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  1. Agree what made me so angry is we never had a better chance to go up but were more bothered about what hudds could do rather than take game to them and playing fessi on left and bringing winnall on to try to win the game rather than nuhiu. My thinking is if chansiri had a better understanding about football he may have been making a different decision . If mandric was in charge he would be changing manager for sure.we will need a good start next season and play the right way. if we don't the mutterings on here and what I heard before 6 game winning run and sometimes during playoff when quite a few including myself were questioning the tactics will become louder .just hope Carlos will learn to play a winger and press higher up pitch if not a huge mistake has been made.
  2. was on a train few months ago and a load of Scottish lads were on way to watch Scotland game in pub and were not exactly saying nice things about bannan, I suppose if he could score and tackle he might be a bit more popular. and how Rhodes don't get into Scotland squad I don't know, most league 2 players would be superstars in Scotland ,look at celtic winning there league by 30 pts I doubt very much there side would get anywhere near the championship playoffs well 10million for Rhodes 60k a wk over 4 years that's a 22 million outlay for a player what now cant get in that pathetic Scotland squad not good is it.
  3. either would do for me ,we need a change a different direction,i want to see a much more positive manager any with similar style ie stam or karanka no thanks. the thing with a new manager though is how is he going to get out players what he don't want cause they have all been given silly lucrative contracts , any takers for nuhiu?
  4. agree, but even fletcher and reach considering wages and transfer fee aint hit the levels we were expecting. chansiri needs to be ruthless when he meets carlos on Tuesday and bring an axe with him
  5. That might or might not be true but surely our club should do there homework on a player before we sign them.
  6. No I ain't his dad, just a fan of his like way he knocks ball about suberb at free kicks etc scores a few .he was a big fan favourite suddenly just cause Carlos don't want him he gets so much stick, football is a business and is a short career as a footballer so no player breaks a big contract to go elsewhere for less money. What we should have done is loan him out and pay half his wages good for both parties until a new manager decides if he wants him here or not
  7. yes and I don't get this mcgugan bashing ,just because carlos fell out with him and treats him like a total outcast ,carlos himself 16 months ago said mcgugan is the most talented player on ball in the club . you cant sign a player give him 3-4 year deal on good money then just cause carlos don't want him expect him to leave on half money he aint crazy. would you do that? cause not ,I'm sure he wants to play, lets get a new manager in give mcgugan summer to get fit see what happens if it don't work pay him off.
  8. yer heard that too when I watched back ,cause usually were at games home n away ,keith Andrews was quite critical of our tactics and not having a plan b etc
  9. that's your choice, but we cant compare past managers to carlos, he has spent 34 million ,has over 10 players on over 20k a week , some on a reported 60k a week and sometimes our bench earns more than most championship squads put together . I think this is a very divided subject and it wont be good going into a new season with around 40% of our fan base wanting him out.,a bad start and some old tactics and the atmosphere would soon turn toxic. there were times just before winning run which gary hooper had a lot to do with where a lot of our crowd were getting pretty upset by the performances home and away ,I was thinking after Barnsley game 1-2 more games and crowd would be chanting you don't know what your doing etc.
  10. well he is 28 now stop adding 2 years to our lives , the other kieran lee is 33 but he is a very lucky man
  11. he has to go from me, nice bloke but cant put up with another season like this ,even when we have won many times ive been bored out of my brains or we have held on by skin of our teeth by his tactics ,but I thought put up with it if it gets us to Wembley and promotion ,we need to do something different now it might not work but its worth trying, cant keep buying multi million pound players on big contracts and benching them or out casting them from squad .if we keep him it be same tactics next season bannan lee hutch in midfield all decent players ,but no wingers again to get ball across for those 5 strikers who need service, 2 full backs pudil and hunt who aint good enough, but I would keep hunt as back up , loovens in defence who isn't quick enough ,and of coarse the big man nuhiu , sorry ive had enough of that , I'm a bit shocked that its not more that want him to leave
  12. I'm hoping that chansiri does the right thing next week and parts with carlos , if he knows enough about football then he can see where we are failing and surely cant allow a man to waste any more of his millions to then just disown players like he has done with many mcgugan abdi mcmanaman winnall buckley fox emanulson .and I know Rhodes now has his critics but benching a player on that sum of money for a club like us is crazy ,should never have been got on a full deal unless he was pretty much going to play nearly every game. the problem chansiri has he wont be allowed to spend millions next season ,a new manager will need to sell around 2 of our star players to have leeway in transfer market, we also have a large squad of very highly paid players who wont leave even if we want them to ie mcgugan .
  13. I didn't say any of them players are bad players most are top championship players but they should be playing regular not spending time on bench or staying at home ,only fletcher of this seasons signings started playoffs and he was off after 60 mins. The recruitment has been a disaster
  14. I'm on about playing that way in championship plenty of teams have got promoted playing with an attacking style of play
  15. Bad signings yes loads not bad players . Mcmanaman Buckley emanulson winnall Rhodes fox abdi sougou I can name around 15 players who were signed on very good money to play who either are benched or out of squad or worse .these players are on very very good money and ain't been used properly the signings have been a disaster when you think what they cost and huge wages there on