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  1. Hope you mean the dog cos I know nowt
  2. Why would you honestly think I'm slinging mud at the club ? I'd rather you took a deep look at those that tried to hurt our club when they thought (aledgedly) they were defending it.. Why are you so quick to believe I don't go to games? Why is it you only think those that go to games nowadays are allowed a view point? When have I ever asked you to support me? - believe it or not, some of us don't need your support .. You are a little blinkered if you don't mind me saying..
  3. Probably the most honest post ever made on Owlstalk. Respect..
  4. Your supporting the spineless toad then ?
  5. Yawn, time will tell.. remember the Tan..
  6. You weren't supposed to notice that
  7. Wasn't he playing for the U23's a few weeks ago? If so, he can't have fallen out with football too much as I recall he played more than once..
  8. True this ! Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the fat bird is an Owl !
  9. It will turn out to be a dog that lives in Monaco's fault...
  10. I don't dissagree with you at all tho how you can remember / find all those fees is beyond me.. We should also remember that whilst those fees look modest by todays standard it was still a lot of money back then, especially for a relegated second division team.
  11. Yet Mr C thinks stripes are unlucky!
  12. Erm, it was Francis that improved the club and got us to stay in the top flight, Judas did a runner.. But I still love him
  13. He aint in Rons shadow, if he'd got us automatic promotion and steered us to winning some silverware he probably should be there but he hasn't.. Seasons still going, if we get promoted and he dun't feck off then he might have sommat. FWIW I think he would keep us up should we get there, then and only then will he be one of our greats.. My bars set, can he meet it?
  14. If we win next week or Leeds lose you just know Carlos will "rest" his most important players for the play offs.... Or, at least I hope so, I wouldn't want to lose key players in a nowt game..
  15. I hope Carlos takes a notice of that...