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  1. Pre-season matchday friendlies, good chance to test out the fringes. Would hate Pauli to pull an injury
  2. Mind has got to be debatable on that...
  3. Slow day in the office for me: Feet: Di Canio Legs: JJ Body/Height: Nuhiu Arms: Antonio (those throw-ins) Head: Reda (great for defense and attack) Face: Hutch obv Mind: Lee Heart: Meggo Kit: Tbc...
  4. I'd say bournemouth are the standout there
  5. Wallace, just watch the carnage unfold
  6. Utd, Leeds, Barnsley are 3 home games in a row. Prepare for everyone of them to be a Saturday 12pm. Joy
  7. Fulham away nailed on, year before it was the 2 semi finalists again Brentford v Ipswich
  8. I'll take that, top of the league :D
  9. True, I don't necessarily mean the order, but the way theirs have worked out really shows outside the top 6, there is a real lack of excitement for games. Might be im stuck behind the times and comparing to the 90's Prem
  10. Not to bring up old wounds, but seeing the start Hudders to fixture list, it is really an uninspiring when you don't face the big names v Palace v Newcastle v Southampton v West Ham v Leicester v Burnley v Spurs v Swansea Only Spurs would be the pick of that lot, not until late October until a stand out few games. In the bottom 3 after than run and the season could be a write off
  11. First game I ever saw was Wimbledon v Sheff Wed. Andy Booth in the starting line up, so decided to support them simply for having same name with me. (Being from Reading). Stuck with them even after his departure
  12. He's a great sub we use at half time
  13. Tell Chelsea fans the same when they sat back against Barca, and won the champ league with negative tactics. Wagner went for his mate klopps style, Carlos for his mate mourinhio. Which manager has the best cup history. Thought that was almost perfect, Huddersfield must be sick of not being able to score against us.