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  1. The amount of celebration... we beat Chesterfield in a shoot out for God's sake. Also love the band trying to put the Chessy players off by parping before each pen
  2. I hope you love Gooch for the novelty of his name or something, because I'm not particularly fond of the guy after he decided not to renew his contract with us because he thought he was better than us, only to end up sitting on the bench at Charlton.
  3. So has Onyewu actually decided we're good enough for him now? That's nice.
  4. Bamford is a weird one, I remember a midweek game against Derby at Hillsborough and Bamford scored the winner, one of the best goals I've ever seen. He looked like the next big thing when he was with Boro too but he hasn't half lost his way since then. Think the deal is worth £6m, potentially going up to £10m in add ons.
  5. Welcome to Sheffield Wednesday Seyi Olafinjana.
  6. Genuine question because I'm not sure of the answer - would people prefer Rhodes or Bamford? Middlesbrough have obviously plumped for Bamford, who has his up sides - younger and cheaper, but Rhodes has a longer track record.
  7. Aye true that
  8. Have you considered offering your services as a scout? Also how do you manage to download all the games?
  9. Does his contract run out at the end of next season?
  10. We were happy to believe Nixon, who happens to work for The Sun. Is Nixon writing the stuff about him being set on going to Villa?
  11. I've spoken to tango once or twice and found him a really genuine and nice bloke. He attracts a bad rep for being boisterous at games and playing up to all the back and forth between fans. Sometimes it goes too far like it did at St Andrews, but there's absolutely no excuse for nutting someone, especially not in front of their daughter.
  12. No there isn't. But if even a few of them leave it will be a disastrous window for them. Also don't write off Ipswich's chances of signing Scowen, Marcus Evans has bumped up the transfer budget to try and convince McCarthy to stay.
  13. How many players are trying to leave Barnsley? Jesus
  14. Every single one!? How are there enough hours in the day?
  15. If they sell McCormack they'll sign Rhodes no problem. It's just finding a taker for McCormack that's the problem, because they also paid £12m for him and will be wanting most of it back - for a player who's just flopped with them and is the wrong side of 30.