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  1. U23s 1pm ko

    FF shows a lot of interest for someone who wants to leave
  2. Sam Field

    Most likely to go to a club where he'll start every week. Good luck at Barnsley Sam
  3. Official everything is great thread

    Lets forget this thread
  4. Stick with the diamond!

    Yep I would love us to try starting games with his formation. And I would probably have Fletcher up top with FF and Hooper playing off him, at the moment. But lets face it, whilst Carlos is here I think it's a certain we will be starting most games 442 until we need to "change something" and "do more goals in the second halfs" (Carlos spelling)
  5. Carlos press conference live now

    The worst is how often they ask Carlos about potential signings. And guess what... Carlos will not discuss players that are not ours!! I don't think any manager should be discussing players they might sign till it happens. Different when you are a money bags club like Chelsea or Man City when it's about 90% likely you will get that player.
  6. Carlos press conference live now

    Yes it's a strange one. When Carlos first arrived he sounded like a footballing genius with his comments about where players can play and what systems we need to best counteract the opppsition Now it just seems like he's decided 442 with deep midfielders is the only way to set up against everybody and he's dropping good players for the sake of this
  7. Robert's brother? I guess Burke would attract interest from lower end premier league clubs so I don't think we can get too excited unfortunately A team like Burnley with money to burn would be wise to sign him permanently
  8. FF to Brighton

    Can't see Brighton wanting him after they've already signed strikers and wingers this summer, and they play 442...
  9. Stick with the diamond!

    I hope so, most likely we will start out in the usual deep lying 442, go a goal or two down in the first half. Then change it to 433 second half and get a goal back but it will be too late
  10. Stick with the diamond!

    4-4-2 didn't work out too well at Preston. I think if we line up like that at Fulham we can expect another 1-0 or 2-0 defeat I'd rather we go to Fulham and have a go and make them worried about our attack too
  11. Stick with the diamond!

    4-3-3 has to be the way, especially when we have a player like FF that would love playing on the left of the front 3. And Bannan can play left side of the midfield 3 Reach and Hunt need to be the full backs to provide the width. Hopefully we have now improved the centre backs area. Anyone just needs to watch Southampton or Liverpool play to see how 433 can be effective in attacking football.
  12. Progression

    Fixed it for you
  13. OFFICIAL - Frederico Venancio signs

    Waits for the obligatory "lets see how he does on a cold night at Burton" comment
  14. OFFICIAL - Frederico Venancio signs

    But he's never played for Brentford