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  1. Honestly don't know mate but in my opinion too much of a risk to start off relying on him and then losing him for four or five games. A center back n dominant midfielder have to be top priority signings along with a new lb and winger that can supply our strikers.
  2. Love Hutch but l have to question the logic of building a team around a player that is so prone to injury and suspension.
  3. Them posts can be nasty b***ards when theyve had a few beers. Best segregate em.
  4. Thought this thread was gonna be about the mass brawl near the Railway before the game. Fifteen minute free for all before the bobbies turned up
  5. ^^^^^^^^^this. Izzy Brown might be worth a punt n all.
  6. Excellent post, couldn't have put it better.
  7. No width on the bench to replace him with.
  8. We got in about 11am last year and it was rammed. Brilliant bar staff though, easy to get served and a cracking atmosphere.
  9. Having seen the Reading Wembley ticket thread it looks like we will have the West End of Wembley again if we win tonight. That means another visit to the Green Man. Extra incentive.
  10. You'd be able to charge double
  11. Get in. Green Man here we come (I hope).
  12. Battering it down in S9 but there's no way its gonna be postponed. Too much of a tight schedule with tickets to be sold etc.
  13. Think we're all too tense n nervous for serious your lordship. Well I am anyway.
  14. She is the bookie.