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  1. Stopped reading after daughters mmmmmmm
  2. Thought you'd been outed as a Blunt. Why the pretence?
  3. That's the crosses sorted, but who will supply the through balls from midfield?
  4. It's the through balls from midfield we need, to get the best out of Jordan, or the early crosses from deep delivered with pace.
  5. peacock1889
  6. pigcock1961
  7. Sorry to say, I think Marshall is past it now, he had his chance and chose to sign for someone else.
  8. Couldn't understand why he twice went up front on the right hand side of the area, leaving a gaping hole at the left back position. Why do we persist with signing Charlton players?
  9. What do the players think of Billy Sharp?
  10. I pay to watch 90 minutes football, not 45 minutes tippy tappy backwards, forwards, sideways, backwards lethargic play. Can't say I've really enjoyed any of our home matches this season compared to last. Team has to get the crowd going, the crowd respond to effort not some energy sapping first half tactics that for some reason have appeared this season.
  11. On many occasions Rhodes has been indicating to our players where he wants the ball putting for him to run on to. Not one pass has been made early or accurately. More time required on the training ground to educate our supply line how to feed a ten million pound striker.
  12. Trying to find the John Hannah eulogy in three fights two weddings and a funeral, to no avail. Your poem reminded me of that.