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  1. Let's be ruthless. cynical and clinical. We need to boss games instead of not turning up until the second half.
  2. Just win the game in normal time. No need for extra time or penalties. Get the job done.
  3. It's all water under the bridge. We didn't finish 5th, we didn't beat Huddersfield, we lost. Good luck to them. We just have to do better next year. Fine margins make the difference
  4. If they can't handle the rough and tumble of the game they definitely aren't ready. You could say that Premiership teams shouldn't send players to the Championship in case they get roughed up. It's part of the learning process. Players progress so far playing in the development squad but if they don't go out on loan they will struggle to make the jump to playing in our first team at the top of the Championship. It will be an even bigger jump if we get into the Premiership. This problem wasn't as bad when there were weekly reserve team games but those have gone so loans to lower league teams are the modern option.
  5. If the better of the younger players are going to progress they need to go out on loan. Give them a month at a non league outfit or 3rd division to see how they cope. As they acclimatise move them up a level when possible. Just moving them from development squad to our first team is too much of a stretch , it can damage their development and our prospects. Hirst is a talent, no doubt about it but let him learn his trade for a while without the pressure of our fans expectations on his shoulders.
  6. He'd be out injured all season.
  7. Donald Trumps farts wasn't what I wrote. S I t e t r a f f I c,
  8. *McGugan doesn't. ** Basically you want all the fans to be sycophants. It isn't going to happen other than in your utopian dreams. I'm all for getting behind the players when they are out on the pitch but there is no way I'm going to say someone had a great game when I believe he had a mare. That's my opinion/belief/ maybe knowledge and I'm going to express myself on here without fear or favour. Why on earth would I speak positively on Owlstalk and social media if something is obviously wrong. A whinge or whine isn't a pot shot at our's a whinge, you calling it something else doesn't make it so. Please bear in mind that in the best of all possible worlds that you crave Owlstalk will shut down. If the only discussion allowed is.... 'we played well'. 'no we didn't, we played really well' 'I say chaps I think you are most unfair , we were magnificent'. donald trump's farts will fall off a cliff, there will be no point in Neil keeping the site open and we will all lose these discussion boards. The mix of opinions amongst our fans generally and on Owlstalk specifically is what makes football so interesting. Stop that and we will all lose. Sorry if that isn't what you want to hear but it is real life not some rose tinted dreamworld.
  9. Not good enough. We've got too many squad fillers already. Need better.
  10. I hope they dealt with the signings issue. We could do with a few that actually get a game now and again. Our transfer policy has been awful so far, I don't know who or what is the problem but they should get it sorted.
  11. I wish people would stop knocking Joao.........we will never get a decent price if you carry on. Potentially the next Messi.....
  12. Lees is a much better player with Loovens along side him. He was very shaky when Hutch was next to him. I've no idea why, maybe some partnerships just click.
  13. We are Sheffield Wednesday and we will take as long as we want.