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  1. Sunderland and villa will fight tooth and nail to get back up. We have to turn up at every match, we can't lose to teams like burton.
  2. Really...he looked so out of place.
  3. I'm hoping for big changes in football next season with the hope of taking diving out of the game. I hate the play acting. I watch replays of games from the 90s, hard, fast games with goals and think 'I bloody love football'.
  4. He woulda looked a better player in his first few games if he wasn't playing on the left wing!
  5. And we think CC is wasting 10m Rhodes...
  6. Maybe CC should let everyone at the club know what his type of player is so we don't end up with millions wasted on players sat on the bench.
  7. This season's chant shoulda been: we're falling to sleep we're falling to sleep this game is boring we're falling to sleep
  8. If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts it would be Xmas everyday.
  9. Who woulda predicted a Reading/Hudderfield playoff final???
  10. C'mon we all knew something was wrong when we saw the line up...3 CMs and 15.5m left on the bench!
  11. If this finishes 0-0 with Huddersfield having all the ball it will give them the confidants to come to our place and get something.
  12. With 25 minutes to go we have to start playing some football. We are asking for trouble.
  13. I want Wednesday to win 3-0 or more today. Give Huddersfield no chance of getting to the final. A draw and the home leg will be hard with both teams knowing they're one game away from the final. I know the second leg is at home but when a team has nothing to lose they'll throw the kitchen at sink and mistakes can happen. Happened a lot this season for us. C'mon Wednesday.
  14. If the Wednesday who turned up against Newcastle turns up tomorrow then we will have nothing to fear in the playoffs.
  15. Why would you go and do something so silly? get well soon mate.