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  1. That's a shame if true. I'd seen that Mowbray had said Mahoney would "test the market" and I was excited at our chances of getting him. Sunderland must be offering him big money, though it's a signing that would make sense as they desperately need to trim the fat, cut costs and structure the team around youth.
  2. I actually think there's a high possibility he'll be the next Aiden McGeady - but that doesn't mean I want to sign him, as McGeady needs a club lower down the table that are happy to build around him, just like McManaman. His attitude stinks and as much as he undoubtedly has talent, we can do better.
  3. Confirmed that our U23s are playing at Worksop Town on the 10th July 7:00pm. Great club, I hope they can get back to a higher level where they belong. Also noticed Jack Waddle was named their player of the year this season.
  4. Source? I'm fine with it if true, he's a good solid back up. I'm not filled with horror when he deputises for one of our centre backs, like I was with Martin Taylor or Llera at the end of his time with us.
  5. Dunno, but whatever his attainable scale is for us, his attainable scale for Tottenham will be a lot higher
  6. When he played for Brentford at Hillsborough under Stuart Gray (we won 1-0, Kieran Lee with a late winner) Jota was absolutely brilliant. Completely ignored the fact that the pitch was a bog and made you hold your breath every time he had the ball.
  7. A 3-4-1-2 would probably work best - we've got too many strikers in the squad not to have two up front and Forestieri and possibly Abdi would be best played in the number ten hole. As for wing backs, Hunt can compete with a new signing (possibly Callum Paterson) for the right hand spot, we've got Reach and Pudil for the left, both dynamic players going forwards and backwards. Not a bad idea, do feel like the 4-4-2 needs changing for next year. Alternatively a 4-3-3 would mean Forestieri and a potential new recruit for the right wing can have attacking free rein, with a three-man midfield.
  8. Only one year left on his contract so Brentford can't charge that much. In terms of what type of player he is - pacy, skillful, wonderful passing ability and brilliant finishing. A proper Spanish winger, I'd kill to have him on the right wing for us next season.
  9. Tierney is Premier League bound, probably to a top 7 side. McKay's stock has plummeted like nothing I've ever seen, at the start of the season The Daily Record were saying RB Leipzig wanted him for £7 million, now Caixinha basically sees him as surplus to requirements.
  10. Forsyth was a very solid player before his injury, he always impressed me at Hillsborough. Would be a risk mind
  11. Leeds haven't even officially made his move permanent yet, plus he's in love with their fans (which doesn't really say much for him). He ain't coming to Wednesday, though if Southampton's reported interest in him as a replacement for Van Dijk is true, he may still leave Leeds before ever actually playing a game for them as their full-time player.
  12. Play South Shields, reigning FA Vase champions as of this week. Sorted.
  13. Aden Flint is too slow and cumbersome, like Harry Maguire but much more clumsy.
  14. Has the definitely not a megathread that's actually a megathread bitten the dust already?
  15. Carlton Palmer, we need some proper box to box drive in midfield.