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  1. Disappointed but love Carlos as a man and hopefully he's learnt some lessons from this season. Now lets sign some creative midfielders this summer oh and play them too
  2. It's an interesting point about what people consider to be realistic. Personally I don't think Wagner or Jokanovic would be realistic as they are more likely to stay with their current clubs than jump ship to another championship club that's not the size of Newcastle. But then would someone like Gallardo at river plate be realistic who may be interested in a root into European football - ok probably not! Anyway if Carlos does leave I would expect to see the following make up the bookies top 5 Pardew, Moyes, Hodgson, Pearson, McLaren None of whom really fill me with much excitement but I guess it's better than we're used to
  3. Confirmed he's becoming our boss or that he's sh*t?
  4. Usually the Alan sugar "you're fired" finger point happens at the end of some dialogue this is a joke by the way I don't approve of people getting fired whilst sitting outside in restaurants
  5. Chansiri "I've spent over £20m and we still have Bannan on the wing? Say whaaaaat"
  6. If Carlos does leave I'd much rather him go to a Porto than stay in this country.
  7. Yep Abdi will probably be sold to someone like Fulham in the summer and become the best player in the league next season Although he has had injury and fitness problems, there were a few games when he was either only on the bench or Dom howson said he was fit but wasn't picked for tactical reasons. Hopefully for his sake he finds himself at a team that will use him correctly next season
  8. It's funny because Carlos is my favourite manager since big Ron, personality based, but I feel the same that I'd actually be disappointed if they announce he's staying. Because his decisions during the semi final really worries me for the future. But if he is going to stay, I hope we'll see signings in the summer that indicate he realises to play 442 you need proper wingers. The longer the summer goes on and this doesn't happen, I will be worried.
  9. I actually thought we'd seen the end of players coming to us and wasting away. But last season it seemed to happen again which was a concern to add to the list
  10. Abdi and Forestieri need to play for a manager that plays a formation like 4231 or 433. Not sure it will happen here under Carlos
  11. The defeat to Huddersfield will have really hurt Chansiri and not because he's now a Wednesday fan, but because when he bought us he wanted entertaining and attacking football and has spent a lot of money. On Wednesday he watched a team play better football for a fraction of the cost and they advanced at our expense. I think it will be an interesting meeting with Chansiri and Carlos tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them leave the club at the end of the day...
  12. What?
  13. Thats a bit harsh. Sometimes he's been allwight
  14. If you're signing up for Carlos to stay then you are accepting having a manager that thinks it's good to have a player like Bannan on the wings and to bring Nuhiu on when Winnall is on the bench. Us or Chansiri telling Carlos to stop doing these things is just not going to happen. Maybe Carlos will learn lessons from this season but it's a gamble
  15. So true! i've read a few posters saying they want Carlos to stay under the obligation that he ditches 442 or plays more attack minded. I don't think that's how the world works unfortunately. A manager needs to believe in the system he's playing not be pressured into it by others, in my opinion anyway