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  1. At one time I thought we might have put pressure on the top 2 to get auto ourselves. Losing at Brighton left us with no chance of that. Good luck to Brighton they deserve the promotion. Newcastle have gone straight back up as everyone expected. Good side but we outplayed them home and away. OK we will do it the hard way, it just adds to the excitement. I don't think anyone will fancy playing us but it's still a lottery, a couple of injuries at the wrong time can mean the difference between promotion or not.
  2. CC

    Would McManaman want to sign for us? So far he's barely been used, Same with Buckley. Maybe they would just sign for the wage but if that's the case I'm not sure I'd want them. No disrespect intended, McManaman has a lot of quality but he's not managed to displace the guys already in the first team.
  3. Great news. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Give it a month or two and you will be twice the man you were before.
  4. I know everything. Pardon me, my wife has just advised me that I'm an idiot and know nothing. She's usually right.
  5. Considering Palmer hasn't played in a while it's a bit unfair to expect him to be on top of his game..
  6. Cottagers usually do.
  7. It was built on the site of a battle ground in the Boer war. Unfortunately the British forces lost the battle but we did win the war. To take revenge on the Boers for beating us we levelled the hillside and shipped it to England. When it got to this country nobody knew what to do with it so they dumped it on the outskirts of Sheffield. It stayed there while the authorities decided what to do with it. In the end they decided to forget all about it. Locals took to calling the area surrounding this big heap of soil Hillsborough and eventually we built a football ground utilising the hill as a standing area points on one side of the ground. That's why the kop is properly named as the Spion Kop. Not many people knew this but they do now.
  8. I just want to make sure we are certain to qualify before I get round to deciding on our opponents. It's tempting fate.
  9. Leeds have to win both of their last 2 games or we are in the play offs. We need 2 points to be certain.
  10. McGeady was rubbish when we had him on loan. The odd flash of quality but most of the time he didn't look interested. Done well this year.
  11. Maybe but with the backing of DC we don't have to cash in for a quick buck. If MM was in charge I suspect Hirst would have gone for £350k a long time ago. I think this lad will make the grade but he needs nurturing. Send him out on loan to a local lower league team like others have suggested.
  12. I had to look it up as well. 1907. Never mind Pauli, probably your best OMDT ever. I just don't get all this fuss about riding the sheep down the hill. I've always found the best way is to take them to the top of a cliff and mount them there. They can't run away and they push back more. Erm, forget I said that.
  13. Not even if we get promoted.