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  1. I might've been picking it, but I didn't eat it...see.
  2. I didn't think people said 'jog on', I thought it was just a hooligan movie thing.
  3. You can say what you like about Leeds being being a one player team but the fact Monk has them looking like a team who could go up. They took 6 points from us this season and beat Brighton 2-0 last night. I wouldn't wanna meet them in the playoffs.
  4. What about the 'older' fans who have been through the bad times, you would think they would want to get back the good times.
  5. This isn't a good stage of the season for a blip, we need points. If we don't make the playoffs after being in the top 6 for a huge amount of the season would just be soul destroying.
  6. 8 games to go, Fulham and Preston up our ass and top 5 pulling away...who could save our season? Might as well give CC till the end of the season but that's all. I couldn't handle another season like this.
  7. It's frustrating being a Wednesday fan at the moment. Like last season we are hoping for other results to go our way for us to make that 6th place. The only difference from last season is we were playing good attacking football. There's been a numbers of times this season when I've seen the team lineup and said 'what's he thinking?' But I'm not a manager. No point getting rid of him now, we just have to play out the season. A few months ago I was calling for his head but I can't see it helping us at this point in the season. This is is the run in, so CC get us that 6th place and I'll give you my support for the last 9 games.
  8. Even when we don't play, we lose. Full time at the Fulham game, Sky should go to CC's house and ask for a post match interview. Surprise him in his pjs.
  9. After months in the top six I can see Wednesday dropping out tonight. Fulham on a roll, where as we are falling backwards.
  10. I wanted CC gone months ago but now I don't see the point of releasing him now. We don't have the squad with injuries for it to make a difference. If he was fired today, it could be a week or two to find someone and how much difference coukd LB make as caretaker. Just sit back and see what happens. Last season we had a bit of luck when we lost, teams behind us lost.
  11. It's more money for the club at the end of the day. Who cares.
  12. C'mon Wednesday. My money is on 4-0.
  13. All season in the top six then fall out and not make the playoffs...yeah I wouldn't mind. Wouldn't have to worry about the semis or the final so could put all my time into 'summer transfer mega thread'.
  14. Nothing to worry about, we won't make the playoff final.