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  1. "Stinks of rotting footballer in here"
  2. 1m is what you get when you dont tie a player down early enough
  3. Ah, this one speaks sense
  4. First question is where the flip is the new kit?
  5. Id spend millions putting those electronic advertising boards in. Only then would we be ready for the Premier League
  6. Who wants rid of him?
  7. My ultimate Wednesday player would be Jennifer Love-Hewitt in a wednesday kit
  8. It's what kids do though isn't it
  9. Wasn't the case at the back end of last season when we went on a great run without him. Il accept he came on and scored the winner v Cardiff but other than that...
  10. If someone bit you on the arse would you recognise them as a footballer?
  11. Well in that case we should all stop talking about the footballing ability of any of the players then. Pretty sure most people on here couldn't kick a ball 20yards so maybe they shouldn't comment on anything football related to any of our players
  12. Are you allowed to put a clause in that says they must play him against us? Id be more likely to do that personally. That should ensure Westwood has a day off.
  13. love statements like this. Dear Football League Clubs, Its your lucky day! Yes, you heard us right! We have this player whos hardly scored any goals and isnt anywhere near good enough for us but if one of you, (YES YOU!) comes in and offers us millions you can have him. Kind regards SWFC