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  1. It's already been proposed
  2. I don't think Chansiri cares much about resale value he wants success on the pitch. If this guy will be as good as say a Dunk in this league, for the next 3 seasons then it will be worth the fee. But it seems this is another nonsense story
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing Adarabioyo arrive on loan from Man City. A young footballing centre back who looked the part when I saw him play before
  4. Lots of nothing to talk about then
  5. Thats the cup game against Chesterfield then
  6. Oh well it was nice being linked with someone this window. How many days till January?
  7. My guess would be it's wolves with their Portuguese connections and money (I know the player isn't Portuguese) he'll probably go on to be the best player in to league next season
  8. And Snodgrass
  9. Get ready for a disappointing summer
  10. Lookman played 45 times in the league for charlton and scored 10 goals anyone who saw Hirst play against Chelsea's kids in the fa cup his year will feel he's a long way even from that. But he needs to go to a league 1 or 2 side next season and get experience
  11. Yep, he's 6ft 2 inches already
  12. Heaven sent?
  13. There's been a few burkes that's played for Wednesday over the years but none with this kid's talent
  14. Well if we're sticking with 442 that's exactly the type of player we need on the right wing. A young, fast and goal scoring winger. I doubt we will be that lucky tho, but with our Scottish legion we could be a good option for him if he is available