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  1. It's bulshiite man, I tell you. I live on Middlewood road and I see Graham Pugh driving a two seater Morris Oxford.
  2. Wouldn't loan him to a play off rival. Maybe a loan to the Pigs.
  3. Mick Bones
  4. Transfer Widows not open yet.
  5. I had one of them once, neighbours wondered what was going on.
  6. Someone on here will know.
  7. "COME IN NUMBER 91 YOUR TIME IS UP." We don't have a number 91. "ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE NUMBER 16?"
  8. New song " We will rock you."
  9. Not a stunner, it was a pass back to the keeper.
  10. CC

    saw him three times in CCC
  11. He did seem to pop up in the last minute, remember when he scored a last minute equaliser against Man City and Man Utd in 1967. R.I.P. Johnny Fantham
  12. Tete McKee
  13. Wouldn't imagine it was George Hirst, he would have only been about two years old at the time.
  14. I'll be disappointed if Pearson from Preston doesn't get stick this season.