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  1. Yes this
  2. I can't wait for a season of Bannan on the bench ! We might actually challange the top 2 if that happens !
  3. Reach plays on left every week he'll be good IMO. Reach gets moved about hell be inconsistent and get stick. Personally I think point 2 will happen
  4. Our first team squad is too big hence the lack of youth presence. But at the moment with this Portugal tour it makes little difference. We're back next week and I'm sure they train together with the seniors. Personally I would like to see Stobbs Hirst and Penney involved with the first team but we have about 8 billion strikers and wingers who don't get a game anyway and he seems to have 3 first team lefts backs in Pudil Reach and Fox. So there not gonna get a chance and are best off going on loan.
  5. Good god. We have shed loads of strikers (ok I agree that he should be in front of 3 of them) so he would not play in Portugal! He's had a long summer with England so he's being eased back in slowly hence not even starting for the Under 23's. I am sure we'll be in negotiations with him and do what is best for him with regards to his development. I believe he will be playing for us in the future and hope he becomes a star like his dad was !
  6. Plays every game for me in midfield or at the back
  7. My predicted team and score: Wildsmith Palmer Lees Pudil Fox Boyd Jones Bannan Matias Rhodes Winnall 2-2 draw or late Wednesday win Rhodes will score
  8. Our key player this season
  9. Step one get a new roof on the kop and rid of them poles. Step two (as we obviously can't bulldoze) get the Away fans in the lower west and NWC. Step three sell upper west to owls fans and give free tickets to schools up there. But ultimately that end needs knocking down. Oh and I'd defo go for a new pool view
  10. Keep Joao, can have Fletcher if they want tho
  11. As above the premier leagues money can pay for stuff like this. Ticket prices and travel costs in the prem should be peanuts. I'd hope ours would drastically drop if we ever get there as we're extremely extortionate
  12. Can't argue too much with that
  13. I think those players will play out wide which should avoid his square pegs in round holes problem that he has - however I can't see them playing wide as he just doesn't play this way. He HAS to go more attacking this season or he will be gone by xmas as we won't get the luck we had last, so yes I expect those players to play out wide and us to not sit back as much but I still expect us to be narrow and compact across the midfield with the width coming from the fullbacks. The other issue with what he has said is where would Bannan, Reach Abdi fit into the side? I want us to build a team round Abdi this year but can't see CC wanting that and we all know the other 2 have pictures of him Keith Lard style as they always get a place !
  14. Matias
  15. 12 Rhodes 68 No