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  1. Leeds are an illustration of eking 110% out of a decent squad, thereby turning them into a very good squad. If Megson managed them they'd be a mediocre mid table team that just aimlessly lumped it at Wood for 90 minutes, who would get a few goals but the supporting players would be massively frustrated. Anti-football just doesn't get you very far anymore.
  2. Carlos' football this season may be seen as negative, but Megson's negative football was far far worse - at least now we can string a pass together. Carlos may live and die by possession but I'd rather he do that than have us lumping it incessantly into the box.
  3. Westwood is a strong character and it didn't surprise me that he wouldn't take the crap being hurled at the team lying down. Leeds will always claim the vast majority of pondlife in attendance at any game but we have plenty of morons ourselves. Idiots who seemed to get bored of hurling abuse at Leeds pretty quickly and instead turned on our players. A few of them decided to do their best to get tangled up in any skirmishes outside afterwards. I saw one complete idiot deck a copper which is just totally embarrassing. Hope he enjoys his prison time. Don't get me wrong, I went today and was far from happy to have splashed £50 on ticket and travel to go and watch that performance. But some are way too eager to start hurling unwarranted dog's abuse around. I don't enjoy the vibe around the club at present because it becomes too negative too quickly after an indifferent run - the fans didn't particularly look like they wanted to applaud the players at the end and the players didn't look like they particularly wanted to applaud the fans either.
  4. It's a funny one this. We kept Wood quiet for the whole game (an impressive achievement given he's had 23 goals this season) - apart from the one moment where I haven't the foggiest what either Sasso or Loovens were doing, except that they managed to present him with the one of the easiest goals he'll ever score. Leeds allowed a few too many crossed yes but their two big powerhouses at centre half dealt with everything we threw at them - Jansson was the best player in the pitch for me. They harried us in midfield and were always ready to counter at speed, though we generally dealt with them well. Our heads dropped as soon as we missed the penalty and despite not playing terribly I was sure we wouldn't get anything from the game after that. Our performance became flat and we didn't manage to up the tempo as we often try to do in the last 20 minutes or so.
  5. Westwood 6 - no chance with the goal, ok distribution but shouldn't have been offering out one of our fans at the end, it gives off the impression that we're disintegrating Hunt 5.5 - worked hard going forwards and backwards but his crossing was awful Sasso 5 - what the hell were the pair of them playing at for the goal? Apart from that they kept Leeds quiet but that was an unforgivable mistake. Loovens 5 - see above. As ponderous as ever in possession Fox 4 - loose passing and weak defending Wallace 5 - his deliveries from dead ball situations were very good, his attacking in open play was dreadful. Not bad defensively Hutchinson 6 - looked up for it and won lots on the ground and in the air, though I wish his passing would improve Abdi 7 - our best player. Picked the right pass every time and delivered it straight to feet. Linked defence and attack - why the hell we subbed him off I'll never know Reach 5 - worked hard, made some good interceptions and did well with some dangerous deliveries first half but his touch was awful second half and he looked out of his depth Forestieri 5 - did his best but was well marshalled by Leeds' defence Rhodes 4 - did very little other than missing the penalty McManaman 6 - did well when he had the ball but we didn't give it him often enough Bannan 5 - inferior to Abdi, got bullied off the ball too many times Fletcher 5 - did better than Rhodes in making the ball stick up front but his decision making was poor.
  6. Carlos and Wagner are pretty comparable so far - they've had first seasons where they've really caught the eye by turning a mid-table outfit into a top play off team on a team with a lesser budget. Theirs is smaller than ours yes, but it's impressive achievement for both Wednesday and Huddersfield to be competing at the top of the league when neither side has had access to parachute payments - and as much as our owner is rich there are some even richer ones in the championship. Huddersfield have caught teams off guard with their swashbuckling, quick high pressing and you tend to find that football adjusts slowly to teams that raise the eyebrows with their style of play - at the end of last season Leicester were still running riot over teams despite the fact the rest of the Premier League had had a whole season to figure them out. I actually think there's an argument to say Carlos' achievements are being a little understated this season. The style of play has been adapted yes, and it's not as easy on the eye. But Leicester didn't adapt their style of play and look what's happened to them. There's not been this huge drop off from last season in results - this time last year we were losing at home to Rotherham. Last season after 33 games we had 54 points, this year we have 58. We've also addressed the key issue of not being able to beat the teams around us. I can appreciate 4 points progress after the money spent is underwhelming, but the reason people keep going on about how teams have adapted to us this season is because it's partially true. Yes, the best teams in the world can keep their playing style regardless of opposition, but we're not the best team in the world, we're not even the best team in our league. Bad results will happen in a season, just like Brentford on Tuesday night. Assuming they don't go up, the expectations of Huddersfield fans are going to be ramped right up after the successes of this season and it will be interesting to see how they respond. I see Wagner as more wedded to that high tempo style of play, so I doubt much adaptation will go on. Does that mean teams will have them more figured out, results will be less impressive and hence vindicate Carlos switching our style of play to a slightly more conservative one? Or will they continue to overwhelm the opposition and show no signs of falling off? We shall soon see, but too many people are writing off Carlos and his achievements off prematurely imo.
  7. I think what Abdi means is we're going to kick Leeds' rear ends so hard that they'll flee for the hill and coincidentally end up at Hillsborough, where the mighty wednesday will complete the rout.
  8. A very good morning to you all, Pauli opening this Derby day with an excellent storyboard that's got me thinking actually - is the secret to Garry Monk's comparative success at Leeds down to the fact that he's the only manager they've had who isn't losing his hair? We may never know... Anyway, it's Leeds' biggest game of the season, not that they'll admit it. We get a second chance to climb to 4th - being level on points with Leeds and only 2 points behind Reading, who are away at Brighton. I have trust in CC to banish the complacency of the Brentford game and correct the mistakes. Hopefully Fox comes back in and shores up our left hand side, while Sasso and Loovens learn from mid week to deliver a more assured showing in central defence. Abdi will shoulder a lot of responsibility for our attacking work, needs to be effective in linking play to the front two, who can cause massive damage to any team in this league. Hutchinson has that difficult role of balancing his all-action defensive duties while incorporating a touch more adventurous passing. Leeds aren't to be taken lightly but I do feel they're slightly over rated and overly reliant on Chris Wood, so it's an interesting test for us. Can we affirm our status as a championship heavyweight to be feared in every game? We tend to step it up against the teams around us, so I'm tempted to say yes and predict that we're about to win at Elland Road for the first time in too long. Safe trip to all those travelling - and I'll see you there, can't wait. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!! Leeds 0-1 Wednesday (Rhodes 85)
  9. I didn't go so obviously won't be dishing out ratings but I tend to have my average rating as 6 - in assessing it I basically start every player in the team up on a 6 and see what they do to push it up or down. Maybe that just shows me as a glass half full type but I see 6 as an average performance, 5 as more mediocre. Apparently L'equipe, which is the main football paper in France, gives average performances a 4 so we're all pretty generous in comparison.
  10. Bannan did have some good games out on the left last season. This season it hasn't worked and I will admit that I wish Carlos would bite the bullet and admit that a very talented central midfielder simply has to be left out of our side if he wants to carry on playing 4-4-2 as we need wingers with a few more orthodox skills. Bannan and/or Abdi can't play out wide.
  11. I've not been at the game but I'll admit to being slightly torn - I don't like blaming the ref for defeats because it always smacks of desperation, but also I can't be bothered with the inevitable meltdown which would leave an outsider thinking we'd lost 4 in a row before this one as opposed to the truth, which is the opposite.
  12. I would highlight Newcastle and Wolves away, plus QPR at home (it was only 1-0 but we controlled it from start to finish) as our best performances of the season, but we haven't hit the heights of last year, I think that's obvious for all to see.
  13. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but this game always looked a banana skin, with bigger fixtures ahead. It's so frustrating, there was a very real chance of climbing to 4th tonight. I'm in danger of writing the game off though. If we got any sort of result tonight it would be a brilliant bounceback and springboard for the rest of the season. Carlos needs to kick their arses into gear in that dressing room, make a bold sub or two and tell them to buck their ideas up and go all out to get back into this. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  14. Aye, good shout. Might stick a film on or something, can't be arsed having to duck and dive amid the hail of toys being ejected from prams.
  15. What, lose 10 games in a row?