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  1. 0-1 Hudds
  2. It would be good if we can finish 3rd this season then sit back and laugh at people struggling to cope with it. Because previously they've always thought the team in 3rd should be promoted too, when it's a club they like.
  3. Harsh to drop Hunt from not only the team but the squad altogether ive been frustrated with 442 this season until recently when Hunt and Pudil have been playing very well and showing that 442 can work when your fullbacks are decent
  4. I remember the Hooters in Houston wasn't as good as I'd been told
  5. I'm terrible at betting and lose 95% of the time so I put a bet on both Fulham and Leeds winning so it wouldn't happen I will probably also bet on Leeds winning on Saturday you are all welcome
  6. I spent 3 weeks working in Houston about 10 years ago and there was an English bar showing live games. But I can't remember what it's called or if it's still there Hope this helps
  7. Grant Hanley might be worth another look at in the summer too if we stay down. i know Blackburn fans said he was overrated when he left them, but I expect their opinions on how effective he was in their team may have changed now they are heading for league 1
  8. I don't know why but I have a feeling if we did get promoted then Carlos would step aside and leave us on a high. And that it was his task to get us promoted. Especially as his family is still in Portugal and he only seems to stay places for a couple of years BUT, I hope he does stay long term because he's my favourite manager since.. big Ron.
  9. I expect it's been mentioned how Norwich might easily do an Ipswich and try out some fringe/junior players especially as it's their last away game. And then they'll play their first team for their final home game i think our best chance will probably be Fulham beating Brentford and then resting most of their team when they play us. Like we did at Wolves last season
  10. True that, I was working with a Palace fan at the time we signed Bannan and he was gutted they'd let him go and that he should have been getting in the Palace team but the style of route one didn't suit him. Im firmly in the Bannan fan camp
  11. If we are in this league again next year then a tough centre back is one of the main signings we need. Keogh could be an option I suppose
  12. Objects used by actors when performing in a play or film no idea why Carlos needs them
  13. I guess people are also seeing Fulham's style as a reason they might go up but we aren't an easy team to beat and it will be interesting to see what Fulham can do against us. Given the choice I would still choose our group of players over the one Fulham has this season
  14. Yep everything tends to reset when the playoffs start. If Fulham play hudds in the semi's I doubt they would win 4-1 away again.