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  1. we had 21k last season it looks like we might be around 19k this season but the 21k figure may have had half season tickets inc last season id say there might be a slight drop in numbers ,I know 1-2 who aint renewed due to style of football we played last season.
  2. agree look what good a loan did for jack butland
  3. will people stop making excuses for joe palmer cause our club was run badly over the years , that's what is was past ,we deal with now and in the future ,since chansiri has been here we have wanted out of the sondico deal ,we knew the deal runs out now and we have had well over a year to agree a deal with another company , who was it last july who made a schoolboy error with shirts charging £49 for kids shirt and £55 for adult one clearly wrongly priced as vat is 20% ,the club 24 hours later had to reduce it down to £45 after fleecing parents in owls in park for £49 then offering to give them the £4 back if they made a trip to Hillsborough. I don't know what other clubs are doing at min but I'm sure 99% of them will know what shirt they are having ,kit manufacturer ,shirt sponsor etc ,release date of kit . I hope this is just a rumour about we still will be wearing old sondico kit for a while ,probably explains why whey still selling old kit without a reduction .
  4. has palmer done a good job? well who knows just yet, certain things have changed catering, cashless system etc cant be difficult to improve that area can it ,a lot of staff couldn't add up 2 plus 1 I was given £17 change once for some thing what cost £3 ,I handed the poor girl the extra tenner back what she gave me . regarding the club shop total joke that place and nothing has changed while he has been here if anything its got worse ie last season which clown decided to charge £49 for kids home shirt and £55 for adults then 24 hours later some 6years old told club 20% vat means that shirt at most should be £45 which they had to correct. palmer has also put our prices and shirts at the dearest in the football league don't effect me too much as I'm season ticket holder but I wouldn't pay those on gate prices. last seasons shirts should have been sold at 50% off in may why wernt they? I'm sure other clubs would have cleared them out .also we have known for as long as a year ago that we want to change kit supplier when our deal with sondico ran out , also no mention about new shirt supplier ,when we are likely to see our new kit ,owls in the park,150th year etc usually we get some stuff on swfc web site but its been total silence ,the 1 thing the club needs to improve on is communication to supporters ,maybe it will all start next week about kit,owl in park,pre season friendly etc but I wouldn't hold my breath .
  5. a lot a owners for obvious reasons take huge gambles in trying to get to prem with the crazy money there ,a lot have failed in trying to do that. look at forest and mess they got into splashing huge amounts on players n wages, derby also have spend huge ,but last season they had to curb there spending hence why hendrick went for 10 million ,martin to Fulham to save wages so they could get vydra etc ,they had to cut spending right down last season to keep within ffp ,we this season will have a similar outlay ,don't be too shocked if 1-2 leave us though I hope not cause its so difficult to prise players off other clubs without paying way over the odds.
  6. well lets see how close I am come when figures for upto 31st may 2017 are , this is all not going to end well unless we go up this coming season and don't make lots of poor signings which have not exactly worked
  7. when the accounts are released I'm fairly sure the figure of £17.129 million will increase massively , since may 31st 2016 we have added a lot of big earners and also doubled or more the contracts of ie westwood,lee,lees,hutch ,fessi etc that alone will easily add 2-3 million to last mays figure ,we also have and I use the word reportedly fletcher on 35k a wk, Rhodes on 50k plus a wk, abdi 30k plus a wk jones 20k etc etc you don't have to be a mathematician to easily find another 10 million added to wage bill since last summer and very little leaving our wage bill ,
  8. He signed a very lucrative deal last summer I can't imagine what our wage bill is now it must be over 25 million, think we have got to be very careful now
  9. That is totally correct ,he don't like sitting on anyone's bench he told me a few months ago.plus he loves it here . So unless someone pays him 50k a wk and makes him 1st choice in prem he won't leave.
  10. maybe we could offer joao matias melo to some Portuguese club and in place we get 1-2 players who can improve us,none have a future here.in fact whats the date when matias breaks down again? he will for certain be in treatment room before season starts ,let it be someone elses treatment room
  11. he is on 17-18k if he goes elsewhere he might get 9k a wk 9k x52 weeks = £468000 so there is no way he going to lose that much money would you? and figure 18 months ago would have been much bigger ,unless he goes on loan and they pay say 10k a wk to us surely that would be good deal for both ,he would still get his 18k a wk he would build his match fitness up and maybe earn a better deal in January if all goes well at new club.
  12. Jamie ward her gets dog foul abuse .don't know anyone else who gets as much stick as him. Remember Peter Reid he is f** c***bounces on the ground Peter Reid quite a few others Ian wright as he used to wind crowd up ,quite a few refs from past used to get it too George courtney
  13. when these crazy fees for average players happen it makes me happy we didn't go up. 17 million for maguire is crazy and getting 80k a wk unreal good luck to him though he is set for life
  14. if any of our midfielders can go its jones and bannan you just cant expect to do anything with those 2 in centre midfield . bannan I think even I could score more than him 1 last season ,I think if I stand in penalty box it might hit me on back side and go in ,really need a midfielder with at least 10 goals a season and someone who can get box to box . midfield is certainly our weak link.
  15. know where he from where he went and he made millions . 1 thing is for sure though hirst wont end up at park steels and Fleetwood . if we don't give him a chance pre season or at least a decent loan we will lose him.