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  1. Swfc fans cars being broke into

    Been going on for years. Probably expecting a bit much for SYP to have done something about it by now.
  2. Loans or nowt

    Doesn't stack up really does it ? So near to the promised land two seasons running and we don't seem to want to push on.
  3. Loans or nowt

    What are the penalties ?
  4. Loans or nowt

    So basically Wolves are gambling - speculating to accumulate so to speak ?
  5. Loans or nowt

    Honest question as my knowledge of ffp is very limited. How are Wolves managing to spunk millions on players ??
  6. South Stand trouble for "friendly"

    But you wouldn't agree if the away concourse got wrecked or there was trouble outside the ground ? LEts not be too quick to judge , we're no angels at times.
  7. South Stand trouble for "friendly"

    Nearly 6 thou of us going to Preston on Sat n we can be certain a few will be worse for wear. Could get messy especially if we lose. I wouldn't make too big a deal of the Rangers thing just yet.
  8. Preston Minibus

    Pm'd you mate.
  9. Honestly don't know mate but in my opinion too much of a risk to start off relying on him and then losing him for four or five games. A center back n dominant midfielder have to be top priority signings along with a new lb and winger that can supply our strikers.
  10. Love Hutch but l have to question the logic of building a team around a player that is so prone to injury and suspension.
  11. Empty seats

    Them posts can be nasty b***ards when theyve had a few beers. Best segregate em.
  12. Michael Hefele

  13. Did anyone see what I saw lol

    Thought this thread was gonna be about the mass brawl near the Railway before the game. Fifteen minute free for all before the bobbies turned up
  14. Wagner far more positive than Carlos

    ^^^^^^^^^this. Izzy Brown might be worth a punt n all.
  15. Awful

    Excellent post, couldn't have put it better.