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  1. Oh look, another condescending "grown up" proving his maturity by judging and sniping at others for enjoying a game on a computer. People who really have "grown up" tend to acknowledge the old adage of "live and let live". Incidentally I agree that sky sports using FM stats when analysing transfers is totally cringeworthy. Doesn't mean the game is without its worth though - in case you hadn't realised, not everyone over the age of 18 who plays it are sociopathic recluses still living at home with their parents.
  2. The police force and council have both been run by cretins for too long but that's not entirely relevant to this shambles. It's fairly simple - the police and stewards are incredibly lazy and don't want to have to deal with big numbers, so they don't give the slightest f*** about depriving the club of some major revenue by removing the use of a large number of seats in the away end (which while being old and out-dated, is far more fit for purpose than the powers that be would have you believe). Newcastle have every right to be aggrieved, both about the pathetic allocation and our ridiculous pricing structure. And rather than sneering at them for complaining about both the allocation and prices, we should applaud them for their dedication to the club which means they're willing to pay the prices, much as I applaud our fans for the numbers we've gotten the last two seasons. The situation isn't ideal, because it just encourages DC to boost the prices even more when people turn up.
  3. Appreciate it came across that way. Honestly wasn't even slagging them off - I just find them almost a bit too inoffensive.
  4. I think Reading are the most boring club in existence. Nobody cares about them, they've been vaguely average throughout their history, have average support at home and rubbish support away, a rubbish out of town ground but are just inoffensive in every way.
  5. I'd be very sad for him, he's a great bloke who's done a lot of good work here. Would I be surprised? Probably a bit if we canned him at this very late juncture, wouldn't be at all surprised to see him go at the end of the season assuming we don't go up.
  6. Don't think either of our centre halves were really fit to play tonight. At least there's the international break to freshen them up for the run in now.
  7. Seriously, what manager is out there right now who would improve us at all? The only championship level manager I can think of who is out of work is Steve McClaren and I'd rather eat my own faeces than appoint him. We don't have enough time left in the season for some lengthy recruitment process to find another overseas manager.
  8. Too late in the season for that sort of upheaval. Besides, what manager is out there who would want the job?
  9. Westwood going up for the corner left the goal open and Popa smashed it in. testicles
  10. Westwood up for a corner.
  11. 4 minutes stoppage time
  12. Nuhiu on for Loovens. Carlos chucking the kitchen sink at it.
  13. Al Habsi makes two amazing saves from Buckley inside a minute
  14. Winnall off for Fletcher