbly single handily kept us up. Would easily get into a mid table / lower end PL side. We have to hang onto him this summer as we will do very well to replace him if he does go.
  14. I mean, Huddersfield and Reading stood in our way to the PL. What a monumental missed opportunity. I'm gutted, heartbroken and quite angry with some of the tactics tonight. I hope Carlos stays, but he has got to learn from his mistakes. We've choked twice now at the business end of the season. Horrible.
  15. Absolutley. That Mooy lad ran the show. Couldn't get the ball off him. Looks a top player. Cant help feel (now in hindsight) we really wasted 90 minutes on Sunday, but take nothing from Huddersfield. Great effort and fully deserved.