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  1. Boyd and Hunt

    I think boyd should play all away games as he offers more support to hunt. Play Wallace mainly for home games .lads put in a rite shift in yesterday but we need to be much more of an attacking threat at home this season to make top 6 .
  2. Carlos haters

    Think I heard the singing ,top supporters we have . Professional performance yesterday , talking to supporters I can see about a 50/50 divide in opinions regarding Carlos .I'm still for him leaving .I also saw some of out supporters fighting it's crazy.
  3. Swfc fans cars being broke into

    don't know but there was a lot more than 3-4 put wind up me ,remember my wheels were spinning as soon as I got motor started
  4. Swfc fans cars being broke into

    you are quite right about that area, its been going on since we were in premier league ,I used to always park round there until late 1990s ,until I got back to car seeing around 40 cars smashed on one Saturday afternoon ,lucky for me mine didn't get touched , I now park in a better place ,the police though were happy handing tickets out but couldn't give a damm about your car.
  5. FF to Brighton

    Not all red cards are 3 game ban. Either he is in squad 2moro or he is up for sale .carlos needs to give a straight answer to all this nonsense.
  6. FF to Brighton

    Similar players I'd say , there is no way they could both play in same team .so knowing that would fessi be happy sitting on bench most weeks, something what he hates.what we need is a manager to stop talking bull we deserve that.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday press conference

    Been saying this for a very long time now ,the consequences are quite clear Carlos will leave soon,leaving us with an ageing overpaid squad of players who we are stuck with ,a new manager will not get the riches Carlos had, it will mean selling before any incomings. I think people will remember Carlos for getting us into a mess and playing negative football .the 1st season seems so long ago now .our recruitment for last 16 months has been shocking and before that a number of players signed who hardly played a game . Look at Mccarthy and warnock experienced championship managers who have bought very well on limited money and are top .
  8. Jones & Bannan - for the time being

    well nearly everyone I talk to don't see this midfield pairing taking us anywhere ,how many goals did they score from centre mid last season? bannan 1 goal! jones did he get 1 goal? that alone answers the question . top sides get around 20 goals from centre midfield ,we need a far more dynamic midfielder ,someone younger who can get up and down pitch ,breaks into box ,can tackle,and an eye for a goal yes these type of players do exist ,other clubs can find them we cant. why? also from start of season if you think we will get w6 d4 l2 you are deluded ,this wont happen with the players what we have available and still no sign of incomings .
  9. Jones & Bannan - for the time being

    jones wouldn't be my 8th choice totally hopeless offers nothing . bannan can play centre mid only with the right player along side him,and that player don't even play for us.
  10. Jones & Bannan - for the time being

    i said a month ago that hutch,lee,abdi,loovens will all be out be 1st sept I think 99% of support knew this too, bannan and jones to me are weakest centre mid pair in championship ,unless the chairman don't act soon regarding carlos, or carlos admits he is wrong and gets a new midfielder in like him at burton Jackson Irvine , and a top centre half and a younger back up centre half we could be in for a relegation fight this season, I cant imagine we could finish below a few teams but it wont shock me if we finish lower mid table this season on what we have now. you can disagree but its what I see.
  11. Team for Sunderland

    I'm wondering same whats happened to fox? and every day what passes not keeping sasso gets dafter and dafter. what we waiting for? transfer deadline day and some panic buy at double price?
  12. North Stand Concourses

    whats wrong with club not accepting cash? 1-2 been in tills according to chansiri ,but surely that will be small amount we would have lost but how much will club lose over season for not having cash allowed?. nothing ever seems to improve regarding catering at the club,many times they have nothing warm available at 345pm . surely we should over stock food than under stock . we buy in bulk so we by a pie at 40p and sell it at £3.60 surely buying 5000 pies at 40p =£2000 outlay and selling them for £18000 = big profit , if we sold them all .if only 4000 pies were sold and chuck 1000 that would still be £14400 club would get . so my point is how many pies and other warm food items could be sold at huge mark up at a game , I think anyone off street could run things better to be honest .
  13. Fulham away

    same here waiting on mine. this has all come about cause the club issued season tickets so late that they were too busy to sell away tickets at usual 3 wks before a game on Monday , selling 12 days and less away tickets is putting a risk on a lot of supporters not getting tickets in the post in time . when will the ticket office go back to selling just under 3 weeks before game?.
  14. Nigel Pearson

    nigel pearson would need full control of transfers without doubt . I just cant see things changing under carlos I'm afraid ,I just hope its quick(him leaving) because even though I think he cant take us any further I wouldn't want him to get too much abuse from crowd.
  15. Nigel Pearson

    calling him a nut job is probably over the top, but I think a no nonsense who takes no **** from no1 is just what we need. I'm sure pearson what have sorted out the spine of our team by early july , carlos will use lee ,loovens ,hutch out as an excuse but we all know and ive posted it many times that these players will play little for us this season . loovens should never have been given a 3 year deal with his injury record and getting older. nothing seems to be happening at all regarding incomings ,what happens if tom lees picks a bug up and is missing sunderland game no centre halves at all, sort it carlos ,or chansiri plz sack him and get someone in who can sort out this situation whats been ongoing now for 16 months .