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  1. And that's the only vote that matters..
  2. Wonder what Mr C's age and vote is ?
  3. Yep but Grandad likes all the plusses, makes him feel worthwhile...
  4. Praying doesn't work Holmes.. If it did I would have got us into the Champions league final every year... and I'm sure I'm not alone... Appologies God if you're reading this...
  5. It's always good and heart warming to see a sensible post on Owlstalk.. Well done Ponte'
  6. I'd rather he fecked off and got hammered before going home at the end of the weekend..
  7. Unfortunately, like it or not they got the three points, were we away and got an early goal no doubt we would have done the same.. You do realise they may have been taking the pi$$ about on our way back don't you?
  8. Says Santa...
  9. Not sure I criticised the performance... I criticised the likes of you that always complain about those that don't moan when we win but then the likes of you go very quiet when we lose.. You're just two faced and VERY late to the party.. Much like the rest of the clappers, I'll bet you really don't like a taste of your own medicine.. That said, I personally don't agree with booing off of the team while their wearing WEDNESDAY colours (yep, that's a different argument) all WEDNESDAY fans should get behind the team, if the peformance is collectively bad the tactics are to blame and the singing / chanting should be voiced against the manager (coach).
  10. Patience may well be the key but it's only any use when it unlocks something.. You can hold on to a key for years but if it don't fit the lock you want to open it's no feckin use.... Think Chasity belt... Waiting is just frustrating especially when your king is dead...
  11. It aint going to happen, one of his family disrespected Thailand or the Thais, or Budda or sommat. Given Mr C's beliefs Can you?
  12. Ooh, a daft fanny does like a thick (abbreviated) Richard! Shame you flatter to decieve..
  13. Nowt to do with going up TBF, given the amount being spent Mr C has a divine right to see his investment working..
  14. You said we should stick with managers and give them time, how much time would you have given Irvine? Double standards Holmes old boy, double standards...
  15. DJ was the same, none of us (well apart from the same old numpties) believed him towards the end, you have to ask the question that if we're losing the faith what are the players thinking? And pleeeeeze don't anybody say, we the paying fans should believe everything and get behind the team so the well paid proffesionals can believe in their / our manager..