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  1. All I wanted from this transfer window was a top CB, someone who knows how to deal with free kicks and corners. It seems last season we were solid at the back but our biggest weakness was conceding goals from free kicks and corners. If the club is worried about FFP why pay out 10m for Rhodes when we had fletcher, hooper, FF and winnall. That money coulda been used on our weaknesses. Then again, if Rhodes bangs in 20+ goals then forget everything I said.
  2. The wife found me in bed with her sister, she cut up my shirts. It's not too bad she left me the sleeves and collar.
  3. God I hope not, more pace in a rock.
  4. Na, but we have this new thing called 'the Internet'. Personally don't think it will catch on but I'll try it if it shuts my son up.
  5. Need the new kit to be released soon as I can't take another day of my 4 year old son asking for a new Sheffield Wednesday shirt with number 4 on the back. Driving me as crazy as the non mega transfer thread.
  6. Hate to say it, but what a team.
  7. Pre season is like staying in the house all day waiting for British Gas to turn up...drives you crazy.
  8. Don't worry, he's not boxing.
  9. Don't point talking about the money wolves are throwing around, they will only know the true value of those players next March after they have played one season. Summer and winter em.
  10. Crouch - when did SWFC turn into a care home for the over 30s?
  11. You know it's bull but I can't be the only one who gets excited by opening a new thread started by penguin...
  12. I wish the club would put the camera back in the stadium so we could watch the grass grow again. Anything is better than this.
  13. Why is there a CCTV camera in here?!
  14. This summer should be about strengthening our starting 11, selling Lees would be a huge step back.