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  1. I'm livid too. Livid how after having the best manager for many a year, some of us want him sacked. 18 clean sheets this season. One shot away from another Wembley final. Be careful what you wish for.
  2. Won it fair and square. Good luck to them in the final.
  3. If you're having sex at home say we are.
  4. Nuhiu could learn a thing or two from that clip, how to head a ball. If you're Atdhe and you know it head the ball.
  5. Sign in tickets matchday tickets semi final tickets choose seats or quick seats, either will work tick the left hand box for each person that is allowed a ticket on your account. confirm booking enter debit card details.
  6. someone on here will ill.
  7. I'm only Wednesday after all I'm only Wednesday after all Don't push the Stain on me Don't push the Stain on me.
  8. He'd better not, if he did I would print out a colour photo of George and burn it on the fire.
  9. There once was a ref called Keith Stroud who could fart unbelievably loud when he let go a big un fans were deafened in Wigan and sh*t was sprayed into the crowd.
  10. Could have cost us the points with those two stupid tugs of the shirt in the box. A liability if you ask me, much prefer Palmer.
  11. did Hunt just pull the refs shirt?
  12. Don't think I know him, but a respected poster on here. Forthright opinions without being nasty. At least he (presumably) got to see us at Wembley last season. Thanks to the OP for letting us know. R.I.P. Wolfmanjack