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  1. McGugan (won't ever play for us again) Kean (Never played for us so won't be missed) Joao (sorry it didn't work out) Nuhiu We have enough strikers who can actually score) Matias (could be good but always injured)
  2. I wish you hadn't explained it, I can't stop laughing now. That must be the funniest thing ever
  3. Reminds me of a kinky ex girlfriend. She dressed up in a se xy police womans outfit, put some handcuffs on me and said she was arresting me on suspicion of being seriously good in bed. 5 minutes later she released me due to lack of evidence. That hurt.
  4. When we were rubbish we got 2 great centre backs for next to nothing (Lees/Loovens). Now we are minted we can't buy a half decent one for mega money. Strange how things work out. I can't believe that there aren't any number of quality CB's on the continent who we could pick up for peanuts. Stat looking in Germany, Holland or some of the eastern European countries.
  5. Love the guy but I'd rather have Sasso back.
  6. Me neither but he needs time to develop. He doesn't warrant a place in our team yet but kids can come on quickly at his age.That's why he needs to go out on loan, find out what the adult game is about. A few months fending for himself in Div 2 should show him what he needs to do, if he shines at that level he can move up a level. This time next year he could seriously be expecting game time with us.
  7. A lot of you seem very interested in your wives knicker drawers.
  8. If he doesn't want to wait too long going to a Premiership club could be a mistake. If he's not ready for the Championship he won't be ready for the Premiership. All a top club would do is loan him to a lower league club to get experience, we can do that. In a Premiership club he would be one among many very talented youngsters, here he's got 30,000 Wednesday fans looking out for him because of his family history. At Man U he'd just be another talented kid who might or might not make it. He would be well advised to stick around for a bit longer, if he breaks through in the next couple of years he can pick up a mega money deal to a top club if we haven't progressed enough to keep him. Loan him out to a lower league club until Christmas, if he does well we can loan him out to a better standard of club or bring him back and play him ourselves.
  9. No. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.
  10. He did OK to start with but if I remember correctly he ended up on the bench for most games towards the end. I've nothing against him, I'd be delighted if we kept him and he came good, I just can't see it happening this year.
  11. Just call him Dave, it's worked before. We've had 'Big Dave' this one could be 'Quick Dave' or Goal scoring Dave'.
  12. Joao looked good when he first came to us. I thought we might have found a gem, shame he didn't progress. He seems to have gone backwards, couldn't hold a starting position for Blackburn at the end of last season. Even with his pace I think we have better options. I'd be content to see him sold. Good luck to the lad for the future, shame it didn't work out, it happens.
  13. You need to get someone to tell you about the birds and bees. You seem a little confused. Bless.
  14. Best current player, Rhodes, not great last year but he's raisin his game this season.
  15. My predictions... Some posters will think Forestieri is the best player we have other will disagree. Some will think Carlos should be replaced, others will think he's the best we've had in a long time. Ticket prices are too high, you get what you pay for. Reach is rubbish, no he's not. Etc etc ad infinitum Nothing ever changes so this prediction stuff is easy.